Logainm – New 26 part series

LogainLogainm Still 03m is a brand new studio-based 26 part series exploring the place-names of Ireland. Ireland’s history is written in its place names, they are a unique aspect of our shared culture and heritage. There are millions of examples all over the island, from the field behind your house, to the four provinces of Ireland, and each of them has their own story to tell, each of them with their own distinctive sense of place.

Have you ever wondered where different place names come from, places like Horse and Jockey, Stoneybatter  Limavady or Co. Meath’s Nobber?  Have you ever passed a signpost on the road, only to look at the name of the town, and think, how can that name in English translate to that Irish, places like Wexford/Loch Garman or Dublin/Baile Átha Claith..you might be surprised by their origins!

Each week, a local guide will bring us on a journey, to visit the place names that inspire and intrigue them.  They explore Ireland’s mountains, lakes and rivers, explain the origins of the place names that surround them.  Some place names go back to the pre-Christian times, while others developed with the arrival of the Vikings and the Anglo- Normans. Other place names are born from legends and mythology, or from the physicality of the landscape around them.

catch it on tg4 every tuesday at 8pm. @logainmTg4