Technical Project Co-Ordinator / Comhordaitheoir Togra

July 04 2024 | Posted in: Career Opportunities

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Technical Project Co-Ordinator to join our team. The ideal candidate will manage and oversee technology-driven projects that enhance our TV production and broadcasting capabilities. The Technical Project Co-Ordinator will ensure project success, efficiency, in alignment with our strategic goals. This essential hybrid role involves working from home and on-site at our location in An Rinn, Co. Waterford, and will include (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities:


· In-House System Management: Oversee and improve our Project/Ticketing/CRM/ERP system, ensuring its daily operation and continuous enhancement. Support the new ‘One Source of Truth’ Nemeton system.

· Process Definition and Mapping: Utilize DMAIC principles to define, map, and document processes.

· Project Delivery: Manage and deliver projects to meet internal and external commitments, supporting regulatory, operational, and IT initiatives.

· Stakeholder Collaboration: Define project scope, requirements, and timelines in collaboration with business stakeholders.

· Team Leadership: Plan, lead, monitor, and report on team activities to meet functionality, quality, cost, and time commitments.

· Department Coordination: Coordinate with relevant departments and manage internal resources to achieve project objectives.

· Performance Analysis: Analyse performance against project plans and adjust as necessary.

· Process Embedding: Implement strong, proportionate processes throughout each project using DMAIC principles.

· Communication Management: Handle project communication at all levels, including project, customer, and change leadership.

· Lessons Learned: Embed lessons-learned principles throughout project delivery.

· Task Allocation and Monitoring: Allocate tasks, monitor team performance, and provide guidance to ensure project milestones are achieved.

· System Champion: Manage and maintain the Project Management/CRM Nemeton system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

· Support Team Activities: Perform other duties to support efficient team operations.

· Project Delivery: Drive the delivery of Nemeton’s internal and external projects, ensuring success through DMAIC principles.


Proven experience in project management, ideally within the media or entertainment industry. Strong understanding and practical experience with DMAIC principles and methodologies. A knowledge of Irish would be an advantage.

Key skills and experience
The Position

  • Project Management: Efficiently manage key project requirements on time with 5+ years of experience in project management, including team and multiple project management.
  • Decision-Making: Demonstrate excellent decision-making skills.
  • Team Integration: Seamlessly integrate into a team of highly skilled professionals.
  • Communication: Exhibit strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Multitasking: Capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously and working effectively under pressure.
  • Analytical Skills: Possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Adaptability: Proven adaptability and experience in supporting busy teams; be resourceful, adaptable, and flexible.
  • Role Understanding: Thoroughly understand their role and responsibilities.
  • Independence: Act independently without the need for supervision.
  • Proactiveness: Anticipate potential issues and proactively address them.
  • Initiative: Identify and address tasks using their initiative.
  • Technical Skills: Strong understanding and experience with CRM/Project management systems software.
  • People Skills: Excellent people skills with an internal customer-centric approach; able to work effectively with various team members, departments, and working styles.
  • Technical Proficiency: Proficient in Google Suite.

· Full-time, 37.5 hours per week.

· 18-month contract.

· Competitive Salary.

· Flexible working.

· Company Sick Pay Scheme.

· Healthcare benefits & Staff Discounted Pharmacy

· Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

· On-site parking facilities.

· Subsidized courses for continuous learning.

· Cycle-to-work scheme.

How to Apply

Candidates are invited to submit their CV, cover letter, and any relevant portfolio work to with the subject line “Project Co-Ordinator Application – (Your Name).”

Nemeton TV is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Application Deadline

Wednesday 28th of August 2024

A Glimpse into the World of Outside Broadcasts

July 06 2023 | Posted in: TVSport
A Glimpse into the World of Outside Broadcasts

Our talented production crew works with TVM’s technical and facilities crew to bring your favourite GAA and horse-racing events straight to your living room!

Here’s a glimpse into what a TV crew does during an outside broadcast for live sport:

  1. Preparation is Key: Hours before the event, the crew meticulously plans every detail, from camera positions to technical setups. They co-ordinate with production teams, directors, and commentators to create a seamless broadcast experience.
  2. Setting Up Cameras: On-site, the crew constructs a complex web of HD and Super Slow Motion cameras, microphones, and cables, transforming the GAA field or horse-racing track. Cameras are positioned to capture the most captivating angles, ensuring viewers don’t miss a single moment of the game.
  3. Camera Magic: Camera operators skilfully navigate the field, tracking the action with precision. From sweeping wide shots to close-ups that reveal the intensity on players’ faces, they artfully curate the visual narrative, transporting you into the heart of the game.
  4. Sound Lads: Audio engineers capture every roar of the crowd, every puck of the sliotar, not to mention the commentary and sideline chats. Their expertise ensures crystal-clear sound quality, immersing you in the electrifying atmosphere of the match.
  5. Technical Wizards: Behind the scenes, technical directors oversee a selection of monitors, coordinating the live feed from multiple cameras. They seamlessly switch between angles, replays, and graphics, enhancing your viewing experience.
  6. Commentary Brilliance: Commentators bring the game to life with their expertise and enthusiasm. They provide insightful analysis, share stories, and narrate the unfolding drama, enhancing your understanding and enjoyment of the sport.
  7. Instant Replay: VT replay operators capture crucial moments, ensuring you never miss a game-changing play. Their quick reflexes and keen eyes allow them to replay key highlights, providing different perspectives and allowing you to relive the most thrilling moments.
  8. Production Prowess: Producers and directors orchestrate the entire broadcast, making split-second decisions to keep the coverage seamless. They choose camera angles, monitor timing, and direct the flow of the broadcast, all while ensuring a captivating viewing experience.

Behind the scenes, this dedicated TV crew works tirelessly, often in high-pressure situations, to bring you the magic of live sport. Their passion and expertise enable you to be part of the action, whether you’re cheering from home or experiencing the game in a bustling sports bar.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a GAA match or horse-racing on TG4, take a moment to appreciate the incredible effort and skill of the TV crew behind the scenes!

Behind the Scenes: Filming Laochra Gael Interviews

July 05 2023 | Posted in: TVStaff Stuff
Behind the Scenes: Filming Laochra Gael Interviews

Here is a glimpse into the Laochra Gael team’s captivating world of documentaries!

Lights, Camera, Action!

When it comes to capturing powerful stories, interviews play a crucial role. We strive to create a genuine connection with our subjects and delve deep into their experiences. But what happens behind the camera? Let’s find out!

Research & Pre-production

Before the cameras start rolling, meticulous research is essential. We dive headfirst into the topic, exploring every nook and cranny to gain a comprehensive understanding. This helps us craft well-informed questions that bring out the heart of the story during the interview.

Scripting & Question Crafting

Crafting the perfect questions is an art in itself. We aim to strike a balance between spontaneity and structure, ensuring that the interview flows naturally while covering key aspects of the narrative. Our questions are thoughtfully designed to evoke emotions and elicit insightful responses.

Lighting & Set Design

Lights, shadows, and ambiance contribute to the visual aesthetics of the interview. Our team meticulously sets up the lighting equipment, creating an atmosphere that complements the subject’s personality and the mood of the story. Every detail matters in capturing the essence of the interviewee.

Sound Recording

Crystal-clear audio is vital in conveying the subject’s message. We use professional-grade microphones to capture every word, ensuring that the interviewee’s voice resonates with the audience. The audio setup requires expertise to eliminate unwanted background noise and distractions.

Camera Setup & Framing

Selecting the right camera angles and compositions can make a significant impact on the interview’s visual appeal. Our team carefully selects camera positions, framing the subject in a way that enhances their presence and fosters a connection with viewers. We want every frame to be visually captivating and emotionally resonant.

Establishing Rapport & Comfort

Building trust and establishing a comfortable environment is paramount. We spend time with the interviewees before filming, creating a bond that allows them to open up and share their stories authentically. We believe in treating each interviewee with respect and sensitivity, valuing their experiences.

Capturing Emotion & Authenticity

Our goal is to capture raw emotions and genuine moments during the interview. We encourage interviewees to express themselves freely, allowing their stories to unfold naturally. Sometimes tears flow, laughter fills the room, and profound revelations occur, creating powerful footage that resonates with audiences.

Post-production Magic

After wrapping up the interviews, the magic continues in the editing room. Our skilled editors weave together the footage, combining captivating visuals, emotive soundtracks, and powerful storytelling techniques. This process refines the narrative, making it ready to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Documentary filmmaking is an incredible journey of discovery, empathy, and sharing stories that deserve to be heard. Behind the camera, an entire team works tirelessly to bring these narratives to life.

So, the next time you watch one of our Laochra Gael documentaries, remember the passion, effort, and creativity poured into every interview.

Gaeilge on the Outside Broadcasts

July 05 2023 | Posted in: Company NewsStaff Stuff
Gaeilge on the Outside Broadcasts

Úsáidimid Gaeilge gach uile lá anseo i Nemeton agus nuair atáimid ag obair ar na beochraolta gach deireadh seachtaine. Seo an tslí go ndéanaimid é.

Here are ways we incorporate the Irish language into our day to day working lives out on the OBs.

  • Páipéarachas as gaeilge don cláracha ar fad. Scríobhaimid an ord reatha agus na scrioptanna as Gaeilge i gcomhair na cláracha ar fad a dhéanaimid. Any paperwork for our programmes are written in Irish. We write scripts and running orders in Irish for all the programmes we make
  • Comhrá as Gaeilge lena chéile ag na cluichí. We chat in Irish with one another at the matches.
  • Úsáidimid Gaeilge ár na leathanaigh mheán sóisialta GAA BEO. We use Irish across our social media platforms.
  • Scríobhaimid ár nótaí léiriúcháin sna ríomhphostanna i nGaeilge. We write all our production notes emails in Irish.
  • Déanaimid ár gcruinnithe léirithe as Gaeilge leis an gcriú. We carry out our crew meetings in Irish.
  • Bíonn daoine cabhrúil nuair atá ceist gramadaí nó ceist eile faoin ngaeilge againn. We help each other with any queries if we’re stuck. If you want to know a phrase or a word or even to get someone to look over your Grammar, everyone wants to help each other out.
  • Téarmaí: Tá liosta curtha le chéile againn le téarmaí teilifíse, téarmaí spóirt agus tá sé sin an-áisiúil dúinn i gcomhair líofacht agus litriúcháin. We have gathered a list of terms to use in Irish, whether it’s tv related words and phrases or sports related phrases, and everyone can use this to help with their fluency and spelling.
  • Déanaimid taighde ar litriúcháin aimneacha na clubanna i gcomhair clár GAA BEO. We always extensively research GAA club names in Irish so we have it correct for any GAA BEO programme.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Sarah McCoy

June 28 2023 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Sarah McCoy

In this week’s Spotlight Feature, we chat to Series Producer of our programme department in Nemeton, Sarah McCoy. Labhraíomar le léiritheoir sraithe ar rannóg na gcláracha i Nemeton, Sarah McCoy.

Thosaigh mé ag obair i Nemeton sa samhradh 2017! Bhíos díreach tar éis an cúrsa Ard Dioplóma i Léiriú Téilifíse a chríochnú suas i Nemeton/SETU agus fuaireas post i gcomhair an Samhraidh ar dtús ach táim fós anseo….

Nuair a thosaigh mé amach, bhíos ag obair mar léiritheoir cúnta & taighdeoir ar GAA BEO, agus ansin bhog mé isteach insan ról Banisteoir Léirithe ar Laochra Gael, anuas ar sin bhíos fós ag obair mar léirtheoir cúnta ar GAA NOW, Pacáistí Eir & an scáilean mór i bPáirc an Chrócaigh.

My current role is Series Producer of Documentaries in Nemeton TV, which involves planning and preparing for all documentaries within the company and liaising with clients.

Táim mar Léiritheoir Sraithe ar an sraith cáiliúil Laochra Gael agus bainim an taitneamh as a bheith ag éisteacht le scéalta na daoine móra ón ré spóirt.

As well as being Series Producer I also direct 1 or 2 Laochra Gael programmes each year. To date I have directed documentaries on Therese Maher, Joe Quaid & Noel O’Leary. It is such a rewarding job as you get to listen to the guests share their inspiring stories both on and off the pitch. The honesty and openness and willingness to share these stories has been captured due to the trust built over the years between the wonderful Laochra Gael team and the Laochra themselves. Tá deis agat a bheith cruthaitheach agus do scileanna a thaispeáint.. Is breá liom a bheith ag obair trí mheán na Gaeilge agus tá an t-ádh linn go bhfuilimid lonnaithe i gcroí na Gaeltachta anseo sa Rinn. Táim chomh bhrodúil as a bheith ag obair le linn an fhoireann seo.

Outside of documentaries, I am the Producer of the Big Screen in Croke Park, which involves all match day Screen components including sponsorship, content & team announcements.

An rud is taitneamhaí sa phost ná a bheith ag bualadh leis an méid sin daoine, agus ag cloisint lena scéalta ionspoiréadacha…and seeing all the beautiful sights Ireland has to offer while out filming on location.

Tá bród orm oibriú ar na cláracha a mbíonn ar dteilifís agus na gcéadta mílte daoine ag féachaint orthu. Is timpeallacht spreagúla é agus oibríonn tú in áiteanna aisteacha uaireanta chomh maith. It is very very busy but rewarding at the same time. No two days are the same in the industry and I enjoy the intensity the job has to offer.

Laochra Gael is definitely up there as a career highlight. Having directed some programmes myself, but now working as the Series Producer is something I am definitely most proud of!

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Dáithí de Mórdha

June 14 2023 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Dáithí de Mórdha

In this week’s Spotlight Feature series we hear from GAA BEO commentator Dáithí de Mórdha.

Tosnaíos le Nemeton i 2018 mar thráchtaire ar na cluichí Gaelacha. I started with Nemeton in 2018 as a commentator on Gaelic Games, and I have loved every minute of it!

The work starts for me a few weeks before the game, when Fintan calls to tell me where I’m going! From the minute I know who is playing, I’m researching the teams and looking for all and any interesting info about them and about the individual players. Living in Kerry, matchday usually starts early and involves a long journey. I listen to GAA podcasts to shorten the road (obsessed much?!).

When I arrive at the ground, food is usually first on the agenda (Capall na hoibre an bia), then a production meeting and off we go. Manager interviews, sometimes a rehearsal (usually don’t have the time!), teamsheets and then the match itself. Post-match interviews, jump back in the car and head home. Sometimes I listen back to the match on the drive home (I told you I was obsessed)!

My favourite part of the job is that buzz of being involved in a small way in senior intercounty GAA. Although I played up to minor level with my club An Ghaeltacht, I was, to use a good Kerry phrase, ‘Red-Rotten Useless’ as a player, so this is as close as I will ever get! Also, chatting to legends of the games before and after the games is amazing, as is working with legends; I was working with Rena Buckley at a game once a friend texted me to say “between the two of ye, ye have 18 All-Irelands!”

I’ll also never forget the first time I walk out to the press area in Croke Park – on a small level it must be like the feeling a player gets when they go out the tunnel onto the pitch for the first time. The level of professionalism from everyone on the team never ceases to amaze me. Also I was shocked by the amount of people working on a live production; coming from a radio background I expected to be a member of a small team, but we can have upwards of 20 people working on a live game.

The highlights for me of working on GAA BEO would be seeing players who are destined for greatness for the first time, playing minor, u20 or club. I also have a soft spot for the Intermediate/Junior club finals – witnessing the greatest ever day of a small rural club is incredible.

The most unique thing about working with this team is you can feel that everyone loves the work. Also, the fact that we are ag obair as Gaolainn, my first language, makes it all the more special, as does working for a Gaeltacht company like Nemeton TV.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Sorcha Furlong

June 07 2023 | Posted in: Sport
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Sorcha Furlong

In the Nemeton Spotlight Feature series, we hear from Sorcha Furlong, an All-Ireland medallist with Dublin in 2010, who works with us as an analyst on Peil na mBan BEO on TG4.

Thosaigh mé ag obair ar GAA BEO i 2012. Fuair mé gortú ag deireadh an tséasúir i 2011 agus tháinig foireann Nemeton chugam chun fáil amach an raibh suim agam a bheith i m’anailísí leo.

I started working with GAA BEO in 2012. I had torn my cruciate at the end of the 2011 season and I was approached about doing some analysis. I’ve loved working on all of the games, even more so since I’ve retired from playing, as it’s helped me to stay connected to the game I love.

A typical day for me starts early, depending of course on throw in time of the game. We usually go on air around 30 minutes before the game starts and we arrive at the ground 3 hours before that.

Once I arrive at the ground, I meet up with the crew that are already there. There is a huge team involved in setting everything up long before I get to the ground. We’d usually have a production meeting shortly after arriving and then have a bite to eat and a chat about some of the talking points of the game. A lot of the time, the foundation of our on air discussions happen here. From there, we get a practice or two done before going live. Once the game starts, I’m trying to keep an eye on anything interesting or unexpected that’s unfolding on the pitch to discuss at half-time or full-time. It’s all go for a few hours and suddenly the day seems to have passed in the blink of an eye!

My favourite part of the job is getting to see the games close up and play a small part in the action. I love getting to discuss and dissect what’s happening on the pitch and why the game is unfolding as it is. It’s a real privilege to be on the sideline or in the commentary box doing something that I love.

I love working at the games. It’s really exciting to be a part of a live TV production. There are so many moving parts and different things happening all the time. It was a real eye opener for me when I first started working at the games to see exactly how many people are involved in the production behind the camera. I’ve always watched matches on TV and before working with Nemeton, I never would have imagined that there was so much going on in the background but the people in front of the camera are only a tiny cog in a huge wheel!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work at so many games and a lot of finals days in Croke Park too. The finals in 2020 were pretty special with no crowd being allowed in. It had been a bizarre year with Covid restrictions being the norm and working at the matches was a real honour. There weren’t many people allowed into the grounds then and it was fantastic to be a part of bringing the games to people at home.

In terms of the memorable matches I’ve worked at, the 2018 senior final was a highlight. As a Dub, seeing Dublin beat Cork for the first time in a final after years of losses was great. Being there to witness the team I’d played alongside coming of age, winning back to back All-Ireland’s while beating the previous standard bearers in the process was special. I was also able to bring my daughter out on the pitch afterwards which is something that very few people get to do!

The unique thing about working as part of this team is that you get to work with so many different people from all walks of life and to do it all as Gaeilge. There’s a real mix of characters working as part of the team and everyone brings their own unique blend to the production. Without everyone pulling their weight and doing their job, the production wouldn’t be as successful as it has been. I’ve met some fantastic people over the years and have made some great friends. I love going to work and I’m lucky to get the opportunity to do it!

Our Strategies for Sustainable Productions

March 16 2023 | Posted in: Company News
Our Strategies for Sustainable Productions

Tá Nemeton TV ag leanúint leis an bhfeachtas Albert a chur i bhfeidhm i mbliana chun tionchar timpeallachta an léiriúcháin a laghdú dá mhéad agus is féidir. Mar sin cuirifimd ár “Ráiteas Glas” le chéile i gcomhair ár gcláracha, go háirithe GAA BEO agus Laochra Gael.

Tá áthas orainn go bhfuil daoine ar bhord linn ar na gníomhaíochtaí atá faoi bhun againn. Tá ról le himirt ag gach duine ár gcuid a dhéanamh. Tá sé mar aidhm ag Nemeton dul chun cinn a dhéanamh ar ár dtuiscint agus ár gcleachtadh timpeallachta sna tionscadail amach romhainn.

Leis an áireamhán is féidir le léiritheoirí tuiscint níos fearr a fháil ar an tionchar atá ag a gcuid léiriúchán ar an timpeallacht agus dearbhú a fháil gur léiriúchán inbhuanaithe é. Trí roinnt eolas bunúsach maidir le láithreacha, stiúideonna, an criú, taisteal, lóistín, ábhar agus iarléiriú a chur isteach san áireamhán; tabharfaidh sé chomh mór is atá an lorg carbóin atá ag aon léiriúchán ar leith le fios. Tabharfaidh an t-eolas sin agus an fheasacht sin deis do léiritheoirí na hastaíochtaí sin a laghdú trí chleachtais inbhuanaithe a chur i bhfeidhm le linn an léiriúcháin.

Maidir le léiriúcháin ar mian leo a n-iarrachtaí inbhuanaitheachta a chur chun cinn, is féidir leo teastas albert a fháil a thugann aitheantas don léiriúchán as an tionchar atá acu ar an gcomhshaol a laghdú. Cuirfear lógó ar fáil má éiríonn leo gur féidir a úsáid i gcreidiúintí an chláir.

Déanann ár spriocanna thíos cur síos ar conas gur féidir linn ár gcuspóir a bhaint amach:

1. Laghdú dramhaíola: Mol criú agus rannpháirtithe buidéil agus cupáin in-athúsáidte a úsáid

2. Léiriúchán gan pháipéar: gan pháipéar a úsáid ach amháin má iarrtar air.

3. Polasaí gan páipéar a úsáid ach amháin má roghnaíonn daoine é. Beidh gach píosa paipéir fillte ar ais go Nemeton i gcomhair athchúrsáil.

4. Má tá printeáil ag taisteáil, déanfaimid printeáil ar an dá thaobh den leathanach.

5. Athchúrsáil ar an méid bruscair agus gur féidir linn.

6. Soilse, ríomhairí agus meaisíní a mhúchadh ag deireadh an lae

7. Taisteal a laghdú: carr le roinnt nuair is féidir, laethanta taifeadta a sceidealú le chéile chun an líon turas a laghdú

8. Bainimid úsáid as ola glasraí hidriginithe (HVO) ó Planet First Fuel i Sasana i ngach feithicil chun an lorg carbóin a laghdú.

9. Traenáil a thabhairt do gach duine atá freagrach as an léiriúcháin.

10. Cruinnithe, iar-léiriúcháin agus recces ar líne chomh minic agus is féidir.

Nemeton TV is a committed member of the Albert affiliation; working in partnership and getting support to be greener and reduce our carbon footprint. Nemeton is committed to becoming a more sustainable business and to helping create a more environmentally sustainable screen industry in Ireland.

We are now part of BAFTA’s Albert scheme which focuses on reducing the environmental impact of productions, and we all have a responsibility to make positive changes and establish a workable and realistic plan to help decrease our carbon footprint.

By inputting some basic information about locations, studios, crew, travel, accommodation, locations, materials, and post-production; Albert’s Carbon Calculator can monitor the extent of the carbon footprint on any given production.

This awareness will then allow us to attempt to reduce these emissions by implementing sustainable practices throughout our production. We all work together to reduce our impact.

Here are our goals on how the team intends to do that:

1) We aim to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic and polystyrene disposable products (e.g. cutlery, plates, cups). We ask all the team to bring reusable cups and bottles to shoots and to the office. We have designed our own branded flasks and bottles so use of these will be encouraged on a regular basis. No single use cups/bottles will be used.

2) We will carry out paperless meetings where feasible.

3) We will operate an opt-in policy for printing running orders, call sheets etc. Everything will be emailed and used paperwork will be returned for confidential shredding and recycling.

4) If we NEED to print, we will print double-sided.

5) We will RECYCLE – by using dedicated recycling bins.

6) All of the team will ensure lights and machines are switched off when not in use and overnight.

7) We will car-share as much as possible and schedule film days in close proximity of one another where possible to reduce amount of travel.

8) We use Bio Fuel from Planet First Fuel from the United Kingdom in our vehicles which has the potential to have a significant impact on reducing our Carbon Footprint

9) We will ensure sustainable production training has been completed by all relevant people.

10) Remote meetings, post-production and recces where possible.

TG4 is the first Irish broadcaster to introduce this as a mandatory requirement.

Keep an eye out for the Albert logo at the end of our programmes!

Laochra Gael Returns for 21st Series

January 17 2023 | Posted in: TVSport

Eight legends who performed heroics on the field and who each have a unique and extraordinary story to tell.

The definitive GAA sports series returns to TG4 this spring for a 21st series. The series hour-long format has proved a huge success, bringing each player’s personal stories to screen. The series features eight Laochra with genuine star quality and reveals deeper, fresh and sometimes unexpected insights into the lives of these icons. While their sporting careers continue to provide the backdrop to the story, the series travels well beyond the four white lines. Gripping personal storylines will compel viewers to travel towards territory unique to the GAA television landscape.

Joe Canning

The 21st series of Laochra Gael returns with the story of Galway hurler, Joe Canning. Joe was marked for greatness from the start. He carried the burden of being the chosen one that would end the Galway hurling famine. Year after year, however, they fell short. Thanks to the magic he weaved on the field, Joe became the most famous player in the country, and learned harsh lessons about the scrutiny that comes with that fame. With the entire country fixated on Joe’s quest to win the All Ireland he deserved, all he ever wanted was to make his family proud.

Director: Cormac Morel

Participants: Joe Canning; Seán Canning; Ollie Canning; David Canning; Ivan Canning; Deirdre Canning-Mitchell; David Burke; John McIntyre; Michael Rice; Paul Flanagan; Pádraic Maher

Aidan O’Mahony

The 21st series of Laochra Gael continues with the story of Kerry footballer, Aidan O’Mahony. He overcame chronic health problems in his youth to take his place on one of the greatest teams of all time. But when he was in his prime, he became embroiled in controversy as the first GAA player to fail a drugs test. His mental health deteriorated and after a spell in a treatment centre, he faced the greatest challenge of his life- to rediscover his purpose and his love of the game. He found both in a promise he made when his father passed away.

Director: Ronan O’Donoghue

Participants: Aidan O’Mahony; Kieran Donaghy; Niall “Botty” O’Callaghan; Conor McCarthy; Mark Harte; Tomás Ó Flatharta; Seán Moran; Donal Murphy; Denise O’Mahony; Lucia O’Mahony; Lilah O’Mahony

Anne Dalton

Laochra Gael continues with the story of Kilkenny camogie legend, Anne Dalton. Having lost in her first three All Ireland Finals, Anne finally reached the mountain top in 2016. After that victory, incredibly, she lost the next three finals in a row. Bloodied but unbowed, Anne persisted, building a reputation as one of the all-time greats of the game. Salvation eventually came in 2020 when the Cats won the championship, with Anne’s wife, former Waterford player Karen Kelly, and their three children cheering her on from their home.

Director: Sarah McCoy

Participants: Anne Dalton; Karen Kelly; Daragh Ó Conchúir; Grace Walsh; Ann Downey; Rena Buckley; Jane Dalton; Jim Dalton; Marie O’Connor; Imelda Kennedy; Jillian Maher; Esther Kennedy

Tom Parsons

Laochra Gael continues with the story of Mayo footballer, Tom Parsons. Tom came to the fore in 2008, becoming a star for the Mayo seniors while still in his teens. But when he was dropped in 2011, his world fell apart. He came back in 2014 and was at the heart of the renowned rivalry with the Dubs. Whatever heartache he felt from the defeats in those clashes, it was put int o perspective when he suffered a horrific injury in 2018. Although he was told there was a chance he may not walk again, he miraculously took to the field again in 2019.

Director: Hugh Walsh

Participants: Tom Parsons; Colm Boyle; Paul Conroy; Mark Harte; John Casey, Paul Flynn; Carol Hopkins; Tom Parsons Sr.; Carmel Parsons; Matthew Parsons; Chloe Parsons

Áine Wall

Waterford footballer, Áine Wall came to the fore with her club, Ballymacarbry, but it was with the county that she became a star. With Áine spearheading the attack, Waterford won 5 All-Irelands in the 90s, bringing unprecedented success to the Déise faithful. On top of that, as a result of the heroics of Áine and her friends, the sport , which had never even been broadcast when she started out, gained attention and respect. One of the greatest ever footballers, who revolutionised Ladies Football.

Director: Cormac Morel

Participants: Áine Wall; Marie Crotty; Michael Ryan; Michelle Ryan; Daragh Ó Conchúir; Geraldine O’Shea; Seamus Kennedy; Mary Wall; Eoin Wall; Michael Wall; Ann Dunford; Noirín Walsh; June Whyte; Catriona Casey

Liam Sheedy

After the death of his father when he was two years old, Liam Sheedy sought refuge on the hurling field, playing for Tipperary at all levels. But he was little known when he became county manager. The team was in the doldrums, and nobody expected that Sheedy would win the championship and put an end to Kilkenny’s reign. The hurling world was shocked when he stepped down after the historic win, and again when he returned ten years later, winning another championship, again against the Cats.

Director: Ronan O’Donoghue

Participants: Liam Sheedy; John Sheedy; Mike Sheedy; Eoin Kelly; Noel McGrath; Eamon O’Shea; Darren Gleeson; John McIntyre; Michael Rice; Dónal O’Grady; Margaret Sheedy; Aisling Sheedy; Gemma Sheedy

Anthony Molloy

Growing up in a remote region in Donegal, football was always at the centre of Anthony Molloy’s life. But after serious injury and a lack of success with the county, he emigrated to America in the 80s. When his mother fell ill, he returned home. Football enticed him back, and he fought through the pain to bring Sam Maguire to Donegal for the first time ever in 1992. Between the celebrations and retirement, however, he developed a drink problem, and so he embarked on a battle that continues to this day.

Director: Cormac Morel

Participants: Anthony Molloy; Frank Craig; Michael Murphy; Brian McGilligan; Martin Gavigan; Catherine Uí Chinnéide.

Noel O’Leary

For the Series Finale of Laochra Gael comes the story of Cork footballer, Noel O’Leary. Noel is known as a true hard man of football. And throughout the epic rivalry between Cork and Kerry, it was the clash of Noel and Paul Galvin that drew the most attention. But behind the public image, Noel had been through unthinkable tragedy. In the space of a year and a half at the turn of the century, he lost his best friend, his cousin and his brother. He overcame these terrible losses, finding a solace of sorts when he won the All-Ireland in 2010.

Director: Sarah McCoy

Participants: Noel O’Leary; Eoin Cadogan; Máire Uí Laoire; Conor Counihan; Seán Moran; Tomás Ó Flatharta; Colm Ó Laoire; Clíodhna Ní Laoire; Donal Óg Ó Laoire; Eimear O’Leary; Gearóid Mac Suibhne.

Ahead of the new Laochra Gael Series, Uachtarán CLG, Larry McCarthy said: “Excellence in Gaelic games coverage has been a hallmark of TG4 and the Laochra Gael series has been another manifestation of this. Over many years the series has built a strong following through their diverse and compelling stories of players who have helped grow the popularity of our games. I look forward to the latest series and the profiling of more influential figures from across Gaelic games.”

TG4’s Director General, Alan Esslemont said “Irish audiences love to watch live sport, especially Gaelic games, and we understandably see GAA, LGFA and Camogie players as the superb athletes they are on the pitch, skilled, talented and brilliant sportswomen and sportsmen. But all of these athletes also have human lives which are connected with yet independent from their sport. The strength of the ‘Laochra Gael’ series is the storytelling of these human lives, their highs and their lows, powerful, moving, heart-warming, heart-breaking and always compelling. I am deeply grateful to the broad family of Gaelic games players for allowing the wonderful team at Nemeton TV into their lives and for allowing TG4 to bring their stories to a fascinated and absorbed Irish viewing public. Bainigí sult as an tsraith nua!”

Eight outstanding Gaels. Eight remarkable personal stories. The new Laochra Gael season will air on TG4 at 9:30pm on Thursday evenings starting January 26th.The series is produced by NemetonTV, the independent production company from An Rinn in the Waterford Gaeltacht which has produced much of TG4’s acclaimed sports coverage.

For further information and viewing copies for press, please contact: Sarah McCoy, Nemeton –, 058 46499

Programme 1: Joe Canning, 9.30pm, Thursday 26th January

Programme 2: Aidan O’Mahony, 9.30pm, Thursday 2nd Feburary

Programme 3: Anne Dalton, 9.30pm, Thursday 9th February

Programme 4: Tom Parsons, 9.30pm, Thursday 16th February

Programme 5: Áine Wall, 9.30pm, Thursday 23rd February

Programme 6: Liam Sheedy, 9.30pm, Thursday 2nd March

Programme 7: Anthony Molloy, 9.30pm, Thursday 9th March

Programme 8: Noel O’Leary, 9.30pm, Thursday 16th March

Gaiscí GPA i Kenya

January 11 2023 | Posted in: Sport

50 Inter-County Players in a bid to plant 1 million trees in Kenya & learn new cultures

A unique sports and cultural documentary will on air on TG4 this Sunday 15th January. From the 19-27th November a host of Gaelic Games stars from all corners of Ireland travelled to Kenya as part of a week-long tour to the East African country raising funds to plant one million trees. Alan Kerins founding idea of Plant the Planet Games came to fruition as he partnered with the GPA and Self Help Africa to make the trip happen. The aim was to highlight the impact of climate change and raise sufficient funds to plant one million trees in Africa The funds raised are used for the planting of trees, essential not only to combating the increasing impact of climate change but also as a way of providing sustainable income for local communities.

The documentary gives a total behind the scenes view as the 50 GAA Players embark on a week-long trip around the Kenyan country. The players, representatives of all four codes: Football x 2, Hurling and Camogie took to the field for a challenge match at Nairobi Rugby Club, the first time an Inter-County game was ever played in Kenya, and the first of its kind across all four codes. In addition to the games, the players took part in a series of cultural events to highlight the work being done by charities such as Self Help Africa and Brighter Communities Worldwide in the country. Throughout the program, We get an insight into the players journey as they learn new cultures, by visiting schools, both primary & secondary whilst interacting with the local children through song and dance. The documentary highlights how music and sport brings cultures together and this is evident through all the different interactions the players had during the week, between school visits, and the once in a lifetime opportunity to run with the Kenyan athletes. With the help of the GPA, Self Help Africa & Warriors for Humanity the trip was made possible and it kickstarted the mission to plant a million trees.

Director/Producer - Sarah McCoy

Editors - Cian O’Halloran & Ray Kirby

Ahead of the documentary airing CEO of the GPA, Tom Parsons said: “The trip to Kenya was real eye opener for all the players involved and gives us a greater appreciation for all we have at home in Ireland. The welcome we received was truly inspirational and to see how the fundraising the players took part in is having a practical impact on the lives of people on the farms and in the villages, we visited struck a chord with us all. Kenya may be 7,000 miles away, but we can still play a part in helping people there, who are some of the worst affected by the impacts of climate change. This documentary shines a spotlight on how this really is a small world, and we can take steps to positively impact the lives of our fellow global citizens regardless of the distance between us. And for everything that the players gave to this project, I can also guarantee you they got as much and even more back in return from our hosts. Thank you to Alan Kerins and Self Help Africa and to Nemeton and TG4 for documenting the trip and bringing it to a wider audience.”

Founder of Warriors for Humanity / Plant the Planet Games, Alan Kerins said: “The dream to play the first-ever intercounty 4 code GAA match on African soil became a reality last November when 50 inspirational male and female players embarked on an incredible trip to Kenya. The mission of Warriors for Humanity is to inspire and facilitate people to leave a powerful legacy and make a real and meaningful impact on the planet and its communities. The players certainly did that by raising over half a million euros and hitting the target of planting 1 million trees in the near future which will have a huge impact on the environment and enable thousands of people in Africa secure sustainable livelihoods for decades to come. I would like to thank our wonderful partners, Self Help Africa, the GPA and Brighter Communities Worldwide for helping bring this dream to life in such a magnificent way. I would like to thank McKeever sports for being our sportswear partner for the trip and .I would also like to thank Sarah McCoy and all at Nemeton TV for brilliantly capturing this amazing experience and adventure and for highlighting the power of music and sport to unite and connect people on a human level.”

Director of Business Development for Self Help Africa, Martha Hourican said: “The visit to Kenya by more than 50 sports stars has enabled Self Help Africa kick-start a programme that will plant a million trees in Africa, in the name of Irish GAA. The participants on the trip did more than just pay a visit to Africa – they campaigned and cajoled, spoke to friends, family and business contacts – and they helped to raise an incredible half a million euro to fund this important work. The GPA, the Warriors for Humanity and Alan Kerins are making a very real difference in the fight against global warming in Africa. Their support is also helping vulnerable families on the frontline to combat the effects of climate change, and the impact it is having on their lives.”

The documentary is produced by NemetonTV, the independent production company from An Rinn in the Waterford Gaeltacht which has produced much of TG4’s acclaimed sports coverage. The new documentary “Gaiscí GPA i Kenya” will air on TG4 Sunday 15th January at 5:30pm.

Further information on Warriors For Humanity: Warriors for Humanity is a global citizen movement of people from all walks of life who are committed to celebrating a world with kindness, compassion, and love at its heart. Warriors for Humanity works to inspire positive change at all levels of society. We offer campaigning, volunteering, educational and fundraising opportunities while inspiring and connecting people and issues. This includes championing intergenerational awareness and action on areas that include poverty, peace and conflict, human rights, gender inequality, ecological destruction, and democratic engagement.

Further information on Self Help Africa: Self Help Africa is responding directly to the food crisis in East Africa with emergency aid. However, their commitment remains to address the root causes of hunger and extreme poverty - of which climate change is becoming an increasingly pressing one. Self Help Africa is a leading international development charity with an expertise in small-scale farming and growing family-farm businesses. We are motivated by injustice, by our expertise in small- scale agriculture and family-farm business, and the opportunity we have to help small farmers change the lives of their families. First and foremost, Self Help Africa is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in rural Africa. Self Help Africa currently works in eight core African countries, tackling poverty and improving the lives of local communities. The organisation works both with its own African staff, and through local partners to undertake a range of integrated development programmes amongst rural communities.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Michelle Ryan

December 05 2022 | Posted in: Staff StuffSport
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Michelle Ryan

This week in our Nemeton Spotlight Feature series we hear from Michelle Ryan who works with us as an analyst on Peil na mBan BEO on TG4. Michelle plays football with Waterford club Ballymacarbry who are current Munster Senior ladies football champions.

My first time working with Nemeton was a round 3 double-header during the 2019 championship in O’Connor Park in Tullamore. I was a sideline analyst for the Mayo vs Donegal match and on co-commentary for Cork vs Armagh. I had no previous experience doing either of these live on TV and my most vivid memory is the overwhelming feeling of being out of my depth during the production meeting but by the end of the day there was a feeling of absolute exhilaration. I loved it! I remember it was also a bit tricky personally, as I was still playing intercounty football at the time & we were still in the championship so I was hyper aware of the possible pitfalls of commenting on other teams. This definitely became easier once I retired from playing.

There are nerves, anticipation and pressure on the morning of the games so, believe it or not, it can be somewhat similar to match day as a player in that sense. We generally arrive at the match venue two hours before the coverage goes live. The OB truck and all equipment and cameras are already in position & ready to go by the time we get there. The first few minutes are spent catching up with all the Nemeton crew, presenter Máire, fellow analysts & commentators. Then it’s everyone to their stations where we get miced up for a sound & facs check with the director and producer in the OB truck. Once that’s done everyone takes a break to fuel up which is great as some days can be quite long especially if it’s a double header. After that we’re back at it with a whole-crew production meeting and the producer talks us through the schedule from the moment the programme goes on air to the moment it’s off-air. Then it’s back to our stations again. If I’m on the sideline, there are a few rehearsals to do on-camera with Máire to ensure that timings and positions are right. But if I’m on co-comms it’s back up to the commentary box to make some final notes & chat about the upcoming match with the lead commentator. We get to watch the teams arrive, go through their warm-ups & listen to the pre-match interviews as they’re being pre-recorded so this time can sometimes be insightful as to what’s to come. It’s when the Peil na mBan Beo music starts playing in our headsets and the director says ‘táimid beo, ádh mór’ that the adrenaline really gets going. From there the day absolutely flies and you just go with it! Before I know it I’m back in my car, turning on a few tunes for the journey home so to decompress from the buzz of the day.

My favourite thing about this job has to be the opportunity to continue to engage with sport in a new but meaningful and enjoyable way since retiring from intercounty football. I enjoy the preparation and research leading into each game. As a player you focus on teams one at a time but as an analyst, you get to have a much broader and more informed overview of things which is important in order to do the players & teams justice. All the analysts are current or former players which also makes it a great opportunity to become friends off the field while trading opinions on various teams or aspects of the game. I have always spent most of my free time watching or playing matches so now getting to work on them on the biggest days, in some of the biggest GAA venues in the country, is a dream come true.

It has been eye-opening and I’m really enjoying it. It’s fascinating to learn how things work on the TV production side on match day. TV production crew lead incredibly busy lives, they’re always on the go! I definitely have a huge appreciation for the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of a live production. I’m constantly in admiration of the lead commentators, presenters and director as they all have a remarkable ability to juggle and process so much at the one time. As soon as the programme goes live the commentators and presenter are constantly following instructions & cues in their earpiece, all while steering conversations or describing the action. It’s very impressive! Also, I now know that so many things are easier said than done when it comes to their roles and skills. You really can’t underestimate some of the essential skills that are often called upon such as being able to ‘hold the fort’ when air time needs filling during breaks in play or while waiting to get Laoch na hImeartha and bainisteoirí into position for interviews. Not as easy as it may seem!

Everyday that I get to work in Croke Park is an absolute thrill. You get to live the games in the best of settings in a whole different way to being a player or spectator. The absolute pinnacle would have to be being co-commentator beside the legend that is Brian Tyers for the most memorable of senior LGFA finals last year between Meath and Dublin. Brian is one of the most distinguishable voices of Gaelic Games on TV for so many people of this generation so it’s always a privilege being beside him. As co-commentator you really feed off the energy & experience of the lead commentator and he makes that incredibly easy. The victory for Meath that day, the incredible electric atmosphere and the celebrations after the final whistle were genuinely spine-tingling. It was a privilege to be working on a game like that on such a historic day and it will be very hard to top….unless Port Láirge win the Brendan Martin again of course!

Everyone on the team is very good at what they do & the quality of the production is always excellent. It’s a high pressure environment once the programme goes live but everything and everyone knits together very well from start to finish. The production team are always looking out for us as analysts and are always willing to give helpful advice if we want it, with a special mention to the Bainisteoirí Urlár, who always keep us on track ar an taobhlíne. Working with the Nemeton crew is also really good fun as everyone knows each other pretty well so the atmosphere at each venue is always warm & great. There is always plenty of good humour and banter among everyone throughout the day especially when we’re off air and this makes the time pass quickly and easily. It’s a great job!

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Máire Ní Bhraonáin

November 16 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Máire Ní Bhraonáin

This week in our Spotlight Feature series we hear from our treasured Peil na Ban Beo presenter and former Galway footballer, Máire Ní Bhraonáin.

Chuir mé tús le mo chuid oibre le Nemeton agus le Spórt TG4 in 2011. Ba iontach an taithí a fuair mé mar anailisí agus mar co-thráchtaire spóirt le Peil na mBan Beo. Thosaigh mé ag obair mar láithreoir teilifíse nuair a chuir mé C.L.U.B. i láthair in éineacht le Diarmuid Lyng in 2018.

Sa bhliain 2020, tugadh an deis dom a bheith mar láithreoir ar Pheil na mBan Beo. Creidim go bhfuil ról lárnach ag an spórt inár saol. Tá an-chuid déanta ag TG4 le 20 bliain anuas chun Peil na mBan a chur chun cinn agus a fhorbairt. Tar éis dom a bheith ag obair mar anailísí ar Pheil na mBan Beo ó 2011, tá ríméad orm Peil na mBan Beo a chur i láthair.

Ón gclúdach breise a rinneadh ar Shraitheanna Náisiúnta Lidl 2021 ar TG4, is ceannródaí fós an stáisiún maidir le spórt na mban a chraoladh in Éirinn. Ar ndóigh, ba mhór an onóir dom glacadh leis an deis iontach seo agus Peil na mBan Beo a chur i láthair agus a chinntiú go bhfuil spórt na mban curtha os comhair lucht féachana teilifíse.

Is maith liom éirí breá luath ar maidin le cinntiú go mbeidh mo dhóthain ama agam chun ullmhú don lá oibre i rith na seachtaine agus ag an deireadh seachtaine. Ar lá an chluiche, ithim mo bhricfeasta (leite le torthaí a bhíonn agam go hiondiúil). Úsáidim an t-am seo le súil siar a chaitheamh ar nótaí agus ar fhoirne an lae, an Ord Reatha, an taighde atá déanta agam agus ar ndóigh ar na nótáí ón taighdeoir. Glacaim cith, déanaim mo chuid gruaige agus mo smidiú. Roghnaím éadaí a bheidh feiliúnach don aimsir. Scaití, d’fhéadfadh ceithre shéasúr a bheith agat in aon lá amháin agus is fearr a bheith ullmhaithe ná aiféall a bheith ort. Fágaim neart ama chun taisteal chuig na cluichí. Airím níos compordaí a bheith ann luath ar fhaitíos go mbeadh trácht ar an mbóthar. Buailim leis an bhfoireann léirithe agus leis an gcriú go léir ag an bpáirc /staid. Déantar cinnte go bhfuil chuile shórt ó thaobh FACS ag obair agus na gléasanna fuaime srl. Freastlaím ar an gcruinniú léirithe leis an gcriú. Bíonn am ansin le súil siar a chaitheamh ar nótaí agus ar thaighde chomh maith le taifead a dhéanamh ar an VT. Roimh thús an chluiche, déantar agallaimh leis na bainisteoirí. Úsáidtear an t-am seo chun roinnt cleachtadh a dhéanamh roimh dhul ar aer. Cuirtear ar an eolas sinn faoi athruithe ar na foirne amantaí roimh thús an chluiche. Nuair a thosaíonn an cluiche, tá córas agam chun nótaí a ghlacadh le linn an chluiche chomh maith le scóranna agus eachtraí a thabhairt faoi deara. Réitím do na hagallaimh a bheith ann i ndiaidh an chluiche. Is féidir liomsa taisteal abhaile agus mo chuid nótaí a chur san fhillteán, fad is a bheidh an criú fós ag an bpáirc ag bailliú cáblaí agus ag pacáil gach rud le tabhairt leo. Obair foirne agus meitheal a bhíonn i gceist ó thús go deireadh.

An rud is fearr liom faoin bpost ná an deis a bheith i lár an aicsean beo. Tá níos mó ná cluichí i gceist i mo thuairimse. Tagann daoine, clubanna agus paróistí le chéile le tacaíocht a thabhairt dá gclann agus dá gcairde agus iad toilteanach meas a léiriú ar imreoirí eisceachtiúla amuigh ar an bpáirc.

Is minic a chloistear faoin atmaisféar speisialta a bhaineann le cluichí. Caithfear obair chrua a chur isteach chun an duais a thabhairt abhaile ag deireadh an lae. Léirítear misneach, paisean, bród agus scil ar an bpáirc. Tá sé fíor-speisíalta a bheith páirteach agus a bheith i lár an aonaigh. Ó bhí mé sa bhunscoil, chuir mé an-suim go deo inár dteanga dúchais, spóirt agus ceol traidisiúnta.

Cloistear faoi na laochra a shíolraigh ó ghlúin go glúin i stair shaibhir na tíre seo. Is ceiliúradh iad na cluichí ar scil agus ar aclaíocht na n-imreoirí iontacha seo. Éiríonn leo na dushláin a shárú le bheith ann agus léirigh siad cé chomh gairmiúil is atá siad. Nascann siad spiorad pobail, obair foirne agus iarracht aonair an duine le chéile. Molaim go hard na spéire iad agus is mór an onóir dom a bheith mar láithreoir ag na cluichí seo agus an deis agam labhairt leis na himreoirí.

Is onóir mhór dom a bheith mar chraoltóir agus mar láithreoir. Silím gurb iad ullmhúchán agus díograis na gnéithe is suntasaí a bhaineann leis an obair san san earnáil teilifíse. Caithfear na huaireanta a chur isteach ag ullmhú don chluiche. Tá foireann léirithe den chéad scoth againn in Nemeton agus caithfear leanúint leis an ard-chaighdeán sin. Tá an t-ádh orm a bheith ag obair le dream chomh oillte leo. Feicim an obair chrua ó chuile dhuine - na léitheoirí, na stiúrtheoirí, na taighdeoirí, na tráchtairí, na hanailísithe, na ceamadóirí, lucht fuaime agus físe agus na teicneoirí uilig. Chomh maith lena gcuid dualgaisí a chomhlíonadh, is cairde iad agus cabhraíonn gach duine lena chéile chomh a chinntiú go gcuirtear clár d’ard chaighdeán amach ar aer.

Is rud speisialta atá i gceist leis an obair teilifíse beo. Is cuimhin liom an chéad chluiche cheannais ar tugadh an deis dom a bheith mar chomh-thráchtaire le Brian Tyres le Nemeton agus le TG4. Bhí radharc dochreidte againnn ag breathnú anuas ar an bpáirc, macalla an bhéiceadh le cloisteáil timpeall orainn agus gáir mhollta ón slua le chuile scór a aimsíodh.

Bainim leas as mo thaithí laethúil mar mhúinteoir agus mé ag cur cláracha i láthair, ó thaobh scileanna taidghe de, ceistiú, scileanna chumarsáide agus mé féin a chur in iúil. Seasann taithí leat i gcónaí, agus táim fíor-bhuíoch as na deiseanna a bhí agam mar leas-Príomhoide i gColáiste Lurgan i rith an tsamhraidh agus nuair a thug mé aghaidh ar an Saimbia trí huaire chun tithe a thógáil do na daoine áitiúla sa tír. Le chuile phost, tháinig an taithí, thapaigh mé an deis le bheith ag foghlaim faoi phearsantachtaí dhaoine, chomh maith le bealaí éagsúla a bheith foighneach agus faoi mhisneach.

Táim an-bhródúil as na Ba é Cluiche Ceannais Pheil na mBan Beo idir an Mhí agus Áth Cliath ar an 5 Meán Fómhair an dara clár is mó ar bhreathnaigh daoine air anuraidh. Bhí meánlucht féachana 227,000 aige agus bhí sciar 29.9% ag an gcluiche. Is léir go bhfuil gean ag an bpobal féachana ar TG4 agus an luach atá linn mar chraoltóir seirbhíse poiblí.

Méadaíodh líon na gcluichí peile sraithe a chraoladh ar an stáisiún a bhliain 2021 faoi 150%. Deich gcluiche, seachas ceithre chluiche mar a chraoladh cheana, i Sraitheanna Náisiúnta Pheil na mBan 2021 a chraoladh ar TG4.

Ní féidir a shéanadh ach go bhfuil méadú as cúimse tagtha ar an slua a fhreastlaíonn ar na Cluichí Ceannais. Tógáimís 2014 mar shampla le 27,374 i láthair agus an curriarracht a baineadh amach i 2019 le 56,114 i láthair. Tá súil agam go leanfaidh an fás agus forbairt ar aghaidh, amach anseo.

Caithfear a bheith freagrach agus bródúil as an obair a dhéantar. Cuirim mo chroí isteach sa obair le go mbeidh mé ag cur leis an gclár ar bhealach éifeachtach. Teastaíonn clár d’ardchaighdeán ón lucht féachanna sa bhaile. Is breá liom a bheith ag feabhsú agus ag cur le mo chumas féin agus le mo chuid scileanna i gcónaí.

Is onóir atá i gceist le bheith mar láithreoir ar Pheil na mBan Beo! Caithfidh mé a rá gurb é an rud is speisiúla ná nach mbíonn aon chlár nó aon lá mar an gcéanna. Is breá liom a bheith i lár an aonaigh. Caithfear a bheith réidh do athruithe ar an láthair, agallaimh bhreise, stíl imeartha iomlán éagsúil. Aithním an iarracht agus na míonna agus na blianta d’obair an-chrua atá curtha isteach ag na himreoirí chun a n-áit a bhaint amach ar an bhfoireann. Mothaíonn tú an teannas agus díograis ar an lá. Is deis dochreidte í chun an geansaí luachmhar a chur ort féin, ar son do chontae, agus le himirt ag an leibhéal is airde. B’fhéidir gurb iad faoiseamh agus rímead an dá mhothúcháin is coitianta a bhraitheann na himreoirí, ar an an bhfoireann buacach, nuair a séidtear an fhéadóg dheireanach.

Mar iar-imreoir, is fíor a rá go bhfuil draíocht ag baint leis na páirceanna agus le gach staid ar fud na tíre. Fiú anois agus mé ag siúl isteach tríd na geataí nó nuair a leagaim cos ar thalamh stairiúil Pháirc an Chrócaigh, bíonn mo chuid shúile ag glioscarnach le scéitimíní, i measc an aicsin beo.

Did you know our vehicles are powered by recycled biofuel?

November 09 2022 | Posted in: Company News
Did you know our vehicles are powered by recycled biofuel?

Did you know we have switched our fleet of vehicles to be powered by recycled biofuel supplied by Green Biofuels?

We are doing this to further our committment to combat global climate change. The introduction of GD+ HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) to our fleet is a step forward in reducing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon net zero/carbon neutrality as part of our commitment to sustainability. GD+ HVO is an ultra-low emission sustainable alternative ‘drop in’ fuel that requires no vehicle modifications for diesel engines. It is a sustainable renewable replacement for fossil diesel and is made from 100% waste organic matter such as used cooking oils and fats and other agri waste. The move will reduce the greenhouse gases related to our transport by 95% and improve local air quality by reducing tail pipe emissions by up to 85%. Not only does this biofuel lower emissions compared to conventional fuels, but it is also an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions.

Bainimid úsáid as ola glasraí hidriginithe (HVO) ó Planet First Fuel i Sasana i ngach feithicil chun an lorg carbóin a laghdú. Tá áthas orainn go bhfuil daoine ar bhord linn ar na gníomhaíochtaí atá faoi bhun againn. Tá ról le himirt ag gach duine ár gcuid a dhéanamh. Tá sé mar aidhm ag Nemeton dul chun cinn a dhéanamh ar ár dtuiscint agus ár gcleachtadh timpeallachta sna tionscadail amach romhainn.

Leis an áireamhán is féidir le léiritheoirí tuiscint níos fearr a fháil ar an tionchar atá ag a gcuid léiriúchán ar an timpeallacht agus dearbhú a fháil gur léiriúchán inbhuanaithe é. Trí roinnt eolas bunúsach maidir le láithreacha, stiúideonna, an criú, taisteal, lóistín, ábhar agus iarléiriú a chur isteach san áireamhán; tabharfaidh sé chomh mór is atá an lorg carbóin atá ag aon léiriúchán ar leith le fios. Tabharfaidh an t-eolas sin agus an fheasacht sin deis do léiritheoirí na hastaíochtaí sin a laghdú trí chleachtais inbhuanaithe a chur i bhfeidhm le linn an léiriúcháin.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Aoife O’Connor

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Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Aoife O’Connor

This week in our Spotlight Feature series we hear from our GAA BEO analyst and three-time All-Ireland champion with Wexford Camogie, Aoife O’Connor.

Thosaigh mé ag obair le GAA BEO 5 years ago (I think!). I had done some work prior to that on camogie with TG4 and I had also been on Seo Spóirt. But the real stuif started with GAA BEO! 5 bliana den scoth!

Braitheann sé agus athraíonn sé. A typical day will be dictated by the start time of the game and time needed to travel to the venue. We are usually at the grounds a few hours beforehand so uaireanta caithfear éirí go luath go háirithe de bharr hair and make-up! You have to be ready to on arrival. Once at the grounds you meet Odí the floor manager, familiarise yourself with the location, have a cruinniú léirithe, maybe do some cleachtadh with Mike (Micheál Ó Domhnaill) and get the bia into you!

My first few production meetings with Fintan and Maidhcí were a ‘deep end’ experience! I’m up to speed with that side of things now but I’m still in awe at the process and the precision of what goes unseen behind the scenes, to create what is so fluid on screen. The inside of the OB is like a spaceship idir na scaileáin, na mílte cnaipe, and everyone tucked in operating the technology and ag déanamh anailíse. The final product on screen is very familiar at this stage in Irish GAA homes and is always ar fheabhas ar fad.

An rud is fearr liom faoin bpost ná bheith ag bualadh le agus ag foghlaim ó na daoine is fearr san earnáil! My favourite part of the job is meeting and learning from the best people in the industry!

TG4s coverage of GAA was the weekend highlight for me as a supporter. The service they have provided in Ireland has been ground-breaking and so valuable to lovers of GAA and all the other sports they cover. It’s a privilege to now get to be part of that, and I have learned so much! Is múinteoir Corp Oideachais agus Gaeilge mé so this job combines 2 of my greatest loves and I get to learn from the best!

Brian Tyers’ Irish is beautiful and what a phenomenal memory he has. Mike in front of camera is poetry in motion. It’s a lesson every day to watch them in action.

Besides all that I just love watching matches and I love to watch people fulfil their potential and achieve something really special. We get to see first-hand many of life’s greatest moments for those involved in the games. It’s very humbling and inspiring.

D’athraigh an chéad ghlaoch a chuir Fintan orm an-chuid rudaí domsa agus bhí an t-aistear ó shin dochreidte. Fintan’s first call to me changed many things for me and the trip ever since has been unbelievable.

I had just had 2 babies in quick succession and life was very different from the glory days of my youth, camogie and all the rest. This opportunity pushed me into a challenging, rewarding and exciting new world, which was a complete tonic at the time!

Work in this industry has been so enjoyable. The people involved make it very easy. It has been a privilege and a huge learning experience, and there has been so much support and guidance from the Nemeton team. I love how TG4/Nemeton have been a benchmark for the inclusion, coverage and promotion of women’s sport. They have been to the forefront of the movement, and deserve a lot of credit for their role in that.

Then of course, there’s the highlight of seeing players up close. You have one knowledge of the person as an athlete producing these amazing performances, but you also get to see that they are human in a very demanding world.

Highlights? Ok, ag bualadh le Maidhc ar an gcéad lá! Ok, meeting Mike on day one! Star struck!

There have been many great days but one that stands out is the league final of 2019 when Limerick beat Waterford in Croke Park. It was a superb occasion – the weather was beautiful, playing conditions were perfect and the atmosphere was noisy and celebratory. TG4 pres was right on the pitch. Limerick announced their hurling dominance that day. It was my first league final and maybe that’s why it stands out for me.

This year’s league final was pretty special also. The GAA BEO presentation area was particularly cool, and obviously, it was a great day for Waterford.

Tá an-chuid le moladh faoin bpost seo. There are many great things about the job. The people are certainly unique and gan amhras high achievers - whether that’s in a television and production sense, or as regards the former players you meet. It’s a professional environment where you are surrounded by incredibly smart people.

Secondly you are seeing great occasions up close and that is a huge privilege. As a child you dream of playing senior level for your club, you dare to dream about playing for your county or of winning All Irelands. You’ve watched your heroes do it, mostly via the medium of television…and its docreidte (unbelievable) to now get to see that from the inside. It’s very unique indeed.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Seanie Mac Craith

October 05 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Seanie Mac Craith

This week in our Spotlight Feature series we chat to our brilliant editor Seanie Mac Craith from An Rinn, Co. Phort Láirge!

Thosnaigh mé ag obair anseo i Nemeton siar i Samhradh 2017. Bhí briseadh bliana ón ollscoil á dtógaint agam tar éis an mheánscoil nuair a chuir Niamh ceist orm an mbeadh suim agam oibriú anseo i Nemeton go páirt-aimseartha ar feadh tamaill. Bhíos chun an deis a dhiúltiú ar dtús toisc go raibh dhá phoist eile agam chomh maith ag an am ach chuir m’athair ina luí orm an phost a ghlacadh agus tá mé anseo ó shin!

I started here in Nemeton back in the summer of 2017. I had taken a year out after school when Niamh asked me would I be interested working Nemeton part-time for a while. I was going to turn it down because I had two other jobs on the go but my Dad advised me to take the job and I’m here ever since!

Ní bhfaighfinn cur síos a dhéanamh ar mo ról anseo i Nemeton in aon chor haha. Is dócha go ndéanaim píosaí de gach aon rud agus bhí sé mar sin ón a thosnaigh mé anseo! ‘A Jack of all trades but a master of nothing’ mar a chuireann Cathal síos orm.

I can’t describe my role in Nemeton at all. I suppose I do a bit of everything and it’s been like that since the start! Cathal describes me as ‘A Jack of all trades but a master of nothing’.

An rud is fearr liom faoin bpost anseo ná gur féidir linn labhairt lena chéile trí ghaoluinn gach lá. Is buntáiste den scoth é a bheith in áit oibre gur féidir liom leanúint ar aghaidh ag labhairt gaoluinn. Níl an t-ádh le formhór de dhaoine a bheith in ann leanúint ar aghaidh ag caint gaoluinn tar éis an scoil.

My favourite thing about the job is that we can speak Irish to each other day to day. It’s such an advantage to work somewhere where I can keep speaking Irish. Most people aren’t that lucky to keep speaking Irish after school.

Tá sé thar a bheith taitneamhach ag obair san tionscal léiriúcháin teilifíse, cé gur féidir leis a bheith an-dúshlánach ag amantaí. Baineam taitneamh as an dúshlán atá i gceist leis an bpost agus an luach saothair bainteach le bheith suite siar sa bhaile ag féachaint ar píosaí oibre a chruthaigh mé fhéin agus mo chomhghleacaithe.

It’s really enjoyable working in the TV industry, although it can be challenging at times. I enjoy the challenges that come with the job and the reward of sitting back at home and watching something myself and my colleagues made being broadcast on television.

Níl aon éachtaí agam go fóill anseo i Nemeton. Is dócha sprioc atá agam fhéin ná eagarthóireacht a déanamh ar Laochra Gael sa todhchaí, nílim faoi aon bhrú go fóill leis!! Is dócha nílim tar éis mo phost a chailliúnt go fóill, chuirfinn sin mar éacht éigint is dócha!!

I’ve no achievements yet in Nemeton. I’d love to edit a Laochra Gael in the future, but I’m not under any pressure yet!! The fact that I’ve kept my job is an achievement in itself!!

An rud is uathúla faoin bpost seo ná bheith in ann ábhar den scoth a chruthú gach lá trí ghaoluinn le criú lán le daoine cumasacha agus cruthaitheach. Is iontach an rud é a bheith in ann le daoine ar an leathnach céanna atá spreagtha chun ábhar a léiriú chomh maith is gur féidir linn.

The most unique thing about this job is being able to create something brilliant every day through the Irish language with really capable and creative people. It’s great to be on the same page as people and be inspired to produce something to the best of our abilities.

Evelyn agus Niamh Ainmnithe do Réalta Óg na Bliana 2022

September 15 2022 | Posted in: Staff StuffSport
Evelyn agus Niamh Ainmnithe do Réalta Óg na Bliana 2022

Déanann Gradaim Chumarsáide an Oireachtais ceiliúradh ar ardchaighdeán agus ar shár-iarrachtaí a chuirtear i gcrích in earnáil na cumarsáide Gaeilge gach bliain. Bronnfar Gradam Réalta Óg na Bliana le linn Ócáid Bhronnta Ghradaim Chumarsáide an Oireachtais 2022 le linn Oireachtas na Samhna a bheidh ar siúl in Óstán Gleneagle, Co. Chiarraí, Dé Céadaoin, 2 Samhain 2022.

Tá ainmniúchán do Réalta Óg na Bliana faighte ag Evelyn Ní Ghriallais a oibríonn linn ar Rásaí BEO ar TG4 agus iar-scoláire Niamh Ní Ruadagáin a bhí linn ar an gcúrsa Ard Dip an bhliain seo caite.

Rugadh i gCill Bhriocáin i Ros Muc í Evelyn Ní Ghriallais agus tá sí bliain is fiche d’aois i mbliana. Tá sí sa bhliain deireanach dá cúrsa in Ollscoil Luimnigh agus tá staidéar á dhéanamh aici ar an altranas ginearálta. Duine ar bith a bhfuil aithne aige nó aici ar Evelyn, tuigeann siad gurb é an paisean is mó atá aici ná rásaíocht capaill. Ó bhí sí óg, bhíodh sí ag dul ó cheann ceann na tíre chuig rásaí capall in éineacht lena hathair agus tá an-ghrá don spórt aici ó shin.

Tá dea-chuimhne amháin ag Evelyn faoina taithí sna meáin go dtí seo. Thosaigh sí amach ar thaithí oibre in RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta agus í fós sa mheánscoil, áit ar tugadh deiseanna di dul ag obair leis an rannóg spóirt ag déanamh cur síos ar rásaí. Ansin tugadh deis ollmhór di a bheith mar anailíseoir rásaí capall ar an gclár Rásaí Beo ar TG4. Tá Evelyn thar a bheith buíoch do RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta agus do TG4 as na deiseanna iontacha seo a thabhairt di in ainneoin a hóige.

Tá Evelyn ag obair léi in earnáil na rásaíochta go fóill ach tá drogall uirthi an focal ‘obair’ a úsáid agus í ag caint ina teanga dúchais faoin spórt a ardaíonn a croí.

As iarthar Béal Feirsteach ó dhúchas do Niamh Ní Ruadagáin, is breá léí na meáin shóisialta, cúrsaí scannánaíochta agus eagarthóireachta agus tá sí i ndiaidh ábhar a chruthú dá cuid leathanaigh féin, do BLOC TG4 agus do chláir theilifíse. Anuraidh d’éirigh léi scoláireacht a fháil don chúrsa Iarchéime Ard-Dioplóma le Nemeton TV sa Rinn. Le linn di a bheith anseo scríobh, stiúir agus chuir sí in eagar a chéad phíosa scannánaíochta riamh a bhain an gradam Gearrfhíseán Dhátheangach na Bliana ag na Smedias i mBaile Átha Cliath i mí Aibreáin.

Incorporating Irish into our work

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Incorporating Irish into our work

Úsáidimid Gaeilge gach uile lá anseo i Nemeton agus seo an tslí go ndéanaimid é.

  1. Tá na comharthaí timpeall an foirgnimh agus lasmuigh den fhoirgnimh as gaeilge.
  2. Páipéarachas as gaeilge don cláracha ar fad.
  3. Scríobhaimid scrioptanna as Gaeilge i gcomhair na cláracha ar fad a dhéanaimid.
  4. Comhrá as gaeilge lena chéile sa chistin agus insan oifig. Bíonn comhrá againn agus muid ag ól cúpán tae nó caife sa chistin.
  5. Úsáidimid Gaeilge ár na leathanaigh mheán sóisialta.
  6. Scríobhaimid ár ríomhphostanna i nGaeilge.
  7. Suíomhanna idirlíona a úsáid le Gaeilge – gramadach.
  8. Déanaimid ár gcruinnithe as Gaeilge.
  9. Bíonn daoine cabhrúil nuair atá ceist gramadaí nó ceist eile faoin ngaeilge againn.
  10. Téarmaí: Tá liosta curtha le chéile againn le téarmaí teilifíse, téarmaí spóirt agus tá sé sin an-áisiúil dúinn i gcomhair líofacht agus litriúcháin.
  11. Déanaimid taighde ar litriúcháin aimneacha na clubanna i gcomhair clár GAA BEO.
  12. Deirimid “Dia dhuit, Nemeton?” nuair a fhreagraímid an príomhfhón.

Here are ways we incorporate the Irish language into our day to day working lives.

  1. All the signs inside & outside the building are in Irish and English.
  2. Any paperwork for our programmes are written in Irish.
  3. We write scripts in Irish for all the programmes we make.
  4. We chat in Irish with one another in the kitchen over a cup of tea/coffee and in the office.
  5. We use Irish across our social media platforms.
  6. We write all our emails in Irish.
  7. We use Irish language websites in our day to day jobs, whether it’s to read a sports article or a grammar website like to help with pronunciation of words.
  8. We carry out our meetings in Irish.
  9. We help each other with any queries if we’re stuck. If you want to know a phrase or a word or even to get someone to look over your Grammar, everyone wants to help each other out.
  10. We have gathered a list of terms to use in Irish, whether it’s tv related words and phrases or sports related phrases, and everyone can use this to help with their fluency and spelling.
  11. We always extensively research GAA club names in Irish so we have it correct for any GAA BEO programme.
  12. We always answer the main phoneline with “Dia dhuit, Nemeton”?

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Cathal O’Hare

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Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Cathal O’Hare

This week in our Spotlight Feature series we chat to one of our most experienced producers Cathal O’Hare.

I am one of the Producers in Nemeton. Normally we are all working on an OB over the weekend so Monday is a day off for most of us. So the week starts on a Tuesday morning with a production meeting where the weekend’s programmes are discussed and dissected and then the upcoming programmes will be organised. There is a great team here and we all help each other with ideas for inserts and graphics so there is always plenty of brainstorming.

Wednesday would be a day for getting the Ord Reatha (Running Order) together and then on Thursday you would be sitting in with an editor getting the Inserts put together.

Friday is usually a day for getting the Data done (for Graphics) and also touching base with the analysts about the plan for the live broadcast ahead.

I just love sport in general but I also love how it’s covered on television. I remember one of my teachers back at school telling us all to read at least one thing from the newspaper every single day so I always read the sports pages of my father’s Evening Herald paper. I loved Jack Charlton’s Republic of Ireland football team back then, so was I always keeping up to date on the latest updates. Still now,I always buy The Irish Times on a Monday to get their Sports Supplement and catch up on all the GAA and soccer games that have happened over the weekend. At the other end of the scale, new innovative coverage like the Red Zone from the NFL is brilliant too and I love how that is so instant (and especially if the Miami Dolphins are doing well!).

It’s great going to games and to work behind the scenes. We are obviously not as close to the action as the players but we get close enough to things. We went over to Boston to cover the Fenway Classic hurling competition back in 2018 and it was a great experience. Our call-time was really early in the morning as we had to set up and rehearse with the new American crew. There was a bit of downtime after all that so I just wandered around on my own underneath the old stands. The stadium is over 100 years old and is really a shrine to baseball. There was absolutely no one around so I had the place to myself looking at all of the old photos and memorabilia covering the walls with all of the hot dog stands and popcorn machines lying silent before the crowds arrived.

I am happy that I have worked across a wide spread of sports in my time here in Nemeton. I started out on Sacar BEO, working on League of Ireland soccer and now I work mostly on GAA BEO with Gaelic Football and hurling as well as the Peil na mBan coverage. Down through the years I have worked on the likes of snooker, boxing, the Volvo Ocean Race and horse racing as well. I am currently involved in the production of the Rásaí BEO series and last year we visited 12 of Ireland’s 26 racecourses so hopefully we can get to a few more this year and maybe even hit the 26 of them eventually! That would be a good achievement I think.

You need to trust your colleagues and a love of sport is a must, but sure what would a day be without a bit of craic and there is plenty of that in the place!

Is maith liom An Rinn. Nuair a bhíonn an ghrian ag taitneamh tá an áit go hálainn. Tá teach agam i nDún na Mainistreach agus is maith liom an baile Dhún Garbhán. Tá an baile beo leis na daoine agus na bialanna agus tithe tábhairne. Is breá liom rothaíocht agus tá an Rian Glas na nDéise (Waterford Greenway) go hiontach! Is maith liom ag rothaíocht suas na Sléibhte an Chomaraigh agus an Cósta Chopair (Copper Coast).

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Michael Rice

September 01 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Michael Rice

This week in our Spotlight Series we hear from an 8 time All-Ireland winner with Kilkenny.. our GAA BEO analyst and co-commentator, Michael Rice.

Thosaigh mé ag obair le Nemeton ar GAA BEO i rith an tSamhraidh 2016. Bhí mo chéad chluiche ar siúl i bPáirc Uí Nualláin. Ar ndóigh, bhí mé neirbhíseach ach fuair mé cabhair iontach ó gach daoine a bhí ag obair ar an lá.

I started working with Nemeton on GAA BEO during the summer of 2016. My first match was in Nowlan Park. Of course I was nervous but everyone I was working with on the day really helped me.

De ghnáth, caithfidh mé a bheith ag an bpáirc dhá uair a chloig go leith roimh an cluiche. Ní bhíonn duine ná deora ansin ach an críú go léir ón Nemeton. Bíonn cruinniú leis an bhfoireann go léir ansin. Ní leannann sé ach deich nóiméad agus tuigeann gach duine a ról agus cad a bheidh ar siúl ar an lá.

Bíonn bia blasta ar fáil ansin. Is deis iontach é seo chun labhairt leis na daoine eile a bhíonn ag obair ar an lá. Déanaimid cleachtadh beag leathuair a chloig roimh a théimid ar aer. Tugann sé cabhair dúinn chun socrú síos agus chun ár gcuid botún féin a dhéanamh go luath!! Bímid ar aer uair a chloig nó leathuair a chloig roimh an gcluiche, braitheann sé ar an lá agus cé mhéad cluiche a bhíonn ar siúl. Déanaimid ár gcuid anailís le Míchéal Ó Domhnaill. Cuireann sé iontas orm arís is arís eile ag an méid eolais atá ag an bhfear seo! Chomh maith leis na tráchtairí, déanann siad ár jab an easca ar fad. Bainim an-taitneamh as an chomhtráctaireacht agus an anailís. Nuair a chríochnaíonn an cluiche bíonn anailís ar siúl arís ina dhiaidh an cluiche.

Usually I have to be at the pitch 2 and a half hours before the match when there’s no one there except the crew. The team has a production meeting that lasts about 10 minutes so everyone knows what’s happening and what their role is on the day. Then we get food and that’s a good opportunity to chat to the crew. About half an hour before we go on air we do a rehearsal which gives us a chance to settle into it and get our mistakes out of the way! We come on air an hour or half an hour before the match.. it depends on the day and how many games are taking place. We do our anailís with Micheál Ó Domhnaill, and it always astonishes me how much knowledge that man has. And the commentators make our job very easy altogether. I really enjoy co-commentary and analysis, which we do again post-match.

Is aoibhinn liom an post seo. Tugann sé deis iontach dom dul chuig cluichí iontacha agus chun na himreoirí is fearr sa tír a fheiceáil sna cluichí idir-chontaetha agus lena gclubanna difriúla. Cé nach bhfuil mé ag imirt le Chill Chainnigh a thuilleadh, tugann an post seo seans dom chun a bheith ann ar na laethanta móra i bPáirc an Chrócaigh, Páirc Uí Nualláin no Staid Semple.

I love this job. It gives me an opportunity to go to great games and to see the best players in the country play intercounty games and different club games. Even though I’m not playing with Kilkenny anymore, this job gives me a chance to attend the big days in Croke Park, Nowlan Park and Semple Stadium.

Nuair a smaoiním siar thar na blianta, bhí an t-ádh liom go raibh mé ag obair ar cluichí iontacha. Aon lá go bhfuilim i bPáirc an Chrócaigh don Chluiche Ceannais na gClub nó mhíonúir, is lá mór é sin.

When I think back on the years I was so lucky to work on big games. Any day I’m in Croke Park for a club final or a minor final is a huge day.

Tá na daoine go léir ag obair le Nemeton an-proifisiúnta. Tá brú ar gach duine chun taispéantais den chéad scoth a thabhairt ach ní mhothaítear go bhfuil brú milllteanach ann ar aon lá. Déanann gach duine a bpost agus oibríonn an fhoireann go léir le chéile chun seó iontach a chraoladh. Tuigim go bhfuil sár-obair ar siúl sa chúlra gach lá agus sin an fáth go n-oibríonn sé gan stró ar an lá.

The people working in Nemeton are so professional. Everyone is under pressure to perform but it doesn’t feel like that on the day. Everyone does their job and the whole team works together to broadcast the show. I see that the excellent work that goes on behind the scenes every day is everything runs so smoothly on the day.

Did You Know we used to cover La Liga?

August 15 2022 | Posted in: TVStaff StuffSport
Did You Know we used to cover La Liga?

Did you know Nemeton TV used to cover the Spanish La Liga?

In the mid 1990s, Nemeton TV secured the Irish-language rights for broadcasting Spanish premier league football, and the programme was called Olé, Olé.

According to Nemeton TV CEO Irial Mac Murchú, the programme was born out of conversations with Teilifís na Gaeilge at the time where we were trying to impress upon them that they had to have a sport on the new channel and trying to figure out what we could do differently.

We sent someone to Barcelona every weekend for the first 6-8 weeks to collect tapes and bring them back to the studio.

Later, we erected Satellite dishes out the back of the building.

This meant we could take in the matches, edit them, put Irish language commentary & graphics on them & send them up to TnaG (now TG4) via courier. Irial remembers that “we were very lucky at the time because technology had just starting evolving. Instead of having to spend £500,000 on an edit suite, there was non-linear editing. So we were able to digitise our pictures into a Mac and cut the pictures from there rather than tape-to-tape editing which many established broadcasters were still doing at the time. Our satellite link for incoming pictures and our very fast drivers for outgoing pictures enabled us to do it – just about!”

Mícheál Ó Domhnaill was the Olé, Olé presenter, introducing the show from a small studio and linking between various games. Brian Tyers, meanwhile, was on commentary duty. Micheál recalls that “the original role was as a researcher but it being TG4, you couldn’t justify just having a researcher. You’d have to be doing something else as well. And so Irial said they needed someone to stand in front of the camera and introduce the clips and go over there the odd weekend.”

Micheál had lived and worked in Spain for a number of years so was comfortable with the language, (thus helping get the initial contract over the line), the geography and La Liga so the crew started going to Spain once a month to present the show from there.

“Access to players was so much easier,” he says. “First of all, you could go into the stadium a couple of hours before the match and as long as you didn’t go on the pitch, you could film your links from anywhere you liked. You had total free rein. And then during the match, you sat up against the advertising hoarding. The ball often came over and you’d throw it back and look up and there’d be Luis Enrique or Rivaldo taking the ball off you. Then you’d go to the mixed zone afterwards and the players would just be hanging out. They always stopped, especially when you said you were from Irish TV. They often just loved the idea that people in Ireland would be interested in #Spanishfootball. It was a mad idea to them really.”

Irial: “This was beyond our wildest dreams – young fellas from west Waterford being able to interview these superstars, these international soccer stars like (Predrag) Mijatovic, Raul, Pep Guardiola, Ronaldo. It was amazing. “

Broadcasters like Sky swooped in to take control of the La Liga broadcasting package, and by 1999, Olé, Olé was struggling to compete. It was reduced to a half hour production as TnaG began to dedicate more resources to covering live action, namely GAA games… but that’s a different story!

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Marcus Ó Buachalla

August 03 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Marcus Ó Buachalla

This week in our Spotlight Series we hear from GAA BEO commentator and presenter Marcus Ó Buachalla.

I first started working as a presenter with Setanta Sports back in 2006. I was working as a trainee solicitor at the time and I had been doing some local media work with Raidió na Life in Dublin presenting an Irish language weekly sports show with John Barker called An Fheadóg Dheireannach and I was asked would I be interested in doing some pieces with Setanta Sports.

The approach was from Maurice Reidy, a legend of the broadcasting world in RTÉ initially and he would have worked on many a big GAA game and event for RTÉ. He then moved to Setanta but I was good friends with his son Muiris, and that’s where the chat started. I still remember calling up to their house to have the conversation with Maurice. I was nervous but I suppose he thought there might be something in it and we had a chat.

I was given permission to do that while doing my traineeship and then I started picking up other bits and pieces. Writing for Foinse or writing for the Irish Daily Star and their Irish language sports pull-out Am Breise and just adding little bits of experience to my CV all the while.

Then in 2011, RTÉ lost the rights to host the All-Ireland Minor Finals as gaeilge and they were taken by TV3. By now the recession had hit and I was no longer working as a solicitor and had instead moved into the world of communications and PR working with a company in Dublin, Pembroke Communications. I was working primarily on their sports accounts so I was now starting to merge my love of sport with a day job.

This time I made the approach to TV3 as I wanted to see was there an opportunity to throw my hat in the ring for any work that TV3 might have as Gaeilge so I contacted Kieran McSweeney who was working for their sports news team at the time. That started the ball rolling and I had to go in and do a trial and I worked with Kieran Holden on that.

I have a lot to be thankful for the breaks that Kieran and indeed Maurice before gave me.

My first game was the 2011 All-Ireland Minor Hurling Final, between Dublin and Galway, in Croke Park, and it was myself and Seán Óg Ó hAiplín and a few weeks later I was doing the football with Seán Óg de Paor. It was quite the baptism of fire. Such an occasion and working then with two of the greats of the GAA and two men that I would have watched growing up.

It was though a bit awkward because I actually had to turn down a wedding invitation from my good friend Muiris in Italy! But at least I could blame it on his dad Maurice and that approach all those years earlier. Thankfully he didn’t and hasn’t held it against me!

From there I got a call from TG4, or to be precise Nemeton TV, who produce a lot of their GAA content and they asked would I be interested in some more. Once TV3 didn’t have an issue, I was clear to crack on and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Since those early days in 2011, I’ve worked with RTÉ, GAA Go, SKY Sports, Eir Sports, Dubs TV and of course TG4 and I still love it. I was clearing out my attic though recently and I found a letter that I wrote to TG4 looking for opportunities in 2001 I think it was, which nothing came of. So I guess it goes to show you that these things don’t happen overnight and you just have to find a way in and persevere. But once you’re in, and working on live TV, live sport, and the action and the energy that goes with it, you’re hooked. And I’m forever grateful to Maurice Reidy and that first call.

The typical day starts during the week with the prep and that is the bit that makes the typical day run smoothly. There are so many things that can happen on match day that are out of your control but at least you can have your research done and be at ease with the information you have because ultimately that is what will get you through the 60 or the 70 minutes!

For a game with GAA Beo, and on the basis that my research is done, the day starts with a trip! I am based in Dublin so it’s a road trip for me usually although a train can be handy too. The plan is to be in the ground two hours out from a game. That gives you a chance to get ahead of the traffic for a start, to get your bearings on arrival, and just to be nice and calm and relaxed pre-game. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with the wider team too. My work as a commentator is only a tiny piece of the output.

The technicians, the camera operators, the riggers, the engineers, the production team etc. They all play a key role and then the Floor Manager. He or she is my eyes and ears on the ground during the game and a source for any team information during play so always good to have a chat and a cuppa ahead of the game.

Finally it’s a chance to catch up with my co-commentator. Sometimes I mightn’t have worked with the person ever before and while you are not expected to be best mates straight away, a rapport is important and just as important is having an understanding for how they speak, their flow, their timing and the pace of their delivery.

When the game is in full flow there is no time to figure all that out so it’s good to have these chats good and early and iron out any issues.My aim as the commentator though, is just to set the scene. I may have opinions on what I have seen but nobody cares really about my take on it. My job is to leave a gap for the co-commentator to bring their experience, knowledge and expertise to the table. If I am still talking while the replay is on, I feel I have done a bad job. That should be left for my co-commentator to tell us what he or she sees in that clip. It’s for me to make that conversation and transition as smooth as possible between live and replays throughout the game.

Before the game, we would also have a production meeting on arrival to make sure everyone is familiar with the roll-out of the day and it is planned to the second. How long for this bit and that bit and when you need to talk and sometimes more importantly when to shut up!

Being there early also allows you the chance to walk the grounds, get a feel for the pitch, the wind, the conditions and even to see the players up close as they do their walk about or warm-ups. You’d pick up little things here and there, or spot certain things there that you wouldn’t if you were arriving later to the ground.

The final element before the commentary is usually a scene set and managers’ interviews. A scene set is exactly what it says on the tin! Myself and my co-commentator setting the scene and giving context for the day’s game which we will do pitchside and often times with Micheál Ó Domhnaill based elsewhere you would be chatting to him too. And then the manager’s interview pre-game. These are a mixed bag! At the end of the day we all have a job to do but you are in their pre-match space when their tension levels are rising so you want to get some level of insight but you also have to be respectful of where their heads are at. You will also be dealing with them post-match as well so there is no point falling out now!

To be fair, the PROs and the managers of all the counties are great and while there are times when I understand they would rather be out there and amongst their players rather than talking to me, I also feel that they get it from my side and we all know we have a job to do to promote our games and to provide additional access and insight for the people back home.

Then it’s time for throw in!

My notes have changed a lot over the years. I remember at the start, I would easily have six, seven, eight pages of notes on the two teams playing. But I have learned from experience that you can’t keep flipping pages to check things, and plus, your eyes need to be on the action not on your notes.

So now my notes are concise, two pages maximum, one on each team but then with cheat codes all the way through! Colour coded numbers and scribbles that stand for debuts, scores, clubs, schools, awards, trivia, you name it, if it’s out there, it will be scribbled in colour somewhere on my two pages.

By the time throw-in comes, I will have the information relatively fresh in my mind but the notes are definitely needed to cross-reference and offer that security blanket.

When I started out, this information on club teams in particular was very difficult to find but now the clubs and the counties themselves and the PROs do a great job sending information into Nemeton during the week but also local news and media sources are far more accessible and do a great job.

Most are online but it would be rare for me not to pick up a copy of the Anglo Celt or the Kerryman or the Wexford People or whatever when I am on the road. There is always gold to be had there. As well as the websites of the clubs themselves for club games, or their Facebook pages, and of course the official match day programme. These resources were far more difficult to access ten years ago but now I would rely on the local angle hugely during the week leading into the game. As for the game itself? There is no planning you can do for this but you can make sure that you have the research done.

You could have a belter of a game, or a dour spectacle. All you can do is to try to do justice to the game in front of you and be fair to the athletes doing their best. All of the GAA games I do are obviously covering amateurs so I am always very mindful of that. These are not professionals and have a job to go to on a Monday morning and I feel that should always be respected as a commentator. Yes call what you see, but leave it at that.

During the game, we work very much in tandem with the team in the truck. The producer and director in my ear guiding me through the action but also listening out for things they may have seen on other cameras and angles, but also the Floor Manager. So you could have two or three voices in your ears, including your co-commentator, at the same time as commentating on the game.

I would also take notes on stats that are useful as the game progresses like chances and wides and the like, and again we work with the team in the truck then on other stats and figures that I wouldn’t have the head space to be keeping an eye on. After the game, it’s about Player of the Match interviews and manager interviews before you wrap up and look ahead to the next date in the diary!

And as I am heading home that is when the real work starts and the de-rig for the technicians. They will set up and de-rig in all conditions and they are the true heroes of the output!

Working at live sports is like nothing else that I know of. These are games, events, tournaments, finals, that you would love to attend anyway, but you are paid to cover them. Often they are games when the venue is sold out or it’s an All-Ireland Final. Tickets are like gold dust, and yet, here you are. I also feel that with Covid especially it reinforced how important this access to games can be for some people whether that is TG4 and historic first ever county title wins or the end of famines or Dubs TV and doing intermediate and junior club games from Parnell Park. People at home, or in hospitals, or elderly, or whatever their reason for not being in attendance. We provide a valuable service to them and I feel we owe it to them to do as good a job as possible. There comes a responsibility with that, I think, but if you take pride in your work and if you enjoy it, hopefully that comes across in the commentary and that add to the experience for those at home.

It’s busy working in the TV industry! For a lot of people, we are freelancers, so it is very difficult – within reason – to say ‘no’ to opportunities as you never know when the next one will come in. That creates issued as more often than not a lot of the freelancers would also have a day-job, which in my case, I work as the Senior Communications & Media Manager with Leinster Rugby.

So you have a busy Monday to Friday and then the additional work is on top of that. It can be busy and it can impact on the home life and you need to have a good system in place at home, which I think I have with Laura and the three kids, Laoise, Conor and Ella. Laura has been brilliant and is a superb support to me and what I want to achieve.

When I am busy it can be frantic at times, but when the down times come you have to make the most of it.

But I go back to what I said earlier, you are working at games and getting paid to work at games, that you love. And doing something that you love. And when I do come home, even after a long day I’d like to think I’m very rarely carrying any baggage with me. I love my work.

Also over the last few years Laoise, who is 11 now, and Conor, who is eight, have been coming to games so that has added a new dimension as well and seeing them enjoy the road trips and the match days with me. That won’t last I know as their lives will start to get busier and they won’t want to hang out with me, but for now, it’s very enjoyable to have their company at some games. Overall though, I do feel it’s a privilege to be working at these games and I would hope to continue for many years to come.

A lot of the pinch me moments are working with people that I grew up watching or even simple things like I remember in 1995 and in and around that time getting Dessie Farrell’s autograph myself as a young lad after the All-Ireland Final and only last week after interviewing Dessie, my son Conor asked Dessie for his autograph. Rothaí móra an tsaoil…!

I just loved it as a moment and Dessie was a gentleman with Conor despite the loss for Dublin that day and he tapped him on the head and thanked him for coming. Seeing Conor and his buzz from that, they are special moments and access that come about because of the role I have on match days.

Maybe for a playing highlight, I would go back to a Leinster Under 21 Hurling Final in 2018 and a first ever win for Galway. But it went to extra time and there were some brilliant late scores in normal time and then in extra time as well. History made. But the manner of it, the drama and the quality of the scores stand out. I did a fair few of the Meath games as they were coming through the ranks in Ladies Football so seeing that team evolve and those players then blossom on the biggest stage of all, was remarkable.

There is also a Tyrone and Kildare game in Croke Park and Stephen O’Neill put on a show with some of his point taking. It popped up on Twitter during the week and you just have to sit back and applaud that stuff. So many highlights across hurling, football and ladies football, very hard to nail it down to one highlight.

The most unique aspect to the job – I feel – is that very few people realise the speed at which things happen and how quickly you have to react. There isn’t time to check your notes or to cross-check a fact, especially in hurling, a delay in your commentary can be the difference between calling a score or an incident accurately and concisely and being completely irrelevant in what you are saying as the incident has passed and the keeper has already taken his puck out. Even getting players names right and trying to get it right all the time. I kick myself when I get it wrong but then everything happens so quickly that there are bound to be times when you don’t get it quite right but still, it’s hugely frustrating when it does go wrong. And then that you are very reliant on the information as presented to you but a late switch of a jersey – which has happened – or a late switch of a player in the programme – which has happened – and you are out of the loop completely but have to go by the official match programme.

As the commentator you are now very exposed and very much at the mercy of hundreds of thousands of people at home listening to you mistakenly call someone the wrong name until it is highlighted. You might spot an error like that at an inter-county game yourself given the profile of some of the players but that is very difficult in a club game or even in a hurling game when the players are all wearing helmets. So the pace at which you need to operate at is very high and the level of scrutiny is huge to get it right but that pressure also makes sure that you try to have as much prep as possible done to deliver as best you can. But it’s that pace, that excitement and energy, that makes it so enjoyable.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Aoife Ryan

July 06 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Aoife Ryan

This week in our Spotlight Feature series we chat to Aoife Ryan from Wexford who works with us as a TV & Digital Producer.

Táim ag obair le Nemeton le 7 bhliain anois tar éis cúrsa Ard Diplóma i Léiriú Teilifíse a chríochnú i 2015. Bhí mé ar bís chun dul le Léiriú Teilifíse mar shlí bheatha. An rud atá ar súil agam faoi láthair ná a bheith i mo léiritheoir sa rannóg spóirt agus ag déanamh margaíocht dhigiteach don chomhlacht. Mar léiritheoir, oibríonn tú le foireann spóirt i rith na seachtaine, déanann tú ullmhúcháin ar na cluichí beo atá ag teacht suas agus déanann tú maoirseacht ar rudaí ar lá an beochraoladh. S’iad na rudaí a bhaineann le sin ná sceideal léiriúcháin a chur le chéile, scriopt a scríobh don láithreoir, criú a chur in áirithe, ord reatha a chur le chéile agus maoirseacht a dhéanamh ar an eagarthóireacht.

I began working in Nemeton seven years ago in the summer of 2015. I had just completed the Higher Diploma in TV Production in SETU (formerly WIT) and was eager to start my career in the TV industry. At the moment I am splitting my time between working as a Producer on GAA BEO for TG4 and doing Digital Marketing for the company. As a producer, you work closely with the sports production team and prepare for upcoming Live OB Productions, and then oversee those productions when they happen. That might entail creating production schedules, writing scripts for presenters, booking talent, assembling running orders and overseeing edits.

Tá gach lá difiriúil sa phost seo agus is aoibhinn liom é sin. Tá deis agat a bheith cruthaitheach agus do scileanna a thaispeáint.. Is breá liom a bheith ag obair trí mheán na Gaeilge agus tá an t-ádh linn go bhfuilimid lonnaithe i gcroí na Gaeltachta anseo sa Rinn.

I love that every day is different in this industry and you get the chance to be creative and put your talents to good use. We’re lucky to be using the Irish language in work and that we are based in the Waterford Gaeltacht.

Bíonn sé dúshlánach ag obair i dTeilifís le uaireanta mírialta agus sceidil daingean. Ach, is obair luachmhar é nuair a mbíonn do chlár craolta ar theilifís agus nuair atá aiseolas maith faighte agat air. Foghlaimíonn tú formhór dena scileanna teilifíse agus tú ag obair sa ról. Oibríonn tú do bhealach aníos trí na céimeanna nuair a fhaigheann tú an méid taithí is gur féidir leat ar an tslí. Uaireanta tá tú lonnaithe san oifig agus laethanta eile bíonn tú amach ar an mbóthar ag scannánaíocht. Buaileann tú le roinnt daoine sa phost seo chomh maith, is cuma cé acu láithreoirí, réalta spóirt, aíonna nó criú saoroibrithe atá i gceist. Mar sin caithfidh tú a bheith díograiseach, eagraithe agus cáirdiúil. Cuirfinn comhairle ar dhaoine, chomh maith, chun éadaí oiriúnach a cheannach agus iad ag tosnú amach ag obair i dteilifís (ach ní thógaim mo chomhairle féin an t-am ar fad!).

Working in Television can be challenging due to irregular working hours and working to tight schedules but it is extremely rewarding when you see a programme you worked on being broadcast on television and receiving good feedback. It is also the type of industry that you can learn most of the skills on the job and work your way up through the ranks by gaining as much experience as you can. Some days you work in the office, other days you are on location on a shoot. You meet lots of people on the job too, whether it’s the presenters, sport stars, interviewees or freelance crew so you have to be dedicated, organised, outgoing and friendly. I’d also advise anyone starting out in television to invest in good waterproof gear and appropriate shoes! (Not that I necessarily make good use of this advice myself.)

D’oibrigh mé mo bhealach aníos trí na céimeanna, ar dtús mar cuntóir léirither, taighdeoir, léiritheoir cúnta agus ansin go léirtheoir. Tá bród orm oibriú ar na cláracha a mbíonn ar dteilifís agus na gcéadta mílte daoine ag féachaint orthu. Is timpeallacht spreagúil é agus oibríonn tú in áiteanna aisteacha uaireanta chomh maith… ach is é an aidhm ná teilifís den scoth a chruthú. Rinne mé scannánaíocht in áiteanna fíorálainn cosúil le Easanna na Machan insna Comaraigh i bPort Láirge agus Cionn Mhucrois i nDún na nGall, chomh maith lena páirceann ar fud na tíre. D’itheas borróg agus tae i seomra na réiteora lena hoifigigh ar fad ag cluiche Peil na mBan ag leathama lá amháin.

I have worked my way up from Production Assistant to Researcher and then Assistant Producer to Producer. I am proud that all the programmes I have worked on have been broadcast on television for hundreds of thousands of people to see. It is an exciting environment to work in and sometimes you find yourself in bizarre situations.. but it’s all in the name of making good television. I have filmed in beautiful locations like Mahon Falls in Waterford and Muckross Head in Donegal, while also filming at multiple GAA pitches around the country. Once, at a Peil na mBan match that we were covering for TG4, I found myself having tea and buns in the referee’s room with the officials at Half-Time.

Tá an post seo uathúil mar is meascán é de sport, Gaeilge agus teilifís faoi aon díon amháin. An lá is fear liom agus mé ag obair le Nemeton ná an lá a bhí an bua ag bhfoireann rugbaí Laighean sa chomórtas PRO12 i Staid Aviva i Mí Bealtaine 2018. Bhí an t-atmaisféar ar fheabhas agus bhíos ar an bpáirc cóngarach le gach rud, in ionad a bheith insan seastán. Bhí mé ann i gcomhair ardú an Choirn, agus bhí deis agam é a ghabháil i mo lámh féin roimh ré.

This job is unique in that it includes a combination of sport, the Irish language and TV all under one roof. One of my favourite days of work was seeing the Leinster rugby team lift the Pro12 trophy in the Aviva in May 2018. The atmosphere was incredible and seeing it from a few feet away was 100 times better than watching on from the stand.

Is aoibhinn liom an tslí go bhfuil Nemeton lonnaithe insan Rinn, díreach lasmuigh de Dún Garbhán i bPort Láirge. Tá an áit fíorálainn agus ní bhíonn leadrán ort ag am lón toisc gur féidir leat dul go dtí An Cuinigéar nó caife a cheannach i gCeann Heilbhic. Is féidir leat tiomaint isteach go dtí an Baile Mór más maith leat agus tá rogha iontach bialanna agus caife ar fáil.

I love that NemetonTV is based in An Rinn just outside Dungarvan in Waterford. The area is incredible so lunchtimes are never boring when you can go for a walk on the Cunnigar or get a coffee at Helvick Head or drive into Dungarvan to pick from a range of beautiful cafés to eat and drink in.

Gaelic Games close to our hearts at Nemeton

June 29 2022 | Posted in: Sport
Gaelic Games close to our hearts at Nemeton

Gaelic Games are close to our hearts here at Nemeton TV.

We first made a GAA programme for TG4 26 years ago in 1996, in the form of an hour-long highlights/ interview package of the Galway Senior Football Final between An Cheathrú Rua and Oranmore.) We know that the GAA is part of the fabric of our society.

In our GAA BEO programme on TG4, we cover an extensive list of competitions both on television and online, including county finals, the Christy Ring, Lory Meagher & Nicky Rackard finals, the Allianz Hurling & Football Leagues, the AIB Club Championships, the Sigerson & Fitzgibbon Cup Finals, the O’Connor Cup final, the Eirgrid All-Ireland U20 Football Championship, the O’Neill’s All-Ireland U20 Hurling Championship, the Electric Ireland Minor Hurling & Football championships, Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta, the O’Byrne Cup final, the McKenna Cup final, the Walsh Cup final, the FBD Connacht League final, the Hogan & Croke Cup finals, the Underdogs Final, the Ladies Football Club All-Ireland Final, the Lidl Ladies Football League Finals and Craobh TG4 i bPeil na mBan.

TG4 have been title sponsors of the All-Ireland Ladies Football Championships since 2001. TG4’s commitment and dedication to Ladies Gaelic Football has helped the sport to prosper to unprecedented levels with record attendances at the TG4 All-Ireland Finals & record viewing figures in recent times.

GAA BEO broadcast 5 Allianz leagues finals on TG4 last April and the weekend’s action had a reach of 756,000 for the games. The Allianz National Football League Division 1 final was the biggest hit with TG4 viewers as an average audience of 228,000 watched Kerry take on Mayo. We were also widely applauded for our innovative ‘picture-in-picture’ coverage, which showcased all the drama of the final rounds of the Allianz leagues.

Every Monday we make a highlights programme called GAA 2022, with action from all the major Gaelic Games competitions that took place at weekends, this sometimes includes rounders and shinty!

Our GAA documentary series Laochra Gael has now entered the filming stages of the 21st series. This hour long programme consisting of 8 episodes will be shown on TG4 in Spring next year, offering a fresh batch of profiles of legendary players of the modern era. We also recently made a documentary for TG4 about GAA legend Éamonn Ryan which was shown in December last called ‘Éamonn Ryan: An Máistir’.

As well as these shows, we also make programmes on other aspects of GAA in the form of Cúil na Bliana, Cluichí na Bliana, Cúl Camps, GAA Gold, Scór, Scór na nÓg, Foireann na Bliana, Réalta Pheil na mBan and Gradaim an Uachtaráin for TG4.

At the start of every year we film interviews with the recipients of the Gradaim an Uachtaráin, the prestigious annual GAA awards which acknowledge the outstanding commitment & long service across the club and county network, people who have shared the common theme of making an inspirational impact on their code and also their club and community. The awards are given to those who are not motivated by recognition, but who have made an invaluable contribution to the GAA. These short videos are shown during our live broadcast of the Gradaim an Uachtaráin awards ceremony in Croke Park every year, presented by our GAA BEO presenter, Micheál Ó Domhnaill.

Also, in recent years, we have worked with TG4 to stream the Scór competition live on their Trad TG4 Youtube channel & make an hour long highlights programme which is broadcast on TG4 a week after the event.

Scór is a GAA competition that combines all the colour & rivalry of Gaelic Games with the social/fun element of Ireland’s traditional past-times. The competition was established by the GAA in 1969 with the aim of promoting Ireland’s traditional pastimes & culture while offering club members the chance to meet up, have fun & represent their club during the winter months while Football & Hurling had ceased.

There are eight events/disciplines in Scór that cover all aspects of Irish culture: Figure/Céilí Dancing, Solo Singing, Ballad Group, Recitation/Scéalaíocht, Nuachleas/Novelty Act, Instrumental Music, Set Dancing and Table Quiz. The competition is divided into two age levels, Scór na nÓg, for young people under 17 and Scór Sinsir, for those over 17.

Head of Sport in TG4, Ronán Ó Coisdealbha said: “It’s not just about the live match, we try to provide a service to the entire GAA family. I hope that we’ve given a good commitment to the GAA in the same way that the GAA have been very good to us in giving us the permission to shows these games. It’s a two-way street but it’s worked really, really well for us. The GAA is good for TG4 and TG4 I hope is good for the GAA because we give them a lot of coverage. I think it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Long may it continue.”

Nemeton TV CEO, Irial Mac Murchú said “We’re a live sports production company and we will happily oblige with as many live matches that we can manage to get on television. You have to bear in mind broadcasters only have so much space in their schedules but for us it’s a case of have the skills, have the capacity, will broadcast.”

SETU graduates feature in the Fastnet Film Festival

June 24 2022 | Posted in: Education
SETU graduates feature in the Fastnet Film Festival

A talented, emerging group of filmmakers from the Higher Diploma in Television and Media Production at South East Technological University and Nemeton TV featured in this year’s Fastnet Film Festival. These exciting new documentaries and dramas had a chance to reach new audiences at this acclaimed festival in Schull, and one former student (and now Nemeton employee) Fiona Ní Chiardha won the award for the Best Irish Language Film.

Cian Cusack, a native of Waterford and an accomplished musician wrote, directed and produced this thought provoking documentary. The documentary titled Amharclann na nDaoine focuses on “The Theatre Royal” in Waterford and the impact and effects that the Covid 19 Pandemic had on both the workers and the management there. After working in the theatre for many years, the topic of theatre always interested Cian. When the Coronavirus Pandemic struck, a brand new conversation opened up about its impact on musicians.

Gearóid McNamara is a teacher and skilled Irish Traditional musician from Tulla, County Clare. His documentary Boscadóir centres around three young accordion players from Munsterand the music that they have learned. It compares them to the accordion players that have gone before them such as Joe Cooley and Paddy O’Brien.

Director Martina Flavin and Editor Ciarán Foley won the Údaras na Gaeltachta Award for Best Irish Language Production for Capaill agus Caráiste. Martina Falvin who decided to do the course to refresh her Irish Language skills and fluency. She has a keen interest in radio and is the director and visionary behind the documentary. The film is about the sport of carriage driving and focuses on a masterful carriage driver Paddy, featuring some lovely archival material. ‘The interaction between horse and man is very powerful and I wanted to show this connection in my documentary,’ said Martina.

Seán Dowd, an aspiring editor, is the director of the documentary Siondróm Sonas. Seán enjoys the editing and post-production side of film production the best. He created this documentary about a topic very close to his heart and was inspired by his 13 year old brother with Down Syndrome. In his documentary Seán wants to show how much his younger brother has changed and touched the lives of all the members of his family for the better and how life would not be the same without him.

Established Irish Actor Eoin Geoghegan is making his directorial debut with the drama “An Dreapadoir”, which he wrote, directed and starred in. Eatablished producer Maíre Dineen worked with him. Eoin says “I was always fascinated by the production side of films and after 20 years of acting I decided this year was the perfect year to pursue this interest”. An Dréapadoir is a dark comedy about how a man survives when stripped to his bare necessities, a gripping funny film that isn’t your quintessential dark comedy.

Fiona Ní Chiardha won the award for the BEST IRISH LANGUAGE FILM at the festival. Tá gradam bainte amach ag Fiona Ní Chiardha ag an bhféile ghearrscannán Fastnet i Scoil Mhuire i Mí Bealtaine.In her short drama Comhlint Chroí writer and director Fiona Ní Chiadhra from County Meath explores the dilemmas of online dating. University student Ríona (played by brilliant newcomer Meg Ní Riain) is juggling work and study when a past online encounter comes back to haunt her. Fiona works with us a Producer on GAA BEO in Nemeton TV. Comhghairdeas Fiona!

The Postgraduate Course in Television & Media Production is run by the SETU in association Nemeton TV, one of Ireland’s leading production companies, and Udarás na Gaeltachta. This course is widely regarded as the most industry-focused course in the media sector. The core belief is that our third level course is relevant, dynamic and genuinely prepares students for industry. The course has gained a high profile in the media industry and has an excellent employment record among course graduates. Films produced on the course are broadcast on TG4, screened at festivals around Ireland and have been winning the Best Irish Language Film at the National Student Media Awards every year since 2014.

This course runs from September 2022 to May 2023.

For more information visit and SETU Contact: 058 464999

The students’ films can be viewed here:éad%20Seans&fbclid=IwAR2xj2_QcN5StRKmpNvghjn5Z_1934_NcvGL4HWMs_cxR3uzqVBM6nApWFs

The Class of 2022 Premiere Their Films

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The Class of 2022 Premiere Their Films

It’s hard to believe the term has come to an end for the Higher Diploma in Television and Media Production Class of 2022. The talented emerging filmmakers at Nemeton TV and South East Technological University premiered their films on the 11th of May in Dungarvan’s Cinema.

Once again, there was a fascinating range of compelling films on show. Some of the films have already won awards while others will soon be showing in festivals around the country and on TG4.

An Rinn director Seanie McCraith focuses on a local story in his moving documentary An t-Ancaire (The Anchor). In 1912, the Marechal de Noailles ship sank off the Waterford coast. Seventy four years later in 1986, Baile na nGall publican Mick Ó Uallacháín set out with divers to bring the ship’s anchor ashore. “Using archive footage, reconstruction and interview, I wanted to show the challenges of the journey,” said Seanie.

Cork filmmaker Fay Langley presented highlights from her recording of this year’s powerful series of concerts at Tionól Nicholáis Tóibín in An Rinn. Featuring some of Irelands most well-loved traditional artists including Steve Cooney, Edel Fox, Mick O’Brien and Ann Mulqueen, the full concerts will also be available online. Fay said : “It was an honour and so enjoyable to film these extraordinarily talented musicians.”

Tullamore director Seán Hughes was inspired to make his first poetic documentary after living under the magical spell of Cnoc Bhreánnáin in Corca Dhuibhne. Sean said: “In ‘An Cnoc’, I wanted to explore what effect Mount Brandon had on the minds and lives of those living in its shadow.” The film features broadcaster Dara Ó Cinnéide and his father, the poet Ceaití Ní Bheildiúin and of course the mountain itself.

Belfast filmmaker Niamh Ní Ruadhagáin’s short lyrical drama [f]Uaim has just won the coveted TG4 BLOC prize at the Student Media Awards. The film was inspired by Niamh’s experience of moving to another country shortly before the pandemic began. “We can virtually all relate to the story about the silence of the world around us and how we dealt with the weight of isolation. But it has a happy ending!” Niamh said.

In his energetic short film Beothach Beo (Alive and Kicking), Damian McElgunn from Belfast travels back to the 1970s Northern Irish punk scene. Celebrated musicians from Stiff Little Fingers, the Undertones and the Outcasts reflect on how music changed their lives during the Troubles. Damian said: “There was an incredible energy at the time. The atmosphere was as important as the music.”

For his first documentary Big Griff, filmmaker Nathan Griffin takes us on an emotional journey to celebrate the life of his uncle Martin Griffin who died in 2021. Considered one of Donegal’s finest footballers, the lively Big Griff helped bring his county to an unforgettable Ulster final in 1983. “I was inspired by the stories I heard about my uncle and wanted to explore who he was,” said Nathan.

In his documentary An Fear as Baile Mhac Cairbre, radio broadcaster Nigel Kelly focuses on the extraordinary life of local hero Micheal Ryan. Ryan has overseen or been involved with 32 All-Ireland winning teams in his long coaching career. Nigel said that “Michael has a passion and energy of which the like has rarely been seen.”

The Postgraduate Course in Television & Media Production commences again in September 2022 and is run by the South East Technological University in association Nemeton TV, one of Ireland’s leading production companies, and Udarás na Gaeltachta. It is widely regarded as one of the most industry-focused courses in the media sector and has gained a high profile in the industry with its excellent graduate employment record.

Further information: |

Contact: 058 46499

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Brian Tyers

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Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Brian Tyers

In this week’s Nemeton Spotlight Feature, Brian Tyers tells us about working as a commentator on GAA BEO on TG4.

De ghnáth bainim ionad an chluiche amach timpeall 3 uair a’chloig roimh thús an chluiche. Caithim tamailín ag caint le daoine éagsúla sa chriú agus labhraim le daoine éagsúla - lucht na páirce/tacathóirí/backroom teams na bhfóirne…..faigheann tú alán eolais ós na daoine seo! Usually I’m at the venue three hours before the game starts. I spent a bit of time talking to different crew members and also various others like the groundsmen, sponsors and backroom teams – you get a lot of info from them!

Ansan déanaimid facs check agus bíonn bia againn ina dhiaidh sin. Seans an-mhaith é sin chun ár scíth a ligean agus labhairt lena chéile nó bheith ag magadh faoina chéile. Cruinniú léirithe ansan chun leagan amach an chláir a chinntiú. Labhraím leis na hainilísithe ansan chun an cluiche a phlé agus ina dhiaidh sin téim féin agus an bainisteoir úrláir ( Odí Mac Murchadha) ar thóir bainisteoirí chun iad a chur faoi agallamh agus athraithe a chinntiú. Then we do a Facs check and have food after that. It’s a great opportunity to relax for a bit and talk to eachother.. or wind each other up. After that we do our production meeting to go through the layout of the programme. I talk to the analysts to discuss the game and after that myself and the floor manager look for the managers to conduct their interviews and check if they’ve made changes to the starting line-ups.

Suas go dtí an bosca tráchtaireachta ansan chun píosa a ullmhú ar na fóirne agus ansan…showtime!Tar éis an chluiche b’fhéidir go mbeadh agallamh le déanamh. Caithim tamaillín ag caint le lucht an chláir agus ansan scaoilim faoin mbaile. Then I head up to the Commentary Position to do a small bit of work on the teams and then…showtime! After the game there might be an interview to do.. I spend a bit of time with the crew and then off home I go.

An rud is fearr liom ná na cluichí gan dabht ach is breá liom bualadh leis na daoine a choimeádann an GAA sa tsiúl! Lucht na páirce, kitmen na bhfóirne, na maoir in áiteanna éagsúla etc. Daoine breátha a thugann a gcuid ama ar son na cúise gan pingin a fháil agus daoine le dúil mhór sna cluichí. My favourite thing about this job are the games without doubt and just meeting people that are responsible for bringing GAA to the fore.. groundsmen, kitmen, stewards.. great people who dedicate their lives to the cause without looking for a penny and who have a genuine love for the games.

Tá sé corraitheach, dúshlánach agus difriuil gach lá. Táim ag obair le daoine iontacha, gairmiúla agus tugann obair theilifíse buzz iontach dom. Is breá liom bheith ag obair le TG4, i saol na Gaeilge agus ag bualadh le daoine a bhfuil suim acu sa Ghaeilge. Bhain mé an taitneamh as na turasanna thar lear! Abu Dhabi, An Astráil, Boston agus Wimbledon. Tá seans agam bualadh le himreoirí agus le bainisteoirí agus aithne a chur orthu. Laochra is ea iad ach gnáthdhaoine ag an am gcéanna. It’s exciting and challenging and every day is different. I work with brilliant, professional people and I get a great buzz from working in television. I love working for TG4, working through Irish & working with people who have a love for the language. I’ve loved the trips abroad, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Boston & Wimbeldon. I get a chance to meet players and managers and get to know them. They’re heroes but normal people at the same time.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Mickey Bird

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Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Mickey Bird

In this week’s Nemeton Spotlight Feature we chat to our #GAABEO floor manager Mickey Bird about his role working on the games.

Tá mé i mo Bhainisteoir Urláir ar feadh ceithre bliana le haghaidh Nemeton. Is é mo ról mar nasc idir an truck agus an taobh líne. Tosaíonn mo lá amach go luath agus go hiondúil táim sa gcarr ag taisteal ar feadh cúpla uair chuig an cluiche. My day starts early and I’m usually in the car driving for a few hours to the game. As soon as I land, I have a chat with the director and the producer. I then look for the county PRO and the stadium announcer to ensure that we’re all on the same page regarding timings etc.

Théis lón bíonn cleachta againn síos ar an bpáirc agus déanann muid taifead ar na hagallaimh le na bainisteoirí roimh theacht ar aer. Nuair a thosaionn an cluiche bíonn orm a bheith i dteagmháil leis an mbosca ó thaobh ionadiagh agus aon action eile ar an taobh líne. Théis an cluiche, tá orm laoch an chluiche a fháil chun an gradam a bhronnadh agus an agallamh a dhéanamh leo, chomh maith leis an mbeirt bainisteoir. After the game I have to arrange for the Player of the Match to be interviewed and his award presented to him, as well as interviewing both managers.

An rud is fearr liom faoin jab ná na daoine suimiúla eagsúla a bhuailim leo. Gach seachtain táim in áit difriúil agus taithníonn sé sin go mór liom. Feicim an tír ar fad leis an jab. My favourite part of the job is meeting various interesting people. Every week I’m in a different place and I really enjoy that. I get to see the whole country with this job!

Tá brú áirithe ag baint le teilifís bheo ach ag an ám céanna sin leath an craic. Táimid uilig ar an foireann céanna agus braitheann muid ar a chéile. There’s a certain pressure that comes with working on live tv, but that’s half the craic! We’re all on the same team & we all depend on one another.

Mo bhuaic ag obair do Nemeton ná cluiche ceannais na hÉireann 2021. Is as condae na Mí mé agus bhí an lá sin speisialta do muintir na Mí, bhí sé uainn. One of my highlights has been the day I worked on the Ladies Football Final in Croke Park in 2021. I’m from Meath & it was a special day for the people of Meath.

Basically, if you don’t mind travel, if you love sports and if you enjoy working with lots of different people in different counties every week then its the best job I can think of.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Miriam Fitzsimons

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Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Miriam Fitzsimons

This week in our Spotlight Feature series we chat to Donegal native Miriam Fitzsimons who works as a producer here at NemetonTV.

Thosaigh mé ag obair anseo ag tús mhí Dheireadh Fómhair, 2021. I started working in Nemeton TV in October 2021. I had been working in RTÉ Sport for a few years before that so I’m here about 8 months now producing on GAA BEO and really enjoying it.

It’s hard to describe a typical day because the great thing about this job is there’s always something different happening. I spend my weekdays preparing a running order for whatever match I’m covering at the weekend, liaising with commentators and analysts, prepping teasers and VTs and making sure everything is ready for the outside broadcast. Bíonn an-phleanáil go deo ag baint le cluiche a chur ar an teilifís agus bíonn go leor cruinnithe agus glaonna gutháin difriúla i rith na seachtaine.

My favourite thing about the job is the on the day producing. It’s great seeing all the preparation from the week come together on air. There’s always a good buzz and we work with brilliant crew from both Nemeton and TVM (our outside broadcast unit providers). It’s a huge team effort and very rewarding to see all the hard work pay off. Anuas air sin, is aoibhinn liom an dóigh a bhfuil mé in ann mo phost a dhéanamh trí mheán na Gaeilge. Tá an-ghrá agam dár dteanga agus dár gcluichí agus is iontach an rud é go bhfuil mé in ann an dá ghné sin a shníomh le chéile sa phost seo.

TV is a tough industry to work in, especially sport as there’s a lot of long hours and weekend work. I think you really need to love what you do. In that respect I’m very lucky, I love working on GAA productions and when I’m off you’d find me at a match anyway. It’s great to be able to work in an area that I’m so interested in. It’s very fast-paced, there’s always decisions to be made and there’s brilliant scope for creativity. Is fiú an obair dhian mar níl aon rud níos fearr ná nuair a thagann achan rud le chéile sa deireadh chun clár maith a chur ar scáileán.

I think the most unique thing about my job is that I’m always on the go. GAA BEO is all live outside broadcasts so I’m in a different GAA ground every week. You never know where you could end up on any given day. I have the whole of Ireland covered a few times over in the past few months alone! I love this part of the job, though. I think it keeps things interesting and you’re never just stuck in the office, you’re seeing different places and meeting different people all the time.

Did you know: We started out nearly 30 years ago?

May 20 2022 | Posted in: Company News
Did you know: We started out nearly 30 years ago?

Did you know that Nemeton TV started out in a small temporary office with a microphone and one computer nearly 30 years ago in An Rinn, Co. Waterford?

Founded by Irial Mac Murchú in 1993, Nemeton TV is one of Ireland’s largest independent production companies.

Our television production company has grown from a one-man show to employing almost 50 full-time staff and we transmit our high quality programming to audiences all around the world.

We now have a fully equipped HD studio, six edit suites, a graphics department, live streaming facilities, sound facilities and mobile satellite facilities.

We have an impressive client list that includes both Irish & International broadcasters like TG4 and BBC Alba, as well as several corporate clients. We have an active Training/Education department in the company, which partners with the South East Technological University (SETU) to run the Higher Diploma in TV Production.

“The company was built on the foundation stone of a love for sport, and a passion to share the magic and the stories of sport with as wide an audience as possible,” said Irial Mac Murchú. “That is the passion that still drives us today.”

Producing television in the 1990’s was a world away from what it is today. There was no video streaming, no online uploading, and hardly a mobile phone in sight. When we worked on ‘Olé Olé’ for TG4, every Monday was a stressful race back from Spain with tapes and a deadline to meet to be on air before Sky Sports and Eurosport.

We now produce more sports content on a weekly basis than any other production company in Ireland. Tá thart ar trí scór duine ag obair ag Nemeton idir fhostaithe lánaimseartha agus saoroibrithe rialta ach bhí nach mór gach duine acu ar obair ar chláir spóirt.

Did You Know: Laochra Gael started in 2001?

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Did You Know: Laochra Gael started in 2001?

Did you know our Laochra Gael series started out in 2001?

Nemeton CEO Irial Mac Murchú was there from the inception of this famous programme at a time when the Irish television landscape was a place full of possibilities for independent production companies:

“Back in those days, at the end of the century, there was very little GAA on television. That might be hard to believe in this day and age but apart from championship coverage, there was no GAA. They had just started doing live coverage of the league and clubs for TG4 but we knew that we could delve deeper into the world of GAA. And in looking at that, we thought about ‘what is the essence of the GAA?’ It’s the players, the characters, the games and all of that. It’s a really simple concept; let’s do a series on GAA heroes.”

“I remember at the time, the local pub down the road from me was a pub full of GAA experts. They talked about the day’s matches and what was going to happen for the rest of the year. But it nearly always ended up in a conversation about ‘who was the greatest full-forward’ ever or the ‘greatest corner-forward’? And when you ask that question, all it takes is a small leap of imagination to say ‘well let’s do a half-hour documentary about Pat Spillane.’’

Mac Murchú had never seen a TV programme like it before, in Ireland or beyond. We had no other examples to lean on for guidance with the format or structure.

“We had no satellite television,” he remembers. We had no Netflix, nothing like that. It was two or three-channel land at the time.”

But we were dialled into the GAA conversation. We were fans. TG4, which was established in 1998, was still a new TV channel in Ireland. They needed sports content, and Mac Murchú pitched their Laochra Gael idea to the Irish language station.

For our pilot programme, Mac Murchú interviewed fellow Déise man Ned Power who was the goalkeeper on the Waterford team who captured the 1959 All-Ireland SHC title.

After that, TG4 gave us the green light for their first series which consisted of 10 episodes. That inaugural season featured a stellar cast of GAA legends including Ger Loughnane, Brian Cody and Páidí Ó Sé.

Laochra Gael was a television sensation from day one.

“People couldn’t get enough of it,” Mac Murchú recounts of its instant popularity. “We got so many letters. Everywhere we went, we were the Laochra Gael people. It was being put out there as an accolade at funerals that a Laochra Gael had been done on them. We thought at first that we’d get a year or two out of it. And then maybe five years, and here we are now 18 years later and it’s still going. And it’s evolved from a half-hour series to an hour-long series. When it was first established, Laochra Gael was a half-hour show. The focus of the episodes were very much centred on the player’s achievements, and the defining moments of their careers.”

For the 2010 and 2011 seasons, we reinvented the wheel and used the episodes to look back on some historic rivalries across hurling and football. Subsequently, we reverted to the original format of dedicating each episode to one GAA figure.

By 2016, the length of the shows had been extended to one hour. The sporting aspect of their lives was still at the core of the Laochra Gael programme, but more human and personal elements were also introduced.

But throughout the 21 years of filming, building a relationship of trust with the subjects has always been paramount to our approach.

As it turned out, being Gaeilgeoirs enabled us to make our interviewees feel at ease in our company.

“What we found at the beginning was people were a little bit suspicious,” Mac Murchú explains. “They had no experience of media other than the traditional journalists who rang you on a Sunday night and filed their copy for Monday morning. And even post-match interviews weren’t really a thing back in those days. So we had to build up that trust. People trusted us more because we were Irish speakers. In some way, we weren’t perceived as belonging to the big bad world of media. I know that’s funny to say now because there’s so much Irish language media now. But back then, it certainly made a difference. People won’t expose themselves to you for a television documentary unless they really trust you. The more we go through the years and the more characters we get to talk to, and the more programmes we do with that integrity, the easier it becomes.”

At the outset of each series, Nemeton could have up to 100 potential candidates for a Laochra Gael before settling on a shortlist.

An interview with the star at the centre of the programme kickstarts our filming process, and helps them build the episode around it. Sourcing archive footage is another step towards the final product as well as speaking to the people who played an important role in their lives.

County Clare’s All-Ireland winning hurling manager and ex-player Ger Loughnane was the subject of the first Laochra Gael, broadcast in May 2001.

“At the time it was mostly GAA club and league games we were covering,” he tells, “which meant we had no work for our staff over the summer months. We wanted to provide full-time work for them, so I approached TG4 with the idea of a doing a documentary series on former players and managers.”

By then, Nemeton and TG4 had already established a fruitful working relationship, stretching back to the station’s launch in 1996.

Never in his wildest dreams did Mac Murchú imagine that two decades later the series would become one of the most watched programmes on the station, now in its 21st series. 185 documentaries have been broadcast since 2001.

“I will never forget the first discussion with TG4,” he adds. “They were looking for a long-running GAA documentary series whereas I thought we might get 10 episodes out of it.”

The decision in 2018 to extend the show from 30 to 60 minutes helped solidify its reputation. Trying to fit a person’s whole career into a half an hour was very difficult. In the hour-long format we get a better picture and the audience prefer it.

In 2016 GAA President Aogán Ó Fearghail said “Laochra Gael has become an integral part of the GAA broadcasting landscape and has successfully brought the exploits of so many former greats to audiences young and old. It is a unique series and one that truly captures the essence of the best of those who were not only lucky enough to don a county jersey, but to excel while doing so. The is just one part of the wider TG4 GAA stable and it’s a relationship that has served us in Cumann Lúthchleas Gael well across the board at every level of the Association. We wish all involved well and look forward to many more excellent productions in the years ahead.”

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Micheál Ó Domhnaill

May 11 2022 | Posted in: Sport
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Micheál Ó Domhnaill

The ever-present face of GAA BEO for over two decades, presenter Micheál Ó Domhnaill tells us about his experience working in the industry.

Thosnaigh mise amach le Nemeton i 1996. Bhí daoine ann romham ach bhí mé ar an gcéad sciar de fhostaithe sa chomhlacht. I was there close to the beginning when we all crammed into one ridiculously small office. There were around 5 of us then, how times have changed! I’m sure that none of us could have foreseen how things would change so much, where thousands of hours of television have been screened over the years and so many people work either full-time or as freelancers for the company. Tá sé ag dul ó neart go neart go fóill!

My days with Nemeton are spent on location with GAA BEO. Having presented the programme for over 2 decades now, there’s probably not a road I’ve not driven or a county ground I’ve not been in over the years. Every weekend is the same. Getting the notes in order and the clothes ready for whatever the weather will throw at us, and heading off in the car early in the morning. By the time I get to the ground, the team have most things ready. The crew get in much earlier than I do, to get the cables and equipment out and tested, so I rock up after they’ve already done half a day’s work! From then, it’s fairly full on between rehearsals and production meeting, so once the red light comes on and we go live, there’s no going back and everyone needs to be primed and tuned in. Tá criú iontach againn, agus oibrímid go hiontach le chéile. É sin ráite, bímíd ag cur brú orainn féin agus ar a chéile, agus tógann sé daoine ar leith gur féidir linn comhoibriú le chéile gan an iomad strus a chruthú. Agus ag deireadh an lae, níl ann ach clár teilifíse, agus faoin am go dtagann an chéad deireadh seachtaine eile isteach sa radharc dúinn, táimid ar fad réidh chun oibre arís.

My favourite part of the job is definitely the fact that you’ve a front row seat at the matches. Normally you can also move around, so if you want to check in on a particular player or matchup, there’s usually no restrictions on that, except in Croke Park, where understandably things are a bit tighter in terms of where you can be while the match is on. I also enjoy the banter with the guests. We have a great group of analysts to choose from agus bíonn sé go maith cúrsaí ón gcluiche a bheith faoi chaibidil againn agus cothaíonn sé go leor díospóireachtaí. I also really enjoy the drama, especially at club matches like we had at the All Ireland Finals this year when Ballygunner and Kilcoo won with last minute scores.

It’s good, or I wouldn’t still be at it. I’ve spent most of my adult life in broadcasting in one shape or another, and have had quite a varied career. The thing I like most is that variety - no two matches and therefore no two days are ever the same. Mar a deir daoine go minic liom, ní job ceart é ar aon chor!

I’m proud that I’m part of a team that has constantly worked to push the envelope, and of course doing it in our native language. Maybe it’s because we are working as Gaeilge that the viewers don’t go as hard on us when we try things and don’t get them right first time. I suppose we work hard to ensure that if we develop new things in the programme, that we get them right as quickly as possible. We’ve introduced elements over the years that are now common practice for other broadcasters, and it’s gratifying that others consider those innovations useful enough that they’ve been adopted elsewhere.

Áit iontach é chun oibre, ina dtugtar an deis do dhaoine forbairt pearsanta a dhéanamh agus treo nua a thógaint nuair is féidir. I remember in the early days when I was able to dabble in camera work, editing, production, all elements that I continue in my weekday work outside of Nemeton. I’ve no doubt but that many of the opportunities that have come my way over the years have come about by being part of an adaptable and driven team. And between all of the different programmes we’ve been involved in over the years, we’ve all had a brilliant time while making them, and that job satisfaction is really the main reason all of this has been such a positive experience.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Yvonne Weafer

April 27 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Yvonne Weafer

Is eagarthóir í Yvonne Weafer anseo i Nemeton TV. Tá sí ina cónaí i Loch Garman. Yvonne Weafer is an editor with us at Nemeton TV. She lives in Wexford.

Thosaigh mé ag obair anseo ar thaithí oibre nuair a chríochnaigh mé an Ard Dioplóma i 2016, beagnach sé bhliain ó shin anois! I started on work experience here right after I finished up with the Higher Diploma in TV Production in 2016, so nearly 6 years ago now!!

A typical day for me looks like this. Up at 6am to get my girls ready for creche drop off, then it’s time for my 90min commute. I usually listen to an audio book or podcast in the car. Days can be pretty hectic depending on the project. At the moment it’s the AFLW programme for TG4, so it’s putting together highlights for 6/7 games with VO (voiceover) and GFX (graphics). When it’s Laochra Gael it’s diving into whatever chapter is on the cards that day, pull it apart and stick it back together. Hit the road for another 90 mins and get home just in time to read the girls a bedtime story.

An rud is fearr liom faoin bpost seo ná an cnaipe ‘easpórtáil’ a bhrú. My favourite part of the job is definitely hitting the export button. Haha! No, I love playing with things and finding a way to make things work together. Seeing how re-ordering things or giving things space to breathe can make a piece look so much better.

Is obair dúshlánach ach fiúntach é a bheith ag obair sa tionscadal teilifíse. Working in the TV industry is challenging but rewarding.

My highlights working here in Nemeton TV would be a toss up between editing a Laochra Gael featuring my childhood hero Liam Griffin and getting to visit Coolmore and see another hero of mine, Galileo.

I guess one of the most unique things about my job is being one of the few people to see all the stuff that doesn’t make it into a programme. There is always so much that we just don’t have time to fit in.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Alannah Jones

April 04 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Alannah Jones

Alannah Jones works in the sports office with the GAA BEO team as part of her work placement in the University of Limerick.

I started in Nemeton on the 11th of January as part of a work placement with college. I’m a researcher on GAA BEO which means I do ‘taighde’ (research) for the commentators & analysts on the GAA BEO games. On Tuesday morning I send emails to PROs looking for details of team arrival times, manager interviews, what jerseys they will be wearing etc. for their team’s match coming up that weekend. Any other day of the week I’ll reply to emails & update our files on the team using what the county’s PRO has given me (they usually send emails in the evening as a lot of them work full-time too!).

I look for relevant information or discussion around the team in various Irish newspapers & put these into a Word document, along with reports of any matches the team has played that particular season. Using said match reports, I will create an Excel sheet of stats including which players scored and how many of those were frees/penalties & who started each game.

An rud is fearr liom faoin bpost seo ná an t-atmaisféar. My favourite part of the job is definitely the atmosphere. Working in an environment where everyone has an interest in sport is really interesting, I come home feeling like an expert on all the latest GAA updates. Everyone I’ve met so far has been extremely welcoming and always up for a bit of craic!

My degree in college is actually Applied Languages so the main reason I looked for the position in Nemeton was for the Gaeilge.

In ainneoin nach raibh aon taithí agam sa mheán, tá rud nó dhó pioctha suas agam. Despite not having any experience in the media, I think from being around people talking about it 5 days a week I have picked up a thing or two & I might even be able to pretend I know what I’m on about! From what I’ve seen so far, it seems to be a rewarding job for those who like to work hard. Nothing is perfect the first time round and that seems to create a great environment for learning and trying new things.

My highlight working in Nemeton is the complimentary fruit! (This is provided to us every week by the Country Store in Dungarvan)

The most unique thing about this job is that I usually know someone or a friend of someone playing on whatever team I end up covering that particular week. The real-world element of doing up an Excel sheet when people you know are behind the numbers is fascinating to me!

The Story Behind the Split Screen on your Televisions

March 30 2022 | Posted in: TVCompany News
The Story Behind the Split Screen on your Televisions

The decision to execute Super Sunday, Sár-Dhomhnach or Deadly Domhnach – whatever you want to call it - came about before the last round of our Allianz leagues coverage for GAA BEO on TG4.

Our team here at Nemeton TV combined live streaming talents with our broadcast television skills and executed a picture-in-picture broadcast where TG4 viewers of Monaghan v Dublin were updated with the best bits of the live streams from Letterkenny (Donegal v Armagh) and Carrick on Shannon (Kildare v Mayo) so they could grasp the permutations of the league table. And this all happened from Nowlan Park thanks to our satellite team here at Nemeton, Digisat who received 3 separate match feeds at the same time and sent them up to TG4.

We had Miriam Fitzsimons updating our As It Stands table - yes that’s the member of staff referred to as “the love child of Pythagoras and Carol Vorderman” in the Irish Times on Monday – and so the viewers at home were able to see the League table changing score by score to see which of the teams might be relegated from their respective divisions or go through to the finals.

The coverage got great feedback by the fans and GAA BEO had a 25% viewership share in Ireland that day.

Rinne ár bhfoireann spóirt cinneadh chun Sár-Dhomhnach a dhéanamh roimh an mbabhta deireanach den tSraith Allianz mar chuid dár gclúdach GAA BEO ar TG4. D’úsáideamar ár scileanna streamála agus teilifíse chun craoladh pic-in-pic a dhéanamh agus bhí an lucht féachana, a bhí ag féachaint ar Áth Cliath v Muineachán, in ann na míreanna is fearr a fheiceáil ó na streams beo de chluiche Ard Mhacha v Dún na nGall, agus Maigh Eo v Cill Dara. Mar sin bhí an lucht féachana eolach ar na féidireachtaí a bhí ann le clár na bpointí. Tháinig an rud seo ar fad ó Pháirc Uí Nualláin UPMC i gCill Chainnigh, buíochas le foireann saitilíte, Digisat, agus iad ag tógáil isteach 3 chluiche ag an am céanna chun iad a sheoladh ar aghaidh go TG4.

Bhí Miriam ag cinntiú go raibh Clár na bPointí suas chun dáta (meascán idir Pythagoras agus Carol Vorderman dar leis an Irish Times) agus mar sin bhí an lucht féachana in ann na hathruithe a fheiceáil beo ar an tábla agus fáil amach cé a bheadh ag dul síos chuig an Roinn eile, nó cé a bheadh ag dul ar aghaidh go dtí na cluichí ceannais.

Fuarthas ardmholadh ón lucht féachana ar an gcludach sin agus fuaireamar 25% den sciar féachana in Éirinn an lá sin.

Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Jarlath Burns

March 30 2022 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Nemeton Spotlight Feature: Jarlath Burns

Former Armagh Football Captain and current Spórt TG4 analyst, Jarlath Burns chats to us about his time working with Nemeton TV on GAA BEO.

Táim ag obair mar anailisí ó 1999. Mo shaol ar fad, beagnach!

I’m working as an analyst since 1999, my whole life, nearly!

It is important to be at the ground around 3 hours before throw-in. This allows for any mishaps you might have on the journey because after the opening titles roll, you have to be there! We usually have a bit of bia (food) which is followed by a cruinniú léirithe (production meeting), which is when you get to see all the work that has gone into preparing for the programme. There’s an amazing Behind the Scenes team which works so hard to make life easy for us on the day of the match – right up to providing us with superb research into the teams, which can be handy if it’s a club final or university match.

An rud is fearr liom faoin bpost seo ná go bhfuil seans agam obair a dhéanamh le daoine a bhfuil grá mór acu do na cluichí agus eolas iontach acu orthu chomh maith.

My favourite part of the job is getting to work with people who love the games so much and know so much about them. You also pick up great skills such as watching the match, listening to the commentary, listening to the voices in your ear from the directors & trying to work out who might be Laoch na hImeartha (Man of the Match). I always ask my friends & family to text me who they think deserves MOTM & still I can get it wrong!

It’s an enjoyable feeling knowing that you’re going to play a small part in the narrative of the game. Of course, as a former player, I’d love to be out in the middle of things, but this is a good second best. It’s also great to speak Irish in such a setting.

Cuireann sé áthas orm a bheith ag labhairt ár dteanga dhúchais agus mé ag féachaint ar ár gcluichí dúchais.

Speaking our native language while watching our native games is something which makes me very happy! You get to work with incredible people & be part of the amazing project that is GAA BEO. The team really care about making the programme what it is.

Micheál Ó Domhnaill in front of the camera with no script, no autocue & no studio, just doing his thing is surely a sight to behold. An bhfuil aon chraoltóir in Éirinn níos fearr ná Micheál? Is there a better broadcaster in Ireland than he?

You never know what is going to happen when the ball is thrown up & you’re there to help create that picture. Your judgements, adjudications & analysis form such a part of the ‘scéal an chluiche’ & you have to be fair to both teams.

There’s almost a tradition now that if you’re covering a county final & the minor game has just concluded, the winning minor team undergoes a ‘friendly attack’ on our position at the side of the pitch. That’s always a great laugh!!

Éamonn Ryan: An Máistir

December 14 2021 | Posted in: TV
Éamonn Ryan: An Máistir

Éamonn Ryan: An Máistir

TG4 Déardaoin 30 Nollaig 21.20

Déanann an clár faisnéise seo iniúchadh ar shaol mháistir na gcluichí Gaelacha. Is fearr aithne ar Éamonn Ryan mar bhainisteoir d’fhoireann Peile na mBan Chorcaí a bhain 10 gCraobh Uile Éireann amach. Roimh an ngaisce cáiliúil sin bhí saol ar leith aige. D’imir sé le Corcaigh i gCluiche Ceannais Peile na hÉireann sna seascaidí, ach b’é mar bhainisteoir a tháinig a bhuanna i mbláth. Ba nós é dó foirne a bhí i lúb an angair a athrú ó bhonn. Bhuaigh gach foireann a bhí baint aige leo craobhanna. Ghríosaigh sé aon duine a bhí faoina chúram ach bhí sé umhal faoina éachtanna féin. Léiríonn saol Éamoinn Ryan an chumhacht a bhíonn ag oiliúnóir, agus ag múinteoir, den chéad scoth. I measc na ndaoine a thugann léargas pearsanta dúinn ar Éamonn sa chlár faisnéise seo tá réaltaí Pheil na mBan Chorcaí Juliet Murphy, Rena Buckley, Briege Corkery, Nollaig Cleary, Valerie Mulcahy agus Geraldine O’Flynn, iar-imreoirí Chorcaí Billy Morgan, Dinny Allen, agus Seán Óg Ó hAilpín, agus clann Éamoinn.

Mar chuid de léiriúcháin Éamonn Ryan: An Máistir, gheall Nemeton páirt a ghlacadh i scéim Albert chun tionchar thimpeallacht an léiriúcháin a laghdú dá mhéad agus is féidir. Rinneadh iarracht le linn an phróiséas léiriúcháin smaoineamh ar an éifeacht timpeallachta agus éiceolaíochta a bheadh ag cinntí léirithe. Tá Nemeton ag súil go mór le dul chun cinn a dhéanamh ar ár dtuiscint timpeallachta agus muid ag dul i mbun léirithe le cláir eile as seo amach.

A new landmark documentary explores the life of a GAA master. Éamonn Ryan is best known as the manager of the Cork Ladies Football team that won 10 All Ireland Championships. Before that famous achievement he led an extraordinary life. He played for Cork in the All Ireland Final in the sixties. But it was as a manager that his gifts blossomed. It became his trademark to revive the fortunes of teams in the doldrums. Every team he was with won championships. He inspired everyone who played under him, but he was humble about his own success. Éamonn Ryan’s life tells of the power of an exceptional mentor and teacher. Among those sharing their personal recollections of Éamonn are Cork Ladies Football stars Juliet Murphy, Rena Buckley, Briege Corkery, Nollaig Cleary, Valerie Mulcahy and Geraldine O’Flynn, former Cork players Billy Morgan, Dinny Allen, and Seán Óg Ó hAilpín, and Éamonn’s family.

As part of the Éamonn Ryan: An Máistir production, NemetonTV once again committed to taking part in the Albert initiative in order to decrease the production’s environmental impact as much as possible. Throughout the production process an effort was made to consider the environmental and ecological consequences of any and all decisions made. NemetonTV is aiming to further our environmental understanding as we look forward to future productions.

21 Years of Live TV Coverage of the All-Ireland Finals

August 31 2021 | Posted in: Sport
21 Years of Live TV Coverage of the All-Ireland Finals

CAPTAINS from the six competing teams have gathered at Croke Park ahead of Sunday’s (September 5) TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Football Finals. A Leinster clean sweep could be on the cards as there are guaranteed Senior and Intermediate winners from the province, while Wicklow have the chance to claim Junior honours. Wicklow, runners-up in 2020, will aim to go one better and erase the hurt of last December’s defeat to Fermanagh when they take on Antrim in the first game of Sunday’s triple-header, scheduled for 11.45am. At 1.45pm, Westmeath will also have a shot at redemption and the Mary Quinn Memorial Cup, after they lost out in the 2020 Intermediate decider to Meath. The Lake County have made it back to Croke Park and their opponents this time are a rejuvenated Wexford, who have shrugged aside the setback of relegation from Division 2 of the Lidl National League to plot a course to Jones’ Road.

The Intermediate Final will be followed by another all-Leinster affair in the Senior decider, as Dublin take on Meath (4.15pm).

Dublin, who will be appearing in an eighth successive Senior Final, are aiming for the five-in-a-row and they’re up against an exciting Meath outfit who were Intermediate winners last December, and Lidl NFL Division 2 champions as recently as June. Dublin also have the chance to complete the national ‘double’, after landing Lidl NFL Division 1 honours in 2021.

The respective team captains; Aislinn McFarland (Antrim), Sarah Jane Winders (Wicklow), Fiona Claffey (Westmeath), Aisling Murphy (Wexford), Sinead Aherne (Dublin) and Shauna Ennis (Meath) got a feel for Croke Park ahead of the big day and all three games will be available to view live on TG4 and worldwide on the TG4 Player:

A Wicklow win in the Junior Final would see the county claim the West County Hotel Cup for the first time since 2011, as Antrim aim for their first win in this competition since 2012.

In the Intermediate grade, Finalists Westmeath were winners in 2011, while Wexford are hoping for a maiden win. And there’s real history in the making for Meath, who are appearing in their very first Senior Final, and fresh from a stunning semi-final victory over Cork. Another win for Dublin, meanwhile, would see the Sky Blues claim the Brendan Martin Cup for a sixth time in all.

2021 marks the 21st season of TG4’s sponsorship of the All-Ireland Ladies Football Championships, as well as the 21st year of live TV coverage of the All-Ireland finals. And it’s not the only big milestone on the horizon, as Ard-Stiúrthóir TG4, Alan Esslemont, explained: “TG4 will celebrate our 25th birthday on the 31st of October and we owe our existence to the vision and determination of the Broadcasting Minister at the time, Michael D Higgins, who saw the importance of fostering a plurality of voices and diversity of views in our public service media. TG4’s ‘súil eile’ approach led us to partner with other parts of Irish society which, like the Irish language, had been disregarded or pushed to the side. One of our proudest achievements is the mainstream growth which our 21-year partnership with the LGFA has engendered, both for Ladies Football and for TG4. I’d like to pay a special tribute to outgoing LGFA Uachtarán, Marie Hickey, wish a warm welcome to Micheál Naughton, who takes her place, and voice a heartfelt appreciation of the work of Chief Executive, Helen O’ Rourke, and all of her brilliant team. Together, we have changed something in Ireland. Ní neart go cur le chéile.”

Mícheál Naughton, President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, added: “We are in the privileged position to have such great sponsors and partners supporting the LGFA. It’s incredible to think that 2021 marks the 21st year of our partnership with our Championship sponsors, TG4. We’re rightly proud of the coverage that we have provided during this Championship campaign and, next Sunday, a huge audience will tune in at home and abroad to watch the three games. This is much more than just a partnership with TG4. It’s a shared passion and love of Ladies Gaelic Football that shines through in everything that we do together. I wish to acknowledge the sterling work of Ard Stiúrthóir, Alan Esslemont, Head of Sport, Rónán Ó Coisdealbha, and all of the team at TG4 for their ongoing support and dedication to the LGFA, mile buíochas.”

TG4 All-Ireland Junior Championship Final

Antrim v Wicklow, 11.45am

TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate Championship Final

Westmeath v Wexford, 1.45pm

2021 TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship Final

Dublin v Meath, 4.15pm

Creadan – A New Understanding of Ireland’s Ancient South East

August 11 2021 | Posted in: Staff Stuff
Creadan – A New Understanding of Ireland’s Ancient South East

WIT Humanities led webinar and film launch event explores the significance of Creadan as one of the earliest human habitation sites in Ireland

‘Creadan – a new understanding of Ireland’s Ancient South East’ is a free two-part event taking place during Heritage Week, on Thursday, 19 August at 7pm. Hosted by Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in partnership with Waterford Chamber of Commerce, part one will introduce the work of the Creadan - Waterford Estuary Steering Group and the landscape of Creadan through a new short documentary film ‘Creadan: A Sense of Place’. Part two will consist of a lively panel discussion, exploring the significance of Creadan as potentially one of the earliest human habitation sites in Ireland.

Established through the work of the late Noel McDonagh in 2019, the Creadan - Waterford Estuary Steering Group is led by researchers from WIT’s Humanities Department, building on over 40 years of local and internationally recognised research work.

The group’s work includes the review of the Mc Donagh Collection, discovering new evidence, disseminating their findings to local and global communities and working with local governance in protecting and conserving existing verifications from the landscape along the Waterford Estuary, which evidences potentially one of the earliest human habitation sites in Ireland. Collaborative, citizen-based actions support the reconceptualization of this region of Ireland holistically, as culturally and historically of great significance.

The film ‘Creadan: A Sense of Place’ produced by one of Ireland’s leading television production companies Nemeton TV, was developed within WIT’s Creadan research project, led by Joy Rooney, funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and administered through An Bord Iascaigh Mhara.

Filmmaker Moira Sweeney who produced and directed the film describes ‘Creadan: A Sense of Place’ as, “the story of this remarkable Mesolithic site on the Waterford Estuary. Archaeologists, geologists, ecologists and local storytellers investigate the unique traces left by Ireland’s first settlers 10,000 years ago on Creadan Head.”

Due to its coastal location, exposure to tidal action and with increasing severity and frequency of storms, the site and the surrounding landscape are at risk of erosion and loss of unique coastal heritage. The Creadan - Waterford Estuary Steering Group works with local community groups, local and national governance, the heritage and environment managing authorities in Ireland and in compliance with the Climate Change Adaptation Sectoral Plan for Built and Archaeological Heritage.

“Our work increases awareness and accessibility of our ancient cultural heritage; strengthens links between local communities and their coastal heritage; and enhances the Waterford Estuary reputation as a visitor destination. It’s timely now that together we take action to protect, conserve and consolidate our scientific understanding of the prehistory of South East Ireland and support our heritage related climate adaptation initiatives so that our local coastal communities and their visitors can enjoy access to this unique coastal heritage for generations to come,” explained Joy Rooney, Chair, Creadan – Waterford Estuary Steering Group, Lecturer and Researcher in Design, WIT.

Donal Nolan, Vice - Chair, Creadan SG and Strategic Planning Officer with Waterford Chamber of Commerce also noted: “We acknowledge the ongoing support and assistance we have received from our advisors and stakeholders, including WIT, Waterford City and County Council, Waterford Treasures, Waterford Civic Trust, Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society, The Barony of Gaultier Historical Society, the National Museum of Ireland, National Monuments and the Heritage Council of Ireland.”

Gerald Hurley, CEO Waterford Chamber added: “Projects like this are hugely important not just for Waterford but in understanding our national heritage and ancestry. We are delighted to partner with WIT on this event and encourage everyone to register so you can view this wonderful documentary and acknowledge the work of the steering group. As we continue to promote Ireland’s Ancient East and Waterford as a tourist destination, it is important we understand the importance of Creadan and how it sets us apart from other counties.”

Registration is now open for the event ‘Creadan - a new understanding of Ireland’s Ancient South East’:

YouTube chat will be open for comment on the night, and there will also be an online Q & A session after the presentations have concluded. The event will remain online until 22nd August for viewing.

LGFA and TG4 Confirm Bumper Schedule of Live Summer Action

July 07 2021 | Posted in: TVSport
LGFA and TG4 Confirm Bumper Schedule of Live Summer Action

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association and Championship sponsors TG4 have today announced a bumper schedule of live summer action. It has been confirmed that all 63 games in the 2021 TG4 All-Ireland Championships will be available to watch LIVE – and Friday night football is back! TG4 will screen a total of 13 live games – including an All-Ireland Final triple-header from Croke Park on Sunday, September 5, when the Junior, Intermediate and Senior champions will be crowned.

TG4’s exclusive coverage begins this Friday, July 9, with the meeting of meeting of Galway and Kerry in Group D of the Senior Championship (throw-in, 7.30pm). The Friday night fare continues with the Ulster derby clash between Armagh and Cavan on Friday, July 16, while Tipperary will play Meath in another Friday night offering on July 23. The pivotal Group 4 showdown between Kerry and Donegal is also live on Saturday, July 24, while TG4 will broadcast all four Senior Championship quarter-finals across the August Bank Holiday weekend, along with the Senior Championship semi-finals on Saturday, August 14. In addition, the remaining 50 matches across the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Championships will be available to view live on the LGFA and TG4’s dedicated Championship online portal:

This announcement comes as 2021 marks the 21st season of TG4’s sponsorship of the All-Ireland Ladies Football Championships – and the 21st year of live TV coverage of the All-Ireland Finals. 31 counties will set out on the road to potential glory, with 13 teams competing in the Senior Championship, 13 in the Intermediate grade, and five in the Junior Championship. Peil na mBan Beo will be available to audiences globally on the TG4 Player at and on the TG4 Mobile and Smart TV App.

Spórt TG4 will also have exclusive behind the scenes action from the championships across its social media channels.

Speaking to mark the launch of the 2021 TG4 Championships, TG4 Ardstiúrthóir TG4 Alan Esslemont said: “For 21 years now, TG4 has been the proud sponsor of the TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Football Championships, during which time we have been the sport’s exclusive broadcaster and passionate partner of Peil na mBan/LGFA. TG4 is delighted to continue to lead the way, ensuring that women’s sport is front and centre for television audiences. Already this year, we have aired 150% more games from the 2021 Lidl Ladies National Football Leagues; we will continue to make even more games available to the public, free to air, nationally and internationally across all our broadcast platforms. Above all, I look forward to all the sporting action over the summer and to hearing the roar of the crowd (however many they may be) at the TG4 All-Ireland Finals in Croke Park this September.”

Ladies Gaelic Football Association President Mícheál Naughton commented: “We’re looking forward to another brilliant season of TG4 All-Ireland Championship Football, coming hot on the heels of a memorable Lidl National League campaign. This is the 21st year of our long-standing partnership with TG4, which continues to go from strength to strength. We’re grateful to our Championship sponsors and official broadcast partner for their continued investment in, and support of, our Championships. We’re in a position, too, where we can welcome back spectators to our fixtures, albeit in a limited capacity for now, but their presence will add to our games and we look forward to welcoming our loyal supporters back through the turnstiles. It promises to be another memorable Championship season up to Sunday, September 5, when we will crown our Junior, Intermediate and Senior Champions for 2021. You can follow all of the action on TG4 and on our dedicated Championship portal – with all 63 games available to view live. For the #ProperFan in your life, this is a real treat and we’re sure to witness many spectacular moments before the West County Hotel, Mary Quinn Memorial and Brendan Martin Cups are handed over.”

TG4 has also confirmed that former Galway star Máire Ní Bhraonáin will lead the Irish language broadcaster’s Peil na mBan Beo coverage once again for the forthcoming season. Máire will be joined on live coverage by a top-class team of analysts. Cork legend Rena Buckley, an 11-time TG4 All-Ireland Senior medallist, is on board again alongside Dublin’s Sorcha Furlong, a leading figure in the breakthrough 2010 win for the Sky Blues. 2020 TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate winner and Players’ Player of the Year Vikki Wall will also provide expert insight – and she’s a key member of the Meath team now preparing for Senior Championship fare. Former Waterford star Michelle Ryan, ex-Dublin ace Sinéad Finnegan, and Cork’s Rhóna Ní Bhuachalla, who netted crucial goals in the 2014 and 2016 TG4 All-Ireland Senior Finals, make up the star-studded TG4 team. A host of leading inter-county stars joined Máire at the stunning Aasleagh Falls, Leenane, County Mayo, to mark the launch of the 2021 TG4 All-Ireland Championships. In attendance were Dublin’s long-serving star Lyndsey Davey, a five-time TG4 All-Ireland Senior medallist, Armagh’s Blaithín Mackin, Mayo ace Niamh Kelly, and Kerry’s Aishling O’Connell. The senior players were joined at Aasleagh Falls by Intermediate duo Sinéad Kenny (Roscommon) and Fiona Claffey (Westmeath), as well as Junior players Gráinne McLoughlin (Limerick) and Niamh McCarthy (Limerick).

In the 2021 TG4 Senior Championship, Dublin are the team to catch as the Sky Blues, who recently captured the Lidl National League Division 1 title, aim for a fifth successive Brendan Martin Cup win. Dublin’s opening fixture in the 2021 TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship will be streamed live next Saturday, July 10, when they take on Tyrone at Kingspan Breffni. Dublin will face stiff opposition from last year’s beaten finalists, Cork, who also succumbed to Mick Bohan’s charges in the 2021 Lidl NFL Final. 2020 semi-finalists Galway and Armagh are other teams to watch out for in the Senior grade, along with Mayo, under the management of former county star Michael Moyles. Westmeath, meanwhile, will be aiming to go one step further in the Intermediate Championship, after suffering defeat to Meath at Croke Park last December.

And in the Junior grade, five teams are bidding for glory, namely Antrim, Carlow, Derry, Limerick and Wicklow, who were runners-up last year.

TG4 All Ireland Ladies Football Championship 2021 – All ties at 2pm unless stated

Friday 9th July 2021

TG4 All Ireland Senior Championship – Group 4 - Round 1 – Live on TG4

Galway v Kerry - Cusack Park, Ennis, 7.30pm

Saturday 10th July 2021

TG4 All Ireland Senior Championship – Group 1 - Round 1

Armagh v Monaghan - Athletic Grounds.

Cavan v Mayo - Markievicz Park.

TG4 All Ireland Senior Championship – Group 2 - Round 1

Cork v Meath - St Brendans Park, Birr.

TG4 All Ireland Senior Championship – Group 3 - Round 1

Dublin v Tyrone- Kingspan Breffni.

TG4 All Ireland Intermediate Championship – Group 2 - Round 1

Leitrim v Fermanagh - Ballinamore Sean O’Heslins.

TG4 All Ireland Junior Championship - Round 1

Antrim v Derry - Corrigan Park, Belfast.

Sunday 11th July 2021

TG4 All Ireland Intermediate Championship – Group 1 - Round 1

Westmeath v Longford - TEG Cusack Park, Mullingar.

Wexford v Sligo - Ferbane.

TG4 All Ireland Intermediate Championship – Group 3 - Round 1

Roscommon v Kildare - Duggan Park, Ballinasloe.

TG4 All Ireland Intermediate Championship – Group 4 - Round 1

Down v Offaly - Lannleire, Dunleer, 1pm.

TG4 All Ireland Junior Championship - Round 1

Limerick v Wicklow - John Lockes, Callan.

TG4 to Show Galway Races Summer Festival

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TG4 confirms Live TV coverage Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July from Galway Races Summer Festival

Clúdach Beo Teilifíse ó Fhéile Samhraidh Rásaí na Gaillimhe deimhnithe ag TG4 Dé hAoine agus Dé Sathairn an 30 agus 31 Iúil. Tá sé deimhnithe ag TG4 go gcraolfaidh an stáisiún dhá lá den rásaíocht ó Fhéile Samhraidh Rásaí na Gaillimhe na bliana seo beo Dé hAoine agus Dé Sathairn an 30 agus an 31 Iúil. Áireofar mar chuid den chlúdach beo ar TG4 sceideal ollmhór rásaíochta ina dtaispeánfar 15 rás le linn an dá lá do lucht féachana saor go haer. Seán Bán Breathnach a chuirfidh Rásaí Beo i láthair, agus is iad Mánus Ó Conghaile agus Evelyn Ní Ghriallais a bheidh i mbun tráchtaireachta. Gheobhaidh an t-iriseoir Daragh Ó Conchúir tuairimí na dtraenálaithe, na n-úinéirí agus na marcaithe lasmuigh den fháinne paráide agus is é Cárthach Breathnach a bheidh i mbun tráchtaireachta ar na rásaí. Cuirfidh an fhoireann clúdach cuimsitheach ón ráschúrsa ar fáil do lucht féachana TG4 agus beidh neart spraoi agus spóirt againn as Baile an Bhriotaigh chomh maith.

Two days of racing from this year’s Galway Races Summer Festival will be broadcast live on TG4 on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July, the station has confirmed. The live coverage on TG4 will include a packed race card with 15 races shown over the two days to a free-to-air audience. The live broadcast from Ballybrit will be a welcome return to the racecourse for the Irish language broadcaster, who last aired the races in 2006. 2021 saw a concerted increase in Irish Horseracing coverage for TG4, which provided live racing to fans over 10 weeks from venues including Leopardstown, Punchestown, Naas, Cork, Limerick, Dundalk, Navan and Sligo. Highlights have included the opening of the flat season back at its home in The Curragh; the Easter Festival in Fairyhouse and the triumphant return to Tramore of trainer Henry de Bromhead and his stable of champions (Minella Times, Honeysuckle, Put the Kettle On, Minella Indo and Balko Des Flos) who were paraded live for admirers on TG4. Rásaí Beo will be presented by Seán Bán Breathnach, with analysis by Mánus Ó Conghaile and Evelyn Ní Ghriallais. Racing journalist Daragh Ó Conchúir will be getting all the reactions from trainers, owners and jockeys outside the parade ring and race commentary will be provided by Cárthach Breathnach. The team will be providing the TG4 audience with comprehensive coverage from the racecourse and no doubt there will be some craic agus spraoi to be had in Ballybrit as well. Rásaí Beo is produced by Waterford based company NemetonTV. The team in the An Rinn Gaeltacht also produce Laochra Gael, GAA Cúl Camps and GAA Beo for TG4. Rásaí Beo will also be available to watch on the TG4 Player and on the TG4 Mobile and Smart TV App. Spórt TG4 will also have exclusive behind the scenes action from Ballybrit across its social media channels.

CEO of Galway Racecourse, Michael Moloney said: “We are delighted to have the team from TG4 broadcast live from Galway Racecourse on both the Friday and Saturday of our Summer Festival this year. In the current times, we really miss our loyal supporters here in Ballybrit that come year after year, and bring such magic to our event, so this news that they can get close to the action this Summer is very much welcomed. The Galway Races is a multi-generational event and such a huge part of Summer tradition and Irish culture. In total, viewers at home throughout Ireland tuning into TG4 will get to see fifteen races live on television, and will feature The Guinness Galway Tribes Handicap Hurdle, The Guinness Galway Blazers Handicap Steeplechase, and The Galway Shopping Centre Handicap with a total prize fund in excess of €500,000 over the two days. The team at TG4 have always been hugely progressive and are great supporters of Irish racing and our Festival. On behalf of our fans and the Galway Race Committee, I would like to thank them for making this happen. We look forward to working with the team in TG4 both in the build up to and during race week.”

TG4’s Head of Sport, Rónán Ó Coisdealbha said: “We are delighted to be showing the Galway Races Summer festival. Horse racing became an integral part of the station’s sporting output this year, and we look forward to continuing this with TG4’s free-to-air coverage from Ireland’s largest horse racing meet. We are particularly excited to be back in Ballybrit for the first time in 15 years, and to bring all the thrills that comes with this iconic festival to the viewers at home.”

The full TG4 Galway Races schedule is as follows:


Live coverage begins on TG4 at 3.45pm

1st race, 4pm: The James’s Gate Maiden Hurdle

2nd race, 4.30pm: The Adare Manor Opportunity Handicap Hurdle

3rd race, 5pm: The Guinness Galway Tribes Handicap Hurdle

4th race, 5.30pm: The Guinness Handicap Hurdle

5th race, 6.05pm: The Guinness Beginners Steeplechase

6th race, 6.40pm: The Arthur Guinness Steeplechase

7th race, 7.10pm: The Guinness Galway Blazers Handicap Steeplechase


Live coverage begins on TG4 at 12.30pm

1st race, 12.50pm: The Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden

2nd race, 1.22pm: The Galway Shopping Centre Maiden

3rd race, 1.57pm: The O’Leary Insurances Handicap

4th race, 2.32pm: The Galway Shopping Centre Handicap

5th race, 3.10pm: The Irish EBF Auction Series Maiden

6th race, 3.45pm: The Irish Stallion Farms EBF Nursery Handicap

7th race, 4.20pm: The Galway Shopping Centre Handicap

8th race, 4.50pm: The McDonogh Capital Investments Handicap

Time has Come to Crown the 2021 League Champions

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Lucky 13 for Cork – or a second title for Dublin? All will be revealed on Saturday evening at Croke Park when the big city rivals lock horns in the 2021 Lidl Ladies National Football League Division 1 Final. It’s a recent rivalry that has captured the imagination of Ladies Football fans – and another big-day meeting between two excellent sides is a mouth-watering prospect. Just over six months since they met here at Croke Park in the TG4 All-Ireland Senior decider, Cork and Dublin are back for another shot at silverware. Dublin ran out winners on that occasion but it was another intriguing battle that was in the balance for long spells, with a powerful second half performance from the Sky Blues proving good enough for a fourth successive All-Ireland title.

Where once it was Cork calling the shots when these counties met, now it’s Dublin with the upper hand. When they clashed in the group stages at Páirc Uí Chaoimh, it was a nip and tuck affair but Dublin prevailed by a point from a thrilling encounter, on a 3-15 to 4-11 scoreline. Dublin’s strength in depth proved crucial on that occasion, as former Ireland rugby international Hannah Tyrrell, back with the county team for the first time since 2014, landed 2-7. In the second half, the likes of Lauren Magee, captain Sinead Aherne and Niamh McEvoy came off the bench to aid the Dublin cause and bring know-how and experience to the table.

That’s not to say that Cork are lacking in the squad stakes. Looking back on that evening, they had Orlagh Farmer, Eimear Meaney, Emma Spillane and Brid O’Sullivan among the subs that came on.

These are two teams with so many options to call upon – and the respective managers, Dublin’s Mick Bohan and Cork’s Ephie Fitzgerald, know so much about their opponents.Cork and Dublin met in three successive All-Ireland Finals from 2014-2016 – and Cork won each of them, having also tasted victory in the 2009 decider. 2018 marked a shift in the rivalry – Dublin finally getting one over on Cork, and in an All-Ireland Final. That year, Dublin had also lifted the Lidl National League Division 1 title for the one and only time in the county’s history, when they defeated Mayo.

Fast forward to the 2019 All-Ireland semi-final – and victory for Dublin again. Last December, Sky Blue ribbons adorned the Brendan Martin Cup and where once Dublin were the hunters, they’re now very much the hunted. Cork did get the better of Dublin a classic Lidl National League semi-final in 2019 but they’ll want to scalp them on a bigger day – and Croke Park this evening provides the latest opportunity.

Cork (v Dublin): M O’Brien (capt.); S Kelly, R Phelan, E Meaney; E O’Shea, A Hutchings, M Duggan; M O’Callaghan, H Looney; E Spillane, B O’Sullivan, O Finn; S O’Leary, C O’Sullivan, L Coppinger.

Dublin (v Cork): A Sheils; M Byrne, N Collins, H Leahy; L Caffrey, O Carey, L Magee; S McGrath, J Dunne; H Tyrrell, L Davey, S Killeen; S Aherne (capt.), N Hetherton, C O’Connor.

Long Wait Over for Galway and Dublin u20s

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Long Wait Over for Galway and Dublin u20s

Beidh Gaillimh ag tabhairt aghaidh ar Áth Cliath anocht insan Craobh Iomána BGE Fé20 - Cluiche Ceannais Laighean i bPáirc uí Chonchúir, Tulach Mhór agus beidh an caitheamh isteach ag 7.30 ar TG4. Ar dheireadh, beidh an dá fhoireann ag dul i gcomhrac le chéile 188 lá i ndiaidh na cluichí leathcheannais a d’imir siad i mí na Nollag anuraidh. Beidh an buaiteoir ag imirt in aghaidh Corcaigh i gCluiche Ceannais na hÉireann.

Galway face Dublin this evening in the 2020 Leinster U20 Hurling Final in O’Connor Park in Tullamore with throw in at 7.30pm on TG4. Both teams finally face off 188 days after their semi-final wins last December. The winner of this will face Cork in the All-Ireland Final.

10 Tips on Working From Home

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10 Tips on Working From Home

Even for the most dedicated remote worker, the novelty wears off after a couple of days/ weeks/months. Our colleague Susan has created a list of helpful tips to stay focused and lift your mood.

(1) Create a Workspace: If space allows, set up a dedicated work from home space. At a minimum you will need a comfortable chair and a table-like surface. Treat this space as your workplace so it is separate to areas in your home that you use to relax or socialise. This means that you can leave your work space for breaks.

(2) Morning Routine: Wake up at your usual time, get washed and dressed and think of ways to fill the gap of time spent commuting or getting ready for the office. Perhaps drink your morning coffee on a walk, cook a healthy breakfast, go for a cycle or do a home workout. These activities will help your body to release feel- good hormones to get you motivated.

(3) Stay Connected: Working from home can feel a little isolating. It’s important to stay in touch with your colleagues. Schedule a team call each morning to catch up, discuss work and share thoughts. Having some structure will keep you motivated and engaged in your work. Create a to do list for each day and make it your goal to complete it.

(4) Regular Breaks: Take regular breaks to make coffee, have a snack or even put on a wash. Have virtual coffee breaks via video call with your colleagues where you can chat about things other than work for a few minutes. Breaks are important for your mental health and will help with your work too.

(5) Lunch: Eat your lunch away from your work space and make sure that you are away from your computer. It’s also hugely important to get outside for some air on your lunch break. Whether it’s for a walk with the dog, a jog or run, or even a trip to the supermarket for supplies, getting out in the fresh air is crucial for your mental health and job performance.

(6) Normal Working Hours: Sticking to a time schedule can be difficult when working from home. However, having set times and tasks will give your day structure. Avoid waking up late, taking longer lunches or putting off tasks that will need to be completed later in the day and end up spilling over into your free time.

(7) The Long Finger: We’re all guilty of it, dismissing reminders to complete tasks we don’t like, or putting off plans to re-evaluate work goals. If you have some extra time to spare, begin working on your development plan with opportunities and goals. Break each one into steps and add these steps to your calendar and work on them bit by bit.

(8) Limit Social Media: The temptation can be much stronger when you’re working from home but try to avoid being on your personal social media to check your notifications or messages. Switch your phone on to “do not disturb” mode and check it when you are taking a break.

(9) Make Plans: It’s easy to get fed-up when there’s so little going on. So take this time to start cook/bake new things, discover new music, watch movie classics, dive into a good book, declutter your home, play a new game with the kids, get out the old family photos or maybe even complete a fitness challenge!! Try to include at least one activity into your evenings.

(10) Finish on Time: Switch off the computer and switch off your mind. Move away from your work space give yourself a few moments to adjust - your work day is over, time is your own. If you have any tips that work for you share those too… and remember to look after yourself and your mental health while working at home.

NemetonTV Committing to Sustainability

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NemetonTV Committing to Sustainability

Tá NemetonTV ina cheannródaí agus muid ag déanamh forbairt trasna ár gcláracha go léir leis an togra ‘albert’. Cuireadh tús le albert sa bhliain 2011 chun cabhrú le lucht déanta teilifíse, agus earnálacha eile, na cleachtais agus nósanna is fearr ó thaobh na timpeallachta dhe a chur i bhfeidhm agus cláir á léiriú acu. Ó shin tá tuiscint níos fearr a fháil ag léiritheoirí ar an tionchar atá ag a gcuid léiriúchán ar an timpeallacht agus dearbhú ar fáil go bhfuil siad i mbun léiriúchán inbhuanaithe.

D’fhógair TG4 i Mí Eanáir go mbeadh sé éigeantach go ndéanfaidh gach léiriúchán faoi chonradh le TG4 a lorg carbóin a thomhais agus leas a bhaint as Áireamhán Carbóin albert. Sé GAA Cúl Camps an clár is déanaí de chuid Nemeton a bheidh ag glacadh le Áireamhán Carbóin albert. Ag gach céim den léiriúcháin, ghlac Nemeton leis go mbeimís ag cloí leis an gcóras inbhuanaithe albert, go háirithe leis an gclár GAA Cúl Camps agus an tionchar timpeallachta a bhaineann leis. An chéad rud a rinneamar ná gur sheolamar Memo Glas amach chuig an fhoireann léirithe ar fad ag tús an réamh-léiriúcháin. Laistigh de sin bhí aidhmeanna leagtha amach againn chun clár inbhuanaithe a dhéanamh. Tháinig forbairt ar an Memo seo i rith an léiriúcháin. Déanadh an scannánaíocht ar fad lasmuigh agus mar sin beidh spreagadh ag na páistí a fhéachann ar an gclár chun sugradh lasmuigh faoin aer go minic. Spreagamar athchúrsáil gach seans a fuaireamar chomh maith. Nuair a dhéanann na páistí cleachtadh ar scileanna, molaimid rudaí ginearálta ón dtigh gur féidir leo a úsáid. Chuireamar ceist ar an gcriú aiseolais a thabhairt dúinn go leanúnach agus mar sin beidh muid i ndán an t-eolas sin a roinnt le cláracha eile chun feabhas a chur ar ár gcláracha thíos an bóthar.

NemetonTV is aiming to become an industry leader in committing to sustainability across productions through work with the albert initiative. Founded in 2011, albert encourages productions to make a positive environmental impact and inspire audiences to act for a sustainable future. TG4 became the first Irish broadcaster to introduce the use of albert’s carbon calculator as a mandatory requirement for productions at the beginning of 2021. The latest Nemeton production to commit to albert is GAA Cúl Camps, a Cúla4 production.

NemetonTV committed to fully engaging with the principles of sustainability and positive environmental behaviour at every stage of production, following guidelines set out by albert as well as introducing some initiatives specific to GAA Cúl Camps and the environmental impact of the production. One of the first initiatives included sending out a Green Memo to all production crew at the beginning of pre-production which outlined the aims and goals of GAA Cúl Camps in order to become a sustainable production. This memo was continuously revised and updated at each stage of production with any new information or feedback from crew added to improve and enhance the aims of production. There was a concerted effort made to show positive environmental behaviour on screen as part of GAA Cúl Camps. All of the filming took place outdoors, with the aim to encourage children to play outdoors and develop a lasting relationship with nature. Children were encouraged to use and repurpose items around the house to take part in the drills shown throughout the programme, which helped to encourage sustainable behaviour through reusing and recycling. The GAA Cúl Camps production requested and encouraged feedback on its green initiatives from crew in order to improve its practices and objectives. This feedback was put into effect and will be shared with other projects in order to improve the environmental impact of NemetonTV productions in future.

Familiar territory for 2021 Lidl Ladies League Finalists

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Familiar territory for 2021 Lidl Ladies League Finalists

The captains from the eight participating counties have their sights firmly focused on the 2021 Lidl Ladies National Football League Finals. The Division 1 and 2 Finals will form the basis of a Government-approved test event for spectators at Croke Park next Saturday, June 26, with three of the competing teams set for quickfire returns to the famous venue. Cork, Dublin and Meath were all present at Croke Park on December 20 last for the TG4 All-Ireland Senior and Intermediate Finals – with Dublin (Senior) and Meath (Intermediate) taking home the silverware on offer. And they’ll be back on the hallowed turf on Saturday for the 2021 Lidl National League Finals – with Meath facing Kerry in the Division 2 decider (5pm – Live on TG4) before Cork and Dublin meet again in the Division 1 Final (7.30pm – Live on TG4).

On Sunday, attention switches to the Finals in Divisions 3 and 4, with both of these games set to be streamed live on the Spórt TG4 YouTube Page.

In Baltinglass at 4pm, neighbours Laois and Kildare lock horns in the Division 3 decider, while Leitrim and Louth will battle it out for Division 4 honours at St Tiernach’s Park, Clones, with a 2pm throw-in time.

In the Division 1 Final, Cork are aiming to retain the title they won in 2019 (the Lidl National Leagues were not completed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

The Leesiders are competition specialists – winners on 12 occasions and appearing in the Division 1 Final for the 15th time since 2004.

Dublin, meanwhile, are chasing just a second Lidl NFL Division 1 title, as they look forward to a third final appearance.

The Sky Blues lost to Cork in the 2014 Final but beat Mayo in 2018 to finally land the top League honours.

When Cork and Dublin met in the group stages of the League at the end of May, visitors Dublin prevailed by just a single point, and Mick Bohan’s charges also won the 2020 TG4 All-Ireland Final meeting between the counties.

In the Division 2 Final, silverware and promotion are on offer, as both teams aim for top flight status in 2022.

Meath enjoyed a famous day at Croke Park when they defeated Westmeath in the 2020 TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate Final and after claiming promotion from Division 3 in 2019, winning the Division 2 crown would represent another significant step forward for the Royal County.

Opponents Kerry, who won by six points against Meath in the group stages, were relegated from Division 1 in 2018, but are now just 60 minutes away from a potential return to the top tier.

There’s are also repeat meeting from the group stages in the Divisions 3 and 4 Finals, where Laois and Louth will be looking to turn the tables on Kildare and Leitrim respectively and gain promotion into the bargain.

Laois edged out Kildare by three points in Portlaoise in May, while Leitrim were eight-point winners over Louth on the same day.

Looking ahead to four intriguing games, Mícheál Naughton, President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, said: “Unfortunately, we could not conclude our Lidl National League competitions in 2020 but it’s wonderful to be in a position where we are about to hand over four pieces of silverware to the Lidl National League winners.

“Since the commencement of our 2021 Lidl National Leagues, we have witnessed some brilliant football and we’ve been privileged to view it all either on TG4 or via our live-streaming service, in association with Lidl.

“We’re all set for four great games and it’s heartening to be in a position to welcome spectators to the three Final venues – Croke Park, Baltinglass and St Tiernach’s Park.

“I wish to pay tribute to National League competition sponsors, Lidl, who are also our official retail partner.

“Since coming on board with us in 2016, Lidl have helped to elevate our game to new heights, and they provided significant investment which enabled us to live-stream 50 games during the 2021 Lidl National Leagues.

“This is #SeriousSupport for Ladies Football and yet another example of why this partnership has evolved and blossomed.”

Speaking on behalf of Lidl Ireland, Chief Executive Officer, JP Scally, added: “As Chief Executive Officer of Lidl in Ireland, I am extremely proud of our partnership with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association. “With 209 stores nationwide, we are part of communities all over Ireland and we are committed to supporting the organisation from the grassroots right up to county level and our sponsorship of the Lidl National Football Leagues. I want to wish all the teams taking part in the finals the very best of luck. It’s a huge achievement to get this far in the competition, particularly given how difficult a start to the year it has been for everyone. We look forward to the many better days ahead, starting this weekend.”

Tickets for Saturday’s Lidl NFL Divisions 1 & 2 Finals are on sale at, while stocks last.

2021 Lidl Ladies National Football League Finals:

Saturday June 26:

Lidl NFL Division 1 Final – Cork v Dublin – Croke Park, 7.30pm – Live on TG4

Lidl NFL Division 2 Final – Kerry v Meath – Croke Park, 5pm – Live on TG4

Sunday June 27:

Lidl NFL Division 3 Final – Laois v Kildare – Baltinglass, 4pm – Live on Spórt TG4 YouTube

Lidl NFL Division 4 Final – Leitrim v Louth – St Tiernach’s Park, Clones, 2pm – Live on Spórt TG4 YouTube.

Inside the Offaly Camp

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Agallamh le bainisteoir Uíbh Fháilí John Maughan & ceadúnas eisiatach isteach i seaisún traenála roimh cluiche ceannais na sraithe in aghaidh Doire. Bhí an cluiche ceannais ar súil i bPáirc an Chrócaigh inniu agus thóg Doire an teideal abhaile leo. Rinne an foireann an chuid obair ar seo. Maith sibh léiritheoir Ben, ceamaradóir Fionn agus eagarthóir Cian.

Interview with Offaly manager John Maughan & exclusive access to their training session ahead of their League final with Derry. The final took place today in Croke Park with Derry taking home the title. Great job to producer Ben Egan, cameraman Fionn Mac Giolla Chuda & editor Cian O’Halloran.

Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps are back for a second season on TG4

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Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps are back for a second season on TG4

Tá an-áthas ar CLG, i gcomhar le Kellogg agus TG4, a fhógairt go gcraolfar an clár GAA Cúl Camps don dara séasúr ar TG4 ar feadh sé seachtaine an samhradh seo. Tosóidh an tsraith Dé Luain, 28 Meitheamh ar 7:30pm, an lá céanna ar a mbeidh na campaí féin ag tosú ar fud na tíre. Beidh an tsraith ar fáil ar sheinnteoir TG4, áit a gcuirfear an filleadh ar ghníomhaíochtaí an champa ar fáil beo agus ar éileamh araon do gach duine sa bhaile agus thar lear.

Is iad Nemeton TV, atá lonnaithe i bPort Láirge, a léireoidh an tsraith GAA Cúl Camps agus is í Gráinne Bleasdale a chuirfidh an tsraith i láthair. Áireofar scileanna, druileanna agus míreanna ó shaineolaithe CLG i sraith na bliana seo, míreanna a mbainfidh an teaghlach ar fad sult astu, le buaiteoir Chraobhchomórtas Pheil na mBan, réalta Átha Cliath Sinéad Aherne, seaimpín Camógaíochta Chorcaí Linda Collins, Iománaí Phort Láirge Tadhg de Búrca agus imreoir Thiobraid Árann Séamus Kennedy, mar aon le peileadóir na Gaillimhe Paul Conroy agus peileadóir Dhún na nGall Ryan McHugh. Beidh dhá theaghlach ag glacadh páirte i ngach clár agus bainfidh siad triail as a gcuid scileanna nua. Tá CLG tiomanta deis a thabhairt do leanaí cluichí Gaelacha a imirt an samhradh seo agus táimid ag súil go mór le séasúr nua de leagan craolta Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps mar aon le leagan beo.

Tá páirt glactha ag 1,460,829 leanbh in GAA Cúl Camps ón mbliain 2006. D’éirigh go hiontach le Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps sa bhliain 2020 agus ba mhór an faoiseamh iad do bhreis agus 70,000 leanbh ar fud na tíre ó shrianta Covid-19. Is ionann an bhliain 2021 agus an 10ú bliain d’urraíocht Kellogg’s agus filleadh an chomórtais ar an bpaicéad a bhfuiltear ag súil go mór leis, ina mbeidh deis ag clubanna duaiseanna ar fiú €25,000, €10,000 nó €5,000 iad, a bhuachan.

Chuir Uachtarán CLG Larry McCarthy fáilte roimh an tsraith nua ag rá “Guím gach rath ar gach duine a bhfuil baint acu le Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps sna seachtainí agus sna míonna atá amach romhainn. Ba mhaith liom buíochas ar leith a ghabháil le Kellogg agus TG4 as an gcruthaitheacht a thaispeáin siad anuraidh chun cuidiú linn teagmháil a dhéanamh leis an méid sin daoine óga tríd an gclár teilifíse. Tá súil agam go mbeidh sé gach pioc chomh rathúil i mbliana.”

Dúirt Sarah Ferguson, Ceann Margaidh Kellogg’s in Éirinn “Tá ríméad orainn go bhfuil Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps ag filleadh ar TG4 i ndiaidh chomh maith is a d’éirigh le cláracha na bliana seo caite agus is iontach an bealach é le ceiliúradh a dhéanamh ar 10 mbliana d’urraíocht. Tá Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps ina ghné lárnach de shamhradh na hÉireann agus is iontach an rud é go bhfuil an clár GAA Cúl Camps ag cur leis seo gach bliain. Táimid ag súil go mór le breathnú ar an gclár agus na mílte leanaí ar fud na tíre a fheiceáil ag glacadh páirte sna campaí, ag bualadh lena gcairde agus ag baint súip as an saol i dtimpeallacht shláintiúil lasmuigh.

Dúirt Ceannasaí Spóirt TG4 Rónán Ó Coisdealbha “Táimid ag súil le sraith nua eile de GAA Cúl Camps ar TG4 a thabharfaidh deis don lucht féachana cuid de réaltaí na gcluíchí Gaelacha agus an chéad ghlúin eile a fheiceáil ag cleachtadh a gcuid scileanna.”

Cuireann Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps seachtain lán aicsin agus lán spraoi ar fáil do bhuachaillí agus do chailíní idir 6 agus 13 bliana d’aois, seachtain ghníomhaíochta atá dírithe ar shult a bhaint as a bheith ag imirt na gcluichí Gaelacha. Tá na campaí á reáchtáil ag cóitseálaithe cáilithe agus is féidir le gach leanbh páirt a ghlacadh iontu, bíodh taithí aige i gcluichí Gaelacha cheana nó ná bíodh. Tá áit curtha in áirithe ag níos mó ná 100,000 leanbh cheana féin, ach tá áiteanna fós ar fáil in go leor ceantar. Féach ar do champa áitiúil ar

The GAA, in conjunction with Kellogg and TG4, are pleased to announce that GAA Cúl Camps show will air for a second season on TG4 for six weeks this summer. The series begins on Monday 28th June at 7:30pm with the camps themselves also starting up around the country on the same day. The series will be available on the TG4 player, making the return to camp activity, both live and on demand, available to everyone at home and abroad.

The GAA Cúl Camps series will be produced by Waterford based Nemeton TV, and presented by Gráinne Bleasdale. This year’s series will include skills, drills and segments from GAA experts that will appeal to all the family from All-Ireland winning Dublin Ladies Football star Sinéad Aherne, Cork Camogie champion Linda Collins, Waterford Hurler Tadhg de Búrca, and Tipperary’s Séamus Kennedy along with Galway Footballer Paul Conroy and Donegal’s Ryan McHugh. Each programme will feature two families who will try their new skills. The GAA is committed to providing children with the opportunity to play Gaelic games this summer and looks forward to a new season of both broadcast and live Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps. Since 2006, 1,460,829 children have participated in the GAA’s Cúl camps. In 2020, the Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps proved a great success and provided a welcome diversion for over 70,000 children across the country from the Covid-19 restrictions. 2021 marks the 10th year of Kellogg’s sponsorship and the return of the eagerly anticipated on-pack competition, offering clubs the chance to win prizes worth €25,000, €10,000 or €5,000.

GAA President Larry McCarthy welcomed the new series saying, “Best wishes to everyone involved in the Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps in the weeks and months ahead. A special word of acknowledgement to Kellogg and TG4 for the creativity they showed last year in helping us to connect with so many young people through the television programme. I hope it’s every bit as successful this year.”

Sarah Ferguson, Kellogg Market Head Ireland said: “We are delighted to see the Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps return to TG4 after last year’s successful show and it’s a great way to celebrate our 10 years of sponsorship. The Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps have become a staple of Irish summers and it’s great that the GAA Cúl Camps show is adding to this each year. We look forward to watching the show and seeing thousands of children across the country take part in the camps, getting the chance to meet up with their friends and enjoy themselves in a healthy outdoor environment.”

TG4’s Head of Sport, Ronán Ó Coisdealbha said: “We look forward to another new series of GAA Cúl Camps on TG4 which will give our audience the opportunity to see some of our Gaelic Games stars and the next generation of youngsters practising their skills.”

The Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps provide boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13 with an action-packed and fun-filled week of activity focused on having fun playing Gaelic games. The camps are run by qualified coaches and open to all children with and without Gaelic games experience. Over 100,000 children are already booked but there is still availability in many areas. Check out your local camp on

Laochra Gael Nominated at the Celtic Media Festival

June 15 2021 | Posted in: Company News

Tá scéal pheileadóra Chiarraí, Kieran Donaghy ainmnithe i gcomhair Gradam ag an bhFéile na Méan Ceilteach i mbliana sa chatagóir ‘Sports Documentary’. Bhí an clár seo ar TG4 i mí Márta 2020, agus bhí sé mar chéad eipeasóid san ochtú sraith déag de Laochra Gael, sraith atá déanta anseo i NemetonTV. Bhuaigh Kieran 4 bhonn uile Éireann, 3 ghradam All Star agus Peileadóir na Bliana le linn a shaothair. Agus is scéal faoi leith é an scéal faoin bhfear darb ainm Star: ag briseadh tríd leis na Underdogs, an triail ina rinneadh lán tosaithe dó, lámha na cispheile, an laghdú agus an athbheochan, agus ar ndóigh, Joe Brolly. Agus sa chúlra, bhí caidreamh casta agus crua idir é féin agus a athair a bhí ceangail aige le gach rud a rinne sé ar an bpáirc.

Tá sceitimíní orainn go bhfuil an ainmniúchán againn agus go n-éirí an t-ádh leanár bhfoireann Laochra Gael ar fad.

The story of Kerry footballer, Kieran Donaghy has been nominated for an Award in this year’s Celtic Media Festival in the ‘Sports Documentary’ category. This episode aired on TG4 in March 2020 as the first instalment of the 18th series of Laochra Gael, produced here at NemetonTV. In his career, Kieran won 4 All Ireland medals, 3 All Stars and Footballer of the Year. The man called Star has an extraordinary story: breaking through with the Underdogs, the experiment that made a full forward out of him, the basketball hands, the decline and the revival, and of course, Joe Brolly. And in the background, the complex and difficult relationship with his father that was tied up in everything he did on the field of play.

We’re so excited to be nominated and wish all the Laochra Gael team the best of luck.

A Touch of Class

June 11 2021 | Posted in: Sport

Roimh an Sraith Peile Allianz chluiche leathcheannais Roinn 1 in aghaidh Tír Eoghain ag an deireadh seachtaine, féachann GAA BEO siar ar an scil álainn a thaispeáin David Clifford ar an bpáirc imeartha. Agus na Euros ag tosnú anocht, seo fear a mbeidh in ann súil isteach ar aon fhoireann sacair!

Ahead of the Division 1 Allianz League football semi-final against Tyrone this weekend, GAA BEO look back on the amazing skill that Kerry’s David Clifford has displayed on the playing field. With the Euros starting tonight, here’s someone that could walk onto any soccer team.

Record-winning year for NemetonTV and WIT at the Student Media Awards

June 09 2021 | Posted in: Education

Twelve students from the Waterford Institute of Technology and NemetonTV course were nominated across four different categories coming home with three awards.

It has been another record-breaking year for the Higher Diploma in Television and Media Production at the prestigous National Student Media Awards 2021. Twelve students from the Waterford Institute of Technology and Nemeton TV course were nominated in four categories for their highly creative and compelling films, going on to win three of the top awards.

“WIT have a complete hold over this category!” announced the SMEDIAS host on the night when announcing Iarfhlaith O Domhnall’s first win for the Údaras na Gaeltachta Award for Best Irish Language Production.

An acclaimed fiddler and filmmaker, Iarfhlaith takes us on a delightful musical journey through the stunning Blue Stack Mountains of his native South-West Donegal. In this once vibrant Gaeltacht of Na Cruacha, the film finds traces of a rich music, song and storytelling culture.

“I’m really proud and honored with this recognition. I am particularly grateful to the NemetonTV team who supported me throughout the year. This award is in honour of the people of Na Cruacha”.

Iarfhaith surpassed all expectations when also winning the highly coveted Best Film Documentary category. Following the successful broadcast of Na Cruacha on TG4, Iarfhlaith is now making documentaries with the forward-thinking Irish Traditional Music Archive.

Dublin filmmaker Kevin O Grady has won the TG4 BLOC Award for Best Bilingual Short Film for Starring Kevin’s brother and himself, the short film An Béal ina Thost is a quirky tale of PlayStation rivalry gone wrong! “I wasn’t expecting to win at all, there was tough competition from all the other films on our course” said Kevin when the award was announced.

There is good news for anyone interested in directing and editing short drama, documentary film or digital marketing content. The course will commence again in September 2021 with an exciting and innovative blend of practical workshops and online classes. The eight-month course is uniquely tailored to the needs of students who wish to develop their skills while working. The high-quality films produced are broadcast on TG4’s series Céad Seans | First Chance and achieve recognition at festivals around Ireland. They have been winning at the National Student Media Awards since 2014.

Scéal na Sraithe

June 08 2021 | Posted in: TV

Seo fís deas a rinne an foireann GAA BEO an tseachtain seo caite. Check out this cool preview the team put together ahead of last weekend’s league action on GAA BEO.

Seo mar a sheas na foirne roimh an tSraith Iomána Allianz, Babhta 3.

Níorbh ach pointe amháin as sé faighte ag Luimneach agus mar sin ní raibh siad ar thóir an teideal arís i mbliana. D’aimsigh Corcaigh 14-65 sa chéad trí chluiche i mbliana in aghaidh Port Láirge, Tiobraid Árann agus an Iarmhí. Bhí An Iarmhí tar éis a chéad trí chluiche a chailliúnt. Bhí Tiobraid Árann ag déanamh sár jab agus níorbh aon chluiche caillte acu sna chéad cúpla babhta. Bhí Cill Chainnigh ar bharr an tábla tar éis Loch Garman a bhuaileadh an deireadh seachtaine roimhe. Ní raibh aon bua faighte ag Laois sa tsraith ar chor ar bith. Bhí Loch Garman (ar 4 pointe) chun taisteal go Aontroim ( ar 2 phointe) chun iad a imirt don gcéad uair ó 2015. D’imir Port Láirge go maith in aghaidh Gaillimh le déanaí agus bhí siad ag iarraidh an curriarracht sin a choimeád. Bhí bua amháin ag An Clár agus bhí 2 bhua ag Áth Cliath.

Seo an fís a rinne an foireann GAA BEO roimh babhta 4.

The Clash of Old Foes

May 28 2021 | Posted in: Sport

The latest instalment of a gripping rivalry awaits us as Dublin seniors prepare for a very first outing at Páirc Uí Chaoimh. In recent times, Dublin have been slow starters in the League but they hit the ground running last weekend against Waterford, with former rugby international Hannah Tyrrell in fine form. Cork were good too in patches against Tipperary in the Friday night League opener and the return of ace attacker Eimear Scally to the squad is a fillip for boss Ephie Fitzgerald. These two could well meet each other again down the line in League and Championship – and they’ll both be anxious to lay down an early marker in what is a repeat of the 2020 TG4 All-Ireland Senior Final.

Cork: M O’Brien (capt.); S Kelly, R Phelan, C Collins; E O’Shea, A Hutchings, M Duggan; H Looney, M O’Callaghan; A O’Mahony, C O’Sullivan, D Kiely; S O’Leary, L Coppinger, O Finn.

Dublin: A Sheils; L McGinley, M Byrne, L Caffrey; A Kane, O Carey, O Nolan; S McGrath, J Dunne; H Tyrrell, L Collins, L Davey; S Killeen, N Hetherton, C O’Connor.

By Jackie Cahill for Ladies Gaelic

The tale of Dublin & Kerry 2001

May 28 2021 | Posted in: TVSport

The tale of Dublin & Kerry 2001

Bhí sé bliain déag caite ó a bhuail Ath Cliath & Ciarraí le chéile agus bhí scéitimíní san aer i Staid Semple an tsamhradh 2001 agus an lucht féachana ag ullmhú don ‘Turas go Tiobraid Árann’.

Bhí an t-atmaisféar féiltiúil faoin gcluiche ceathrú ceannais na hÉireann agus bhí an seastán Killinan cosúile le Cnoc 16. Bhí an ócáid chomh stairiúil le ainmneacha móra cosúil le Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Darrah Ó Sé, Maurice Fitzgerald, Dara Ó Cinnéide agus Aodán Mac Gearailt ag caitheamh an glas agus ór. Ar an dtaobh eile bhí Coman Goggins, Paddy Christie, Johnny Magee, Ciarán Whelan, Jason Sherlock agus Dessie Farrell. Bhí Staid Semple mar chúlra dena chluichí dodhearmadta idir Áth Cliath agus Ciarraí an tsamhradh sin. Seo físeán faoi laethanta caite a chuaigh amach roimh an chluiche i Staid Semple an tseachtain seo caite.

Dublin and Kerry hadn’t clashed in the Championship for 16 years so the excitement levels were very high in Semple Stadium in the summer of 2001 as fans geared up for the ‘Trip to Tipp’ and there was a huge sense of occasion about this All-Ireland quarter-final.

The Killinan End of Semple Stadium essentially became Hill 16 on tour.

It was an iconic era in the GAA with the likes of Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Darrah Ó Sé, Maurice Fitzgerald, Dara Ó Cinnéide and Aodán Mac Gearailt wearing the green and gold; and on the Dublin side Coman Goggins, Paddy Christie, Johnny Magee, Ciarán Whelan, Jason Sherlock and Dessie Farrell.

Semple Stadium provided the backdrop for those unforgettable Kerry/Dublin clashes that summer. Here is a throwback video made ahead of Dublin and Kerry’s clash in Thurles in the Allianz League last week.

Open Broadcast Systems adds 5G support

May 20 2021 | Posted in: WebSport
Open Broadcast Systems adds 5G support

Open Broadcast Systems has added support for 5G in its encoder products. This allows low-latency, high-quality video to be transported from its encoders in full broadcast contribution quality.

Open Broadcast Systems has built 5G support into its existing encoder products, making it possible for customers to contribute live video over 5G without the need for external hardware. This integration makes delivering over 5G simple for any broadcaster or content provider and enables remote production from anywhere with a 5G network.

Kieran Kunhya, Founder and CEO, said: “By adding 5G support to our encoders, customers for the first time can experience Broadcast Quality, not Backpack Quality, at sub 100ms latencies over mobile networks. Anyone with a spare slot on their encoder can add 5G modems to take advantage of the growing connectivity available.”

5G modules for Open Broadcast Systems encoders are available immediately. NemetonTV, a production company, based in the heart of the Waterford Gaeltacht, will be using the 5G support as a proof of concept during the next season of Gaelic Football and Hurling Championship later this year.

Fiachna Mac Murchú, Technical Systems Manager, NemetonTV, added: “We have already begun some tests with Open Broadcast System’s 5G equipment and have been pleased with the results. This will make it much easier for us to contribute feeds from live matches across Ireland, without impacting the quality.”

Ryan McHugh Looks Ahead to the Tyrone Clash

May 14 2021 | Posted in:

Beidh Dún na nGall ag tabhairt aghaidh ar Thír Eoghain san Ómaigh amárach agus labhraíomar le Ryan McHugh thuas i gCill Chartha le déanaí faoi filleadh na sraithe. Nach álainn na radharcanna thuas i gCionn Mhucrois.

Donegal and Tyrone go head to head tomorrow in Omagh and we spoke to Ryan McHugh recently about the return of the Allianz Football League. Check out the beautiful scenery at Muckross Head.

Sraitheanna Peile na mBan i 2021

May 12 2021 | Posted in: TVSport
Sraitheanna Peile na mBan i 2021

Fógartha ag TG4 go bhfuil méadú mór le déanamh ar an gclúdach ar Shraitheanna Náisiúnta Peile Lidl Pheil na mBan 2021

Tá TG4 ar tí méadú 150% a chur ar líon na gcluichí sna Sraitheanna Náisiúnta Peile Lidl Pheil na mBan 2021 a chraolfar ar an stáisiún Is léir ón méadú atáthar a dhéanamh ar an gclúdach, ó cheithre chluiche go dtí deich gcluiche, go bhfuil TG4 dílis do Pheil na mBan, agus leanann an stáisiún de bheith ina cheannródaí maidir le spórt na mban a chraoladh.

Craolfar ceithre chluiche grúpa ó Roinn 1A agus Roinn 1B ar TG4 chomh maith le cluichí leathcheannais ó Roinn 1. Craolfaidh TG4 na ceithre chluiche ceannais Roinne go heisiach an deireadh seachtaine an 26/27 Meitheamh - cluichí ceannais Roinn 1 agus Roinn 2 ar TG4 agus cluichí ceannais Roinn 3 agus Roinn 4 ar Chainéal Spóirt YouTube TG4.

Oíche Aoine an 21 Bealtaine a chuirfear tús le clúdach TG4 ar Shraitheanna Náisiúnta Peile Lidl Pheil na mBan 2021 le neart aicsin nuair a thabharfaidh Corcaigh aghaidh ar Thiobraid Árann sa chéad Roinn. Craolfar an cluiche sin beo ag an 7.30pm. Casfar na comharsana Gaillimh agus Maigh Eo ar a chéile ar pháirc na himeartha an lá dár gcionn ag 7.30pm.

Chomh maith le clúdach cuimsitheach agus urraíocht a dhéanamh ar shraith chraobhchomórtas Pheil na mBan, tá an-áthas ar TG4 cluichí Shraitheanna Náisiúnta Peile Lidl Pheil na mBan a thaispeáint ar ardán craoltóireachta saor in aisce ar stáisiún náisiúnta teilifíse agus trí chainéal Spóirt YouTube TG4, chomh maith le hiad a chur ar fáil ar fud an domhain ar Aip Sheinnteoir TG4.

Leanfar d’aicsean beo agus eisiach Pheil na mBan ar TG4 a chraoladh ar Pheil na mBan Beo. Is duine d’iarpheileadóirí na Gaillimhe, Máire Ní Bhraonáin, a chuirfidh an tsraith i láthair agus beidh painéal de shaineolaithe ina teannta chun anailís a dhéanamh, Michelle Ryan Phort Láirge, Sorcha Furlong agus Sinéad Finnegan Átha Cliath, Rena Buckley agus Rhóna Ní Bhuachalla Chorcaí chomh maith le Réalta na Mí agus Imreoir Idirmheánach na Bliana TG4 Vikki Wall ina measc. Brian Tyres a bheidh i mbun na foirne tráchtaireachta. NemetonTV, comhlacht léiriúcháin as Port Láirge, a léiríonn an tsraith. Dúirt Ceannasaí Spóirt TG4 Rónán Ó Coistealbha: “Tá TG4 i mbun clúdach beo agus eisiach ar Pheil na mBan le breis is fiche bliain anuas. Ón gclúdach breise a dhéanfar ar Shraitheanna Náisiúnta Lidl 2021 ar TG4, is ceannródaí fós an stáisiún maidir le spórt na mban a chraoladh in Éirinn agus a chinntiú go bhfuil spórt na mban a chur faoi bhráid lucht féachana teilifíse. Tá an-áthas ar TG4 tuilleadh cluichí a chur ar fáil don phobal saor go haer ar an teilifís.

Dúirt Uachtarán an LGFA Mícheál Naughton: “Is léiriú arís é ar thiomantas TG4 dár spórt, tiomantas nach bhfuil a shárú le fáil, go bhfuil tuilleadh cluichí beo curtha leis an sceideal teilifíse. Táimid ag tnúth go mór le tús a chur le Sraitheanna Náisiúnta Peile Lidl Pheil na mBan 2021, agus táimid an-sásta leis an bhfógra maidir leis an gclúdach seo nach bhfacthas riamh cheana ó TG4. Tá sárchluichí leagtha amach do na seachtainí amach romhainn agus trí chlúdach iontach TG4 cuirfear an t-aicsean is fearr ar fáil don lucht féachana anseo sa bhaile agus thar sáile.”

TG4 announces major increase in coverage of the 2021 Lidl Ladies National Football Leagues

TG4 is set to broadcast 150% more games from the 2021 LGFA Lidl Ladies National Football Leagues. The increase in coverage from four to ten games again confirms TG4’s dedication to Ladies Gaelic Football, as the station continues to blaze a trail for the broadcast of women’s sport.

TG4 will broadcast four group games from Division 1A and Division 1B, in addition to the semi-finals for Division 1. TG4 will also exclusively broadcast all four Divisional finals on the weekend of June 26/27, with Division 1 and 2 finals airing on TG4, and the Division 3 and 4 finals broadcast on Spórt TG4’s YouTube Channel.

TG4’s 2021 coverage of the Lidl Ladies National Football Leagues will get underway with Friday night action on May 21, with Division 1’s Cork v Tipperary clash broadcast live at 7.30pm. The following day will see neighbours Galway and Mayo lock horns at 7.30pm.

In addition to the station’s extensive coverage and sponsorship of the Peil na mBan championship series, TG4 is delighted to give these games from the Lidl Ladies National Football Leagues the exposure on a broadcast platform that is free to air on national television and via Spórt TG4’s YouTube channel, and to also make them available globally via the TG4 Player App.

Peil na mBan Beo will continue to be the home of live and exclusive Ladies Football action on TG4. The series will be presented by former Galway footballer Máire Ní Bhraonáin, who will be joined by an expert panel for analysis including Waterford’s Michelle Ryan, Dublin’s Sorcha Furlong and Sinéad Finnegan, Cork’s Rena Buckley and Rhóna Ní Bhuachalla, Meath Star and current TG4 Intermediate Player of the Year Vikki Wall. The commentary team will be led by Brian Tyers. The series is produced by Waterford-based production company NemetonTV.

Rónán Ó Coisdealbha, TG4 Head of Sport, said: “For over twenty years TG4 has been the home of live and exclusive television broadcasting of Ladies Gaelic Football. With TG4’s increased coverage of the 2021 Lidl National Leagues, we continue to lead the way in broadcasting of women’s sport in Ireland and ensures that women’s sport is front and centre for television audiences. TG4 is delighted to make even more games available to the public on free to air television.”

Mícheál Naughton, LGFA President, said: “The addition of further games in the live TV schedule once again demonstrates TG4’s unrivalled commitment to our sport. We are very much looking forward to the commencement of the 2021 Lidl Ladies National Football Leagues, and delighted with the announcement of this unprecedented coverage from TG4. There are some mouth-watering fixtures to look forward to during the weeks ahead, and TG4’s stand-out coverage will the very best action into viewers’ homes at home and abroad.”

Nemeton & WIT Film Recruits Premiere Their Films

May 12 2021 | Posted in: Education

An Sárshaothar cineamaiteach is déanaí ó scoláirí Nemeton TV. The Premiere of the Newest Nemeton & WIT Film Recruits.

The eight latest Cinematic Masterpieces courtesy of the students of Nemeton TV. Below is a little bit about each film, each film is subtitled so even if your standard of Irish is not perfect you will still be able to follow the story! The films premiere on the 19th May on Facebook so make sure you have the popcorn ready because these films are certainly worth the watch.


Tá Aisteoir caílliúil, Eoin Geoghegan, ag déanamh a chéad scannán mar stiúrthóir. “An Dreapadoir” is aimn don scannán a scríobh sé agus a stiúraigh sé agus é ag aisteoireacht chomh maith. Dúirt Eoin “Bhíos ag gcónaí tógtha leis an gné teicniúil den scannánaíocht agus tar éis fiche bliain mar aisteoir bheartaigh mé dul isteach chun staidéar a dhéanamh ar na rudaí seo toisc an bhliain a bhí againn de bharr Covid 19. Bhí fhios agam go mba é seo an t-am ceart chun dul tharnais agus níos mó a fhoghlaim mar níl móran oibre do aisteoir na laethanta seo. Mar aisteoir bhíos gliondrach an cúrsa a dheanamh le Nemeton TV. Tá an scannán grinn dorcha. Cailleann sé gach rud ach a shaol. An bhfuil sé in ann é a shábháil sula bhfuil sé ró-dhéanach. Fíorspéisúil, greannmhar, bí cinnte feachaint air! Established Irish Actor Eoin Geoghegan is making his directorial debut with his film “An Dreapadoir”. A film in which he wrote, directed and starred along with Maíre Dineen as the Producer. “An Dréapadoir” is a dark comedy about how a man survives when stripped to his bare necessities, a gripping funny film that isn’t your quintessential dark comedy by any means.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Fuinniúil.


Cian Ó Ciosógh as Port Lairge agus ceoltóir cumasach a stiúraigh, a scríobh agus a d’ullmhaigh an clár faisnéise seo. Dar Teideal “Amhrclann Na nDaoine” tá an clár seo bunaithe ar “The Theatre Royal” agus na rudaí atá ag cur isteach ar an mBainistíocht agus ar na fostaithe tríd an bpaindéim. Tar éis obair san amharclann é féin, bhí súim ag Cian níos mó a fháil amach ar conas atá an tionscoil ag láimhseáil na laethanta crua seo agus na deacaireachtaí atá ag ceoltóirí tríd an tír ar fad. Cian Cusack, a native of Waterford and an accomplished musician wrote, directed and produced this thought provoking documentary. The documentary titled “Amharclann na ndaoine” focuses on “The Theatre Royal” in Waterford and the impact and effects that the Covid 19 Pandemic had on both the workers and the management there.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Dóchasach.


Díograiseoir na meain Shóisialta, Ailish Ní Dhonnabháin atá tar éis ana- chuid síntiúsoirí a fháil ar a cainéal YouTube “Ailod of ASMR” is ea scríbhneoir agus stiúrthóir den ngearr scannán “Comhghairdeas”. Tar éis céim BA a fháil i nGaeilge agus na meáin i UL, cheap Ailish go mba é an cúrsa seo an slí feiliúnach chun a chuid scileanna sa Ghaeilge agus sna Meáin a chur le cheile. Tá an gearr scannán faoi fhear nach bhfuil cúrsaí grá ró-rathúil dó agus atá éadmhar mar go bhfúil a dheartháir óg ag pósadh roimhe féin. Scéal traidisúnta faoi ghrá gan chúiteamh le casadh. Social Media enthusiast Ailish O’Donovan is the writer and director of the Short film “Comhghairdeas”. Her short film “Comhghairdeas” is about a man who is unsuccessful in finding love and is jealous of his younger brother getting married before him. The traditional story of unrequited love with a twist.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Aisteach


Múinteoir i Meánscoil San Nioclás agus ceoltóir tradisiúnta ealaíonta is ea Gearóid McNamara ó Tulla, Contae an Chláir. Ghlac Gearóid an post mar Stiúrthóir agus an smaoineamh a bhí aige ná clár a dhéanamh faoi thriúir fear óg a bhíonn ag seinm an Bhosca Ceoil ó timpeall Cúige Mumhan. Tá “Boscadóir” faoin gceol ata siad tar éis foghlaim tríd na blianta agus comparáid á dhéanamh leis na ceoltóirí Bosca Ceoil a bhí ann rompu siúd mar shampla “Joe Cooley” agus “Paddy O’Brien”. Gearóid McNamara is a teacher teaching in “Meánscoil San Nioclás” and skilled Irish Traditional musician from Tulla County Clare. Gearóid is the Director and came up with the concept for the programme “Boscadóir” a documentary which centres around three young accordion players from Munster.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Díogras.


Chuaigh Martina Falvin atá ina cónaí in Eochaill isteach sa chúrsa seo chun snas a chur ar a cuid Gaeilge agus ar a cuid scileanna labhartha. Tá Martina díongbhailte chun a cuid scileanna a úsáid sna Meáin agus is í atá mar stiúrthóir ar an gclár Faisnéise “Capaill agus Carráiste”. An scéal taobh thiar den chlár seo ná an spórt le marcaíocht caráiste agus ag díriú isteach ar thiománaí carráiste Paddy agus físeáin cartlainne den scoth ag feachaint siar blianta ó shin. Deir Martina go bhfuil an ceangal capall agus fear ana- láidir agus í ag iarraidh é seo a thaispeáint i rith an chláir. Martina Falvin who decided to do the course to refresh her Irish Language skills and fluency. Martina is the director and visionary behind the documentary “Capaill agus Caráiste” with help from editor Ciarán O’Goibin. The documentary is about the sport of carriage riding and focuses around a masterful carriage driver Paddy also featuring some archival material.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Paisean


Fanaiceach Stair, Kevin Ó Gráda is ea an stiurthóir agus leíritheoir den ngearr scannán “Paranormal Gaeltacht”. Tar eís céim a bhaint amach i stair i gColáiste na Trionóide, ba bhreá le Kevin bealach difrúil a thríail agus nuair a fuair sé amach faoin gCúrsa i Nemeton agus an obair sna meáin a dheanann siad trí Ghaeilge, ní raibh aon amhras go raibh sé chun an cúrsa a dhéanamh. Sa scéal, tá beirt fhear atá ag fiosrú cúrsaí paranormaltacha i gceantar na Rinne, ach i rith an scéil ‘fhéidir nach bhfuil siad ag déileáil le paramormálta ar chor ar bith. Le casadh mór sa scéal, b’fhéidir go mbeidh siad ag teitheadh ón dlí! History Fanatic Kevin O’Grady is the Director and Producer of Paranormal Gaeltacht. Kevin graduated from Trinity with a BA in History. Gaeltacht Paranormal tells the story of two paranormal investigators who are based in the Ring Area. However what first appears to be evidence of paranormal activity is actually something very different.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Amaideach


Le paisean mór do Ghaeilge agus Netflix tá Shane Noonan mar Stiúrthóir agus léiritheoir den gclár faisnéise “ Ag dul i dtaithí ar dhomhan níos fearr”. Tar éis dó céim a bhaint amach i nGaeilge agus na Meáin i gColáiste Mhuire Gan Smál dúirt Shane go raibh sé in am a bhrionglóid a leanúint chun oibriú i Teilifís agus scannánaíocht agus ba é an cúrsa i Nemeton Ard Dioplóma i Léiriu Teilifíse & na Meán an áit cheart chun tosnú. Tá an clár faoi théamh domhanda agus conas ar féidir linn mar dhaoine seasamh agus oibriú le chéile chun é a mhoilliú. Tá daoine sa chlár a labhraíonn faoi na tithe ata acu agus na rudai éiceabhacha a dhéanann siad chun an domhan a dhéanamh níos fearr. Labhraíonn siad faoi na rudaí simplí gur feidir linn a dhéanamh chun ár bpíosa den domhan a shábháil. Shane Noonan who has a passion for Netflix and Irish is the Director and Producer of “NO NAME YET”. Shane graduated from Irish and Media in Mary Immaculate College and decided it was time to follow his love of TV and Film. His documentary is about climate change and how together and individually we can take a stance about it. Shanes documentary features eco-friendly livers who implore us to make more ecologically friendly choices.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Comhaimseartha


Léirtheoir óg ullmhianach Seán Dowd is ea an Stiúrthóir den gclár faisnéise “Siondróm Sonas”. Ba bhreá le Séan a bheith ag obair sa ghnéith léiritheoireachta agus in iarléiriú sa scannánaíocht don chuid is mó. Rinne Séan an chlár faisnéise seo a thagann óna chroí féin. Tagann an inspioráid óna dheartháir óg a bhfuil Down Syndrome air. An rud ba mhaith le Seán a léiriú sa chlár seo ná conas go bhfuil a shaol tar éis athrú agus tionchar mór aige ar shaolta dhaoine eile agus iad a chur i bhfeabhas. Seán Dowd, an aspiring editor, is the director of the documentary “Siondróm Sonas”. Seán enjoys the editing and post-production side of film production the best. Seán was inspired by his 13 year old brother with down syndrome. In his documentary Seán wants to show how much his younger brother has changed and touched the lives of all the members in his family for the better and how his life wouldn’t be the same without him.

Cur síos le focal amháin: Dearcadh

Beidh an Premiere beo ar Facebook Dé Céadaoin 19ú Bealtaine 7pm.

The Postgraduate Course in Television & Media Production is run by the Waterford Institute of Technology in association Nemeton TV, one of Ireland’s leading production companies, and Udarás na Gaeltachta. This course is widely regarded as the most industry-focused course in the media sector. The core belief is that our third level course is relevant, dynamic and genuinely prepares students for industry. The course has gained a high profile in the media industry and has an excellent employment record among course graduates. Films produced on the course are broadcast on TG4, screened at festivals around Ireland and have been winning the Best Irish Language Film at the National Student Media Awards every year since 2014.

This course runs from September 2021 to May 2022.

For more information visit and WIT

Contact: 058 46696

GAA Returns to our Screens

May 12 2021 | Posted in: TVSport

Ó nach bhfuil sé ar fheabhas a bheith thar n-ais. Tá an chéad deireadh seachtaine de GAA BEO críochnaithe againn agus chlúdaíomar 4 chluiche na Sraitheanna Allianz do TG4. Bhíomar scaipthe ar fud na tíre, in An Muileann gCearr, Loch Garman, Corcaigh agus Béal Feirste. Seo físeán a rinneamar an tseachtain seo caite i gcomhair filleadh na gcluichí náisiúnta.

Oh it’s good to be back. We’ve just completed our first weekend of GAA BEO where we covered 4 Allianz League games for TG4. Our crew were spread out around the country in Mullingar, Wexford, Cork & Belfast. This is the Teaser that our team cut last week marking the return of our national games.

Filming with Waterford’s Jamie Barron

May 11 2021 | Posted in: TV

Ar dheireadh, tá na sraitheanna Allianz ar ais! Seo an píosa a rinneamar le imreoir Phort Láirge, Jamie Barron lasmuigh den dtigh solais Bhaile na Cúirte. Labhraíonn sé faoi sochar agus dochar an tsaoil i rith an dhianghlasáil. Chuimnigh sé ar an tslí a thugadh dóchas agus misneach do dhaoine i rith tréimhse deacair nuair a shroich Port Láirge an Cluiche Ceannais na hÉireann.

Finally the Allianz Leagues are back after lockdown. Here is the EFP we filmed with Waterford hurler Jamie Barron outside the stunning Ballinacourty lighthouse. He talks to us about the ups and downs of lockdown, and how Waterford got so far in the championship, which gave people hope and encouragement during a tough time.

A Season of Allianz Leagues Action Set for TG4

April 30 2021 | Posted in: TV
A Season of Allianz Leagues Action Set for TG4

TG4 is delighted to announce the details of its Allianz Leagues coverage for 2021. TG4 will broadcast an unparalleled comprehensive schedule of Gaelic Games with 25 games live and exclusive from the Allianz Leagues (Football and Hurling) over the coming months.

TG4 will show at least four live games every weekend, with one game on Saturday and three games every Sunday; two of which will be live on TG4, while a third will be available to view live on the TG4 Player App, in addition to deferred full coverage of the game on TG4 later that day.

TG4’s coverage begins on the weekend of May 8 with Allianz Hurling League action including; Westmeath v Galway, Wexford v Laois, Cork v Waterford and Antrim v Clare.

GAA Beo will continue to be the home of live and exclusive coverage of GAA on TG4. The series will be presented by Micheál Ó Domhnaill. He will be joined by a panel of expert analysts and commentators each week. The series is produced by Waterford based production company Nemeton TV.

GAA Beo’s coverage will have unique features such as picture-in-picture replays to ensure viewers never miss a second of the live action. Fans can also expect live behind-the-goal angles for puck outs and kick outs, giving the TG4 audience a superior tactical vantage point for these key aspects of the game. The series will also bring the players’ stories closer to the viewers, with features on leading hurlers and footballers such as Waterford’s Jamie Barron & Donegal’s Ryan McHugh.

In addition to the live coverage of the Allianz Leagues games, GAA 2021, TG4’s weekly Gaelic Games TV highlights show, returns on Monday May 10 at 8pm. The series will broadcast all the best action from the previous weekend’s games.

Rónán Ó Coisdealbha, TG4 Head of Sport said “TG4 is delighted to announce the return of the Allianz Leagues to our screens for 2021. While we are bringing you all the action, we will also be working tirelessly alongside our partners in the GAA and with those in different playing grounds across the Island to ensure a safe environment for all involved. TG4 has a long history of providing comprehensive GAA coverage and we are so pleased to able to continue doing so during these challenging times.

A list of all the games to be covered can be found here

NemetonTV at the Oscars

April 27 2021 | Posted in:

Bhí deireadh seachtaine den scoth ag foireann NemetonTV agus iad ag obair san ostán Rivercourt i gCill Chainnigh. Fuair comhlacht ó Chill Chainnigh, Cartoon Saloon, ainmniúchán Oscar don scannán álainn ‘Wolfwalkers’ agus bhí bród orainn an ócáid a chludach donár gcomharsana san thoir theas. Ní rabhadar in ann taisteal thar lear chun súil ar an gcairpéad dearg ach bhí céiliúradh fós acu. Bhí an gradam buaite ag scannán Pixar ar dheireadh, ‘Soul’.

NemetonTV had a great weekend working in the Rivercourt Hotel in Kilkenny. Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon were nominated for Best Animated Picture for their beautiful film ‘Wolfwalkers’ and we were proud to cover the event for our neighbours in the South East. They couldn’t travel across The Atlantic to walk the red carpet due to restrictions but they still celebrated the night. They ultimately lost out to Pixar movie ‘Soul’.

Tomás Mac Craith spoke to WLR FM on Friday before the event and he said: “We’re providing all the camera, the lighting and everything and feeding that all back to the main programme tonight in LA. “It’s basically looking after all of the facilities here, getting all the pictures back, getting all the pictures in from America and everything that goes with it,” he said.

Watch the trailer for Wolfwalkers here

The fun movie is available to watch on AppleTV.

Seven weekends of horseracing on TG4 in March and April

March 05 2021 | Posted in: TVSport

Irish horseracing will feature on TG4 for seven consecutive weekends as the channel announced a significant increase in its racing coverage for 2021.

TG4 have covered the annual Listowel Festival for the past 16 years and broke new ground with a live broadcast from Punchestown last Sunday.

Beginning at Leopardstown on Sunday, March 7, TG4 will cover racing each weekend through to the middle of April, taking in fixtures from eight different racecourses in that time, including the first action of the 2021 Flat season from the Curragh on Sunday, March 21.

The programmes will be hosted by Seán Bán Breathnach and Mánus Ó Conghaile and they will be joined by reporter Daragh Ó Conchúir who will get all the reaction and interviews with jockeys and trainers outside the parade ring.

Rónán Ó Coisdealbha, Head of Sport at TG4, said: “Building on the back of the success of our coverage from Punchestown, we are delighted to roll out increased coverage of Irish horseracing in the coming weeks. The coverage will be extensive to say the least, we will show six races live from Leopardstown to begin with and on days with two race meetings, we have pencilled in live races from both fixtures. We are particularly excited about the start of the new Flat season at the Curragh on Sunday, March 21 and our coverage on Saturday, April 3 brings in the first day of the Easter Festivals from both Fairyhouse and Cork. The Derby and Guineas trials will be central to the programme from Leopardstown on Sunday, April 11.”

TG4 will provide live coverage from the following meetings in March and April:

Leopardstown – Sunday March 7

Limerick & Naas – Sunday March 14

Curragh – Sunday March 21

Limerick & Naas – Sunday March 28

Fairyhouse & Cork – Saturday April 3

Leopardstown – Sunday April 11

Tramore & Dundalk – Sunday April 18

What a year for Aimee Mackin

March 05 2021 | Posted in:

ARMAGH forward Aimee Mackin has been crowned TG4 Senior Players’ Player of the Year for 2020.

Mackin (23) was voted best in class by her peers, with the Shane O’Neills player fending off stiff competition from Dublin duo Carla Rowe and Sinead Goldrick to claim the coveted individual award. Mackin recovered from cruciate knee ligament damage sustained against Cork in 2019 to make a sensational impact during the 2020 Championship. She scored 1-6 in the TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship opener against Tyrone, before a 2-7 haul helped Armagh past Mayo and into a first semi-final appearance since 2015. Armagh fell at the penultimate hurdle against eventual champions Dublin, but Mackin lit up Kingspan Breffni with an excellent display, registering 2-4 in defeat to bring her Championship haul to 5-17 from three outings.

Mackin’s Senior Players’ Player of the Year accolade was confirmed on ‘Peil na mBan – Foirne na Bliana,’ in association with AIG Insurance, which aired on TG4 on Saturday evening 28th February 2020.

And it was a show to remember for Mackin, who was also named on the Senior Team of the Championship, while her sensational second half semi-final goal against Dublin earned the lethal attacker the AIG Cúl na Bliana award. An expert TG4 panel selected Mackin’s superb effort as their number one from the 2020 season – ahead of Meath ace Vikki Wall’s terrific solo goal in the TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate Final victory over Westmeath, and Áine O’Sullivan’s early strike for Cork in their Senior Final reverse at the hands of Dublin.

Vikki Wall, meanwhile, was named as the TG4 Intermediate Players’ Player of the Year following a brilliant season for the Royals.

The Dunboyne player (22) was the Player of the Match from the Intermediate decider, as Meath, beaten finalists in 2019 and 2018, defeated Leinster rivals Westmeath to secure Senior Championship Football in 2021. Wall’s Dunboyne clubmate Emma Duggan was also nominated for the Intermediate award, along with Westmeath captain Fiona Claffey.

The Junior accolade went to Fermanagh’s 20-year-old forward Eimear Smyth for the second successive year. Smyth, from the Derrygonnelly Harps club, enjoyed another sparkling season with the Erne County, who atoned for their 2019 Final loss at the hands of Louth by going one better against Wicklow and securing Intermediate Championship football for the coming season. Smyth’s Fermanagh team-mate Joanne Doonan and Wicklow’s Meadhbh Deeney were also nominated for the Junior award.

Smyth is one of five Fermanagh players named on the Junior Team of the Championship, as selected by the LGFA’s All Star committee. Wicklow may have suffered Final defeat but there is some consolation for the Garden County with the presence of seven players on the Junior selection. Limerick provide two players to the Junior 15, with Antrim’s Saoirse Tennyson also included. On the Intermediate team, Player of the Year Wall makes the grade as one of seven Meath representatives. Runners-up Westmeath have four players selected, Clare have two players on the team, with one each for Kildare and Roscommon.

On the Senior selection, Dublin lead the way with six players included, with beaten finalists Cork providing four players on the chosen 15. Armagh’s stunning Championship impact is rewarded with three players named on the selection – including Player of the Year Aimee Mackin and her sister, Blaithin. Galway’s 2020 captain Louise Ward and Tipperary’s Aishling Moloney are also listed on the Senior Team of the Championship.

Marie Hickey, Ladies Gaelic Football Association President, said: “We are delighted to salute the various winners from ‘Peil na mBan – Foirne na Bliana – le AIG Insurance.’

“This was a wonderful production that brought so many memories flooding back as we looked back on our 2020 TG4 All-Ireland Championships.

“It was an extraordinary and unprecedented season that saw us play two of our All-Ireland Finals five days before Christmas Day – and we were treated to some brilliant football across the three grades.

“Our players went to great lengths to represent their counties and it was right to acknowledge the efforts of leading players in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior grades.

“Well done to the 45 players selected on the Teams of the Championship, and our TG4 Players’ Player of the Year award winners.

“What a night it was for Aimee Mackin – who won the TG4 Senior Players’ Player of the Year award, found a place in the forward line on the Senior Team of the Championship, and saw her brilliant goal against Dublin named as the ‘AIG Cúl na Bliana.’

“We look forward to more brilliant football in 2021, when I expect so many of the players acknowledged this evening to feature prominently for their respective counties again.”

Alan Esslemont, Ard-Stiúrthóir TG4, added: “Comhghairdeas le gach duine den 45 imreoir a ainmníodh tráthnóna inniu ar ‘Peil na mBan - Foirne na Bliana’ le AIG Insurance’.

“These players, from across all three inter-county grades played their part in keeping the country’s spirits strong in 2020 and showed that in a challenging year for sport globally, the LGFA is a world-class model for women’s sport. TG4 was delighted that it could continue to showcase these superb athletes in 2020.

“Congratulations to Aimee Mackin, Vikki Wall and Eimear Smyth, who were chosen by their fellow footballers as TG4’s Players’ Players of the year. A special congratulations is due to Armagh’s Aimee Mackin, who was not only awarded ‘Senior Player of the Year’ but who also scored the ‘AIG Cúl na Bliana’. What a year 2020 was for her!”

Speaking on behalf of AIG Insurance (Ireland), General Manager Aidan Connaughton said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), AIG is extremely proud to partner with TG4 and the LGFA to help showcase the 2020 Teams of the Championship, the TG4 Players’ Player of the Year award winners and AIG Cúl na Bliana.

“We would like to congratulate the 45 players who were honoured on the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Teams of the Championship, and the three Players’ Player of the Year award winners.

“In addition, congratulations to Aimee Mackin from Armagh for her stunning goal against Dublin in the TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship semi-final, who was also revealed as the winner of the AIG Cúl na Bliana.

“A national audience got the chance to look back fondly on the 2020 TG4 All-Ireland Championships and it’s only fitting that these talented athletes and teams are now recognised and acknowledged for their achievements across what was a very different season.”

Junior Team of the Championship

Shauna Murphy – Fermanagh

Emily Mulhall – Wicklow

Sarah Jane Winders – Wicklow

Rebekah Daly – Limerick

Alanna Conroy – Wicklow

Saoirse Tennyson – Antrim

Sarah McCarville – Fermanagh

Aoife Gorman – Wicklow

Róisín O’Reilly – Fermanagh

Áine Cunningham – Limerick

Laura Hogan – Wicklow

Aisling Maguire – Fermanagh

Eimear Smyth – Fermanagh

Meadhbh Deeney – Wicklow

Marie Kealy – Wicklow

County by county breakdown: Wicklow 7, Fermanagh 5, Limerick 2, Antrim 1.

Intermediate Team of the Championship

Monica McGuirk – Meath

Rachel Dillon – Westmeath

Lucy Power – Westmeath

Emma Troy – Meath

Róisín Considine – Clare

Fiona Claffey – Westmeath

Megan Thynne – Meath

Jennifer Higgins – Roscommon

Máire O’Shaughnessy – Meath

Emma Duggan – Meath

Vikki Wall – Meath

Anna Jones – Westmeath

Stacey Grimes – Meath

Niamh O’Dea – Clare

Róisín Byrne – Kildare

County by county breakdown: Meath 7, Westmeath 4, Clare 2, Kildare 1, Roscommon 1.

Senior Team of the Championship

Martina O’Brien – Cork

Martha Byrne – Dublin

Clodagh McCambridge – Armagh

Eimear Meaney – Cork

Melissa Duggan – Cork

Blaithin Mackin – Armagh

Sinead Goldrick – Dublin

Jennifer Dunne – Dublin

Louise Ward – Galway

Carla Rowe – Dublin

Lyndsey Davey – Dublin

Aimee Mackin – Armagh

Áine O’Sullivan – Cork

Aishling Moloney – Tipperary

Noelle Healy – Dublin

County by county breakdown: Dublin 6, Cork 4, Armagh 3, Galway 1, Tipperary 1.

Individual awards:

TG4 Senior Players’ Player of the Year – Aimee Mackin – Armagh

TG4 Intermediate Players’ Player of the Year – Vikki Wall – Meath

TG4 Junior Players’ Player of the Year – Eimear Smyth – Fermanagh

AIG Cúl na Bliana (1/2/3):

Aimee Mackin – Armagh v Dublin (TG4 All-Ireland Senior semi-final)

Vikki Wall – Meath v Westmeath (TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate Final)

Áine O’Sullivan – Cork v Dublin (TG4 All-Ireland Senior Final)

Gradaim an Uachtaráin 2021 winners announced

March 05 2021 | Posted in: TVSport

The GAA is pleased to confirm the recipients for Gradaim an Uachtaráin 2021.

These prestigious annual awards, organised with the support of AIB and broadcast by TG4, affords Uachtarán CLG, John Horan, with an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding commitment and long service across the club and county network.

The 11 awards are a cross-section of people who have shared the common theme of making an inspirational impact on their code and also their club and community.

Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael Seán Ó hOráin said: “The GAA stands on the shoulders of the People we are fortunate to be able to call our own. Ultimately, the strength of the Association is down to the resilience, dedication andinspiration of the volunteers who make it happen, week after week, year after year.

“These awards give us an opportunity to single out a group who are not motivated by recognition, but who have made an invaluable contribution to our Association and are worthy of this acknowledgement and are great ambassadors for the tens of thousands like them all across the GAA.

“I would like to acknowledge AIB for their ongoing support of these awards and of their wider commitment to Gaelic games.

“Míle buíochas also to TG4 for their assistance in helping us to bring these awards to the widest audience possible and for the work they do each year in showcasing Gaelic games.”

The GAA Presidents’ Awards (Gradaim an Uachtaráin 20201 was broadcast on Sunday 28 February on TG4 at 5.10pm. 

Buaiteoirí  Ghradaim  an  Uachtaráin  2021

LEINSTER RECIPIENT – Denis Carr, St. Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan Ruadh GAA Club - Dublin

Denis Carr has made an extraordinary life-long contribution to the GAA in Dublin at club and county level. A member of St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh since the early ‘60’s, Denis has managed many teams at underage and adult level in the club. At committee level he has held several key roles and responsibilities, including Chairman and Treasurer. In the mid-80’s when the club launched an ambitious plan to develop a clubhouse and dressing rooms, Denis, as club treasurer, played an integral part in the success of the project.

His passion and enthusiasm for the promotion of Gaelic games and culture in his local community has been infectious. Denis always took a keen interest in the welfare of the club’s juvenile players and readily provided guidance and assistance to them. Indeed, such is the respect in which Denis is held that he is a man whose judgement and counsel are regularly sought and heeded.

He has been a club delegate to the Dublin County Committee for an incredible 48 years and has served as an Officer of various subsidiary Boards during that period, including Hurling Board Chairman. Denis was involved with the Dublin senior hurling team under the management of Tommy Naughton and is currently a member of the County Hearings Committee.

Denis, apart from being a shrewd umpire, has a gregarious personality, is quick-witted and is an extremely popular individual. The positive legacy of all his work at club and county level is manifested in the deep respect and depth of admiration shown by all who know him.

A proud family man, his selflessness and commitment to the GAA during his lifetime makes Denis Carr a very worthy recipient of the GAA President’s Award.

ULSTER RECIPIENT – Fr. Seán Ó Gallchóir, CLG Chloich Cheann Fhaola

Fr. Seán Ó Gallchóir is synonymous with every facet of GAA in Donegal through coaching, refereeing, Scór competitions and administration. He began teaching in Holy Cross College in an Fál Carrach in 1971 later in Pobalscoil Chloich Cheann Fhaola when a new School was built, the same year he was ordained a Priest. He immediately began to coach and manage Gaelic Football teams within the School who enjoyed unrivalled success in Ulster from 1974 -1986.

In conjunction with his management and coaching achievements Fr. Seán was an active and well-respected referee in Donegal and Ulster. The pinnacle of his refereeing career was to officiate in two County Senior Finals as well as being the man in the middle in the Ulster Minor Final in 1982 when Antrim were the victors over Down.

Fr. Seán was an avid follower of Scór competitions and has been active in the Cultural side of the GAA all through his life. Fr. Seán wrote many plays and dramas which were used by competing Teams in Scór competitions.

He is renowned for his most celebrated book, the Book of Donegal GAA Facts which has just seen its 7th volume published in 2020. He has had various other books published on subjects such as History and the Irish Language but another book of note which he has had published relating to GAA is: “The Story of the Donegal Senior Football Championship 1919 -2001” (2002).

Fr. Sean spent many years involved in the Donegal Northern Board assisting in administration roles and has served CLG Chloich Cheann Fhaola in various roles over the years and is currently the Honorary President of his Club.

MUNSTER RECIPIENT – John Clifford, Laune Rangers GAA Club

John Clifford is a lifelong member of Laune Rangers Club. He has lived all his life in Dromin, which is on the border of the parish, bounding near neighbours, Milltown/Castlemaine. While he may have lived on the periphery of the parish, both he and his family have been at the heart of the Laune Rangers Club. He played football at all levels of the club from underage and togged out for the senior team in four decades. He was on the Laune Rangers team that won the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship and League in 1973 and again in 1983. He won a Mid-Kerry Minor medal in 1968 and captained the team to win the Novice county Final in 1970.

However, it is his involvement with the club off the field of play that stands out. He took part in two major fundraising trips in the past, one to America in 1972 and the other to London in the 90’s. He has been Chairperson for eight years in the late 90’s and 2000’s. He was also delegate to both the County Board and the Mid Kerry Board in the past and is currently Chairperson of Bord na nÓg and was involved in the preparations for the national Féile competitions which took place in Kerry in 2016.

CONNACHT RECIPIENT - Peter Joe Fitzmaurice, Kilmore GAA,Roscommon

Peter Joe was born in September 1930 and has given outstanding service to the Association. Kilmore GAA club was reformed in 1972 and Peter Joe became vice-chairperson in its inaugural year and has been involved in the club ever since.

On the field, Kilmore have won the County Junior championship in 1975, Intermediate championship in 1981 and Roscommon senior championship in 1983 and Peter Joe Fitzmaurice has been an ever constant and was a selector on all three occasions.

He has held many roles within the club including Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, assistant Treasurer and is President of Kilmore GAA for over 20 years. Peter Joe also served as a selector on many underage teams down the years.

He was a crucial part of the club drive back in 1979 when Kilmore acquired new ground and developed the current pitch and facilities which were opened in 1982. He has also given over 20 years of service to Roscommon GAA as a loyal gate collector on gates for club & County games.

CAMOGIE RECIPIENT – Linda Kenny, Burren Rangers Hurling & Camogie Carlow

In 2009 Linda became fixtures secretary of Carlow Camogie and since then has been fundamental to the rebuilding of Carlow Camogie. Linda has served as secretary for five years and is the current Chairperson.

In 2017 Linda was appointed by Leinster GAA as Camogie Representative to the Féile Organising Committee and served as PRO. Throughout 2017 Linda and the organising committee worked tirelessly to ensure what was one of the most successful Féile na Gael’s on record, with the largest number of hurling and camogie teams participating ever.

At the recent Leinster AGM, Linda was elected as Uachtarán Tofa and will take up post in April 2021.

HANDBALL RECIPIENTS – Michael & Ann Naughton, St. Coman’s GAA Club - Roscommon

Michael and Ann Naughton have served their club, county and province in a coaching and administrative capacity since 1980.

Michael and Ann coached both boys and girls in St Coman’s, Roscommon, over this period and were particularly influential in promoting and developing girls and ladies handball at the club.

An incredible haul of honours followed and titles in Féile na Gael, Community Games, Tailteann Games, All-Ireland 40x20 & 60x30, Girls Team of 10, World Championships, USHA Nationals, 40x20 and 1-wall Nationals were brought back to the club and county during their time.

Ann served as Team manager to official Irish teams at various World Championships. Michael has served as club and county PRO. He won a number of Masters titles in both 40x20 and 60x30 and had a long-playing career. He continues his promotional work for handball through the Roscommon GAA History Committee and is still coaching at the St Coman’s Handball Club. Both have been lifelong devotees to Handball and have given a lifetime of invaluable service to the game.

LADIES GAELIC FOOTBALL AWARD - Catherine Murphy, Mungret St. Pauls GAA Club - Limerick

Catherine has been a volunteer and active member of the club since its foundation 27 years ago, spending many years in executive roles or in the background on committees as well as been an active player at club and county level.

Since retiring from county level she is now regularly seen as linesperson at National games or refereeing at local level. As secretary, Catherine is the hub of all their activities. She uses her considerable organisational skills to assist managers and coaches in preparation for training, matches and events.

The most significant impact of Catherine’s involvement is best seen at the under-age academy. From its inception, Catherine has been an omni-presence in the academy. Over the years she has encouraged parents to get involved in the club at some level. Her support for the executive and committees has been inspirational.

Catherine’s dedication to Ladies football is second to none and if she is not in the club, you will most likely find her at a county board meeting, refereeing a game, umpiring at matches or running the line at an inter-county game.

EDUCATION AWARD - Michael McMahon (AIT and Clare/Galway)

Mike has been involved in AIT GAA since joining the staff as a lecturer in Civil Engineering in the early 90s. He has been a driving force in the hurling club ever since.

Mike was involved with Comhairle Ardoideachais for a long number of years, serving in a number of roles most notably as Rúnaí. His dedication was unwavering and he put in countless hours, above and beyond what most would deem necessary.

He has been a driver of competition for the ‘weaker’ colleges, notably the Corn Pádraig MacDiarmada. Mike no longer serves on CA having finished up at the 2019 AGM but left a great legacy through his devotion to the role and to Gaelic games in this sector.

A native of Kilfenora in the Burren, Mike is heavily involved in Clarinbridge GAA Club and Galway GAA and a great role model for his selflessness and commitment.

INTERNATIONAL AWARD – Tony Bass, Maastricht Gaels, The Netherlands

Maastricht-based and member of the Cuala GAA Club in Dalkey, Tony Bass has been involved within the European Board from soon after its inception under the guidance of the late Joe McDonagh and during his GAA Presidency in 1999.

He has carried out phenomenal development work in all GAA codes in this time, having acted in numerous positions within the European Board, most notably as: Chair, Secretary, Ard Chomhairle delegate, and has attended the annual GAA Congress to make representations on behalf of Europe GAA. He has been involved in the continued expansion of competition within Europe and in organising many teams from there to travel to the GAA World Games - where in an invaluable volunteer capacity - he has fulfilled many functions: as referee, mentor, manager, liaison officer and advocate for the promotion and development on a world-wide basis.

Tony was also involved in establishing his home club in Europe, Maastricht GAA, and the strategic nature of his input is reflected in the fact that the Club - in conjunction with the municipal authorities - secured a 15-aside floodlight 4G pitch which has hosted the European Finals on many occasions.

Over the past two decades he has carried out enormous work in bringing the games in mainland Europe to an incredible level. Tony has made a real contribution to the solid framework that is now in place in Europe and has been a huge source of inspiration to all the other GAA units at International level.

GRADAM NA GAEILGE - Fergus Mac Aoidh, CLG Naomh Adhamhnáin – Dún na nGall

Rugadh agus tógadh Fergus Mac Aoidh i nGaeltacht Loch an Iúir i gcontae Dhún na nGall. Bhog sé go Leitir Ceanainn ag deireadh na nóchaidí tar éis dó seal a chaitheamh i gCill Dara agus ó shin i leith tá sé sáite ina chlub áitiúil, CLG Naomh Adhamhnáin, agus an t-uafás déanta aige thar na blianta chun an Ghaeilge agus Scór a chur chun cinn sa chlub – mar bhall agus mar Oifigeach Gaeilge. Bronnadh bonn cré-umha de chuid Fhondúireacht Sheosaimh Mhic Dhonncha ar an gclub sa bhliain 2019 mar aitheantas ar iarrachtaí Fhearguis agus an chlub trí chéile an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn.

Chaith Fergus tréimhsí éagsúla mar Oifigeach Gaeilge agus Cultúrtha ar a chontae dúchais, Dún na nGall, i measc rólanna eile, chomh maith. Is minic é le cloisteáil, freisin, ag spalpadh Gaeilge mar ‘fhear tí’ ag cluichí baile Dhún na nGall i mBealach Féich agus i Leitir Ceanainn. Bhí Feargus ar Choiste Gaeilge agus Cultúrtha Chúige Uladh, freisin, áit a raibh an Ghaeilge lárnach i ngach a rinne sé ann agus is ball reatha é de chuid Chomhairle Uladh.

Tá sé ina Chathaoirleach ar Choiste Scoil Samhraidh Shéamuis de Faoite agus spreag sé na mílte ball de chuid Chumann Lúthchleas Gael le freastal ar an gcúrsa cáiliúil Gaeilge sna Dúnaibh i nGaeltacht Thír Chonaill thar na blianta. Tá ‘tráth na gceist boird’ á eagrú go bliantúil ó 2007 i leith i nDún na nGall agus baint mhór ag Fergus leis ó shin.

Tháinig fás agus forbairt ar Scór i nDún na nGall le linn d’Fheargus a bheith mar Oifigeach Gaeilge agus b’iomaí comórtas ar ghlac sé féin páirt ann thar na blianta. Tá a shaol caite ag Feargus ag cur chin cinn na Gaeilge agus an chultúir Ghaelaigh i nDún na nGall.

THE DERMOT EARLEY FAMILY AWARD – The Dempsey Family, St. Joseph’s GAA Club, Milltown, Co Laois (Martin Dempsey, Michael Dempsey, PJ Dempsey, Sean Dempsey, Betty Moore, Margaret Farrelly and Ann Smith)

Jack Dempsey, from Laois, and Annie Spain from Offaly were married on 3rd of July 1957 and had seven children. There was a strong GAA gene from the start.

Betty is the most senior of the Dempsey family, her three daughters play with St. Brigids club, and two of them Anna and Jane have represented Laois at senior level. When Betty’s husband Mick was club manager she became the jersey wash lady - a job she learnt from her mother Annie a generation earlier.

Michael represented St Josephs and Laois throughout the 70’s 80’s and 90’ winning seven Club titles and a National League in 1986 with Laois. As a Coach/ Manager he has guided St Joseph’s to a county title in 2000 in a year where he managed O’Hanrahan’s of Carlow to a Leinster club title. He also managed Laois U-21’s to Leinster success in 1984 and went on to manage the Laois senior team in 1997 and 1998. He was trainer/ selector under Martin Fogarty when Kilkenny collected successive All Ireland U-21 Hurling titles in 2003 and 2004 before joining the senior management with Brian Cody. He has recently served as Chairman of the National Academy Committee whose report is now reflected in GAA policy on Academy and player pathway. Michael is currently IT Carlow’s GAA programme director and has returned to his native St Joseph’s as senior football manager for the coming season.

Seán Dempsey has also represented both club and county over many years and holds four Club titles. Seán managed Laois minor footballers to All Ireland success in 2003 and Leinster success in 2004 before managing the U-21’s to Leinster wins in 2006 and 2007. He has managed at all levels from underage to senior and also managed the Ladies senior team. Seán served as selector under Val Andrews when Leinster won Interprovincial competitions in 2005 and 2006, also serving with Jack Sheedy when Longford were promoted from Division 4 in 2015. He served as Football Officer for Laois GAA between 1997 and 2007, as Chairman of Leinster Council’s Football Committee 2009-2014 and currently acts as Coaching officer for his club. After managing Ferbane to a County title in 2019 he is currently managing Ballinteer St Johns in Dublin.

Martin is a holder of six Laois championships, a Leinster U-21 championship winners’ medal in 1982, was full back on the 1986 National League winning team and was a stalwart for Club and County for many years. He volunteers a lot of time to club infrastructural work and is a tireless fundraiser for the club. His son Mikie is currently on the senior team and his daughter Áine plays with St. Josephs.

Margaret is a former ladies footballer with the club with whom her daughter Sinead and son Seamus now play on their respective senior teams. Having risen through the age groups she is now assisting the ladies senior team. When Margaret resided in Dublin she was mentor to various underage boys and girls teams in Castleknock.

PJ has played at all levels with Laois and holds six championship medals and a Leinster U-21 championship in 1987. He has the distinction of having managed at every level within the club and is currently managing the girls U- 10 team, alongside his role as selector to the Laois minor footballers. PJ has managed the clubs Senior Footballers twice (2009 &2010, 2014&2015) winning a county league in 2010 and managed the club U-21’s to its first success in the competition in 2008. PJ held the position of Club Treasurer in 2006 and Secretary in 2013.

Anne Dempsey is one of those people whose time, dedication and energy make the GAA such a vibrant and dynamic organisation. She is an outstanding volunteer who lives and breathes St. Joseph’s GAA Club. She has mentored underage teams, fundraised, served on numerous committees and acted as club treasurer and secretary for many years. Ann’s family are immersed in the GAA and her four daughters all played, or are playing and her son, James, plays for the club’s seniors.

TG4 Punchestown Races

February 05 2021 | Posted in: Sport
TG4 Punchestown Races
TG4 Punchestown Races
TG4 Punchestown Races

Seal le Dáithí ar ais

October 05 2020 | Posted in: TV
Seal le Dáithí ar ais

Cuireann Dáithí Ó Sé sraith a 3 de Seal le Dáithí i láthair ar TG4. Beidh dreas comhrá gach seachtain le haoi difriúil, ina n-insíonn aionna scéal a mbeatha agus iad ag caitheamh ‘Seal le Dáithí’. I measc na n-aionna sa tsraith nua, tá Stiúrthóir Fótagrafaíochta ‘Peaky Blinders’, Laureate na nÓg, Ollamh a chónaíonn in éiceaphobal i dTiobraid Árann, Iar-Uachtarán ar Chonradh na Gaeilge, banaltra de chuid Médecins Sans Frontières, traenálaí pearsanta a bhunaigh giomnáisiam sa Phalaistín, fear PR a d’úsáid a chruthaitheacht chun é féin a shábháil ón imirce, Príomhfheidhmeannach Women for Election, fuirseoirí, scríbhneoirí, amhránaithe, ceoltóirí agus craoltóirí. Tá Sraith 3, Seal le Dáithí, ar súil gach Déardaoin ag 19.30 ar TG4.

Dáithí Ó Sé hosts series 3 of his weekly chat show ‘Seal le Dáithí’ on TG4. Each week Dáithí will chat one-to-one with a different guest where they will share their life story and experiences. Among the guests are ‘Peaky Blinders’ Director of Photography, Laureate na nÓg, a Professor who lives in an Ecovillage in Tipperary, former President of Conradh na Gaeilge, a nurse with Médecins Sans Frontières, a personal trainer who established a gym in Palestine, a PR professional who saved himself from emigration, CEO of Women for Election, entertainers, writers, singers, musicians and broadcasters. Seal le Dáithí Series 3 is on every Thursday at 19.30 on TG4.

360 is back with Episode #3

September 25 2020 | Posted in: TVWebSport

In this week’s show, Presenter Iona Ballantyne is joined in the studio by former Scotland international footballer Suzanne Lappin.

They hear from Scottish netball star Emily Nicholl, examine the incredible work Spartans Football Club has been doing for the local community over lockdown and look back on a classic Scotland match that saw Suzanne find the net for her country.

360 is a weekly show and next episode is live on Thursday 1st October at 20:00.

Don’t forget that you can also watch Nemeton TV’s coverage of the SPFL Premiership match Hamilton v Dundee United on BBC ALBA this Saturday 26th September at 18:00 with commentary from Alex O’Henley.

Enjoy your weekend of sport!

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Brand new 360 episode on YouTube

September 18 2020 | Posted in: TVWebSport

Here at the Nemeton TV Scotland office, we’re excited to announce that the second episode of our sparkling new web show 360 is now live on YouTube.

In this week’s show, Presenter Iona Ballantyne is joined by Glasgow City co-founder Laura Montgomery. They look at a new women and girls rugby club in Paisley, catch up on SWNT transfers and hear from Katie Rood, the only woman in the world to be paid equal to men at club and international level.

Please find full information below about our show and how to access it:

Iona Ballantyne presents 360, the new digital BBC ALBA show that gets to the heart of the incredible women and empowering stories in Scottish sport. Alongside special guests, Iona will be championing women. 360 will boost exposure, celebrate the extraordinary talent on our doorstep and beyond, and also highlight the key issues of the day.

Across the series we’ll be focusing on BBC ALBA’s core sports of football, rugby and shinty, but don’t be surprised if we venture wider along the way. 360; from the home of Scottish women’s sport, to you, wherever you are.

Subscribe to BBC ALBA’s YouTube Channel now to watch all 360 programmes as they become available. Watch Episode 2 here.

Next episode is live on Thursday 24th September at 20:00 and we can promise another action-packed episode for sport lovers all over the world!

Don’t forget that you can also watch Nemeton TV’s coverage of the SPFL Premiership match Aberdeen v Motherwell on BBC ALBA this Sunday at 18:00.

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June 23 2020 | Posted in: TVSport

‘GAA GOLD’ is a brand new half hour television series which will look back on the main events on the 1980’s GAA Calendar.

GAA GOLD, a new archive based series from TG4, looks back at the 1980’s through the prism of the GAA year.

Each programme focuses on one year and we travel through the GAA season with a mixture of all of the classic games, news stories and music hits from that year.

The first programme of the series starts with the year 1980 and the programme charts that year’s twists and turns on Gaelic fields throughout the land with league finals, provincial finals, All-Ireland semi-finals and All-Ireland finals. That year end ends with Joe Connolly’s emotional and evocative speech on the steps of the Hogan Stand with the cheeky line of “People of Galway, we love you!”

In 1982 All Ireland Football Final, there was Séamus Darby’s famous goal that shocked Kerry - and the nation - to end their five in-a-row hopes. In the Hurling Final the Cats claimed their 22nd All-Ireland title captained by a young man named Brian Cody.

In 1983 we will see Jimmy Barry-Murphy’s famous rocket goal against Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final. Michael O’Hehir on commentary said “This is one you need to see in slow motion but the slow motion won’t even slow it down!”.

In the Minor hurling final there is a young man named Niall Quinn playing for the Dubs against Galway. He scored a great point on the day and would go on to score 21 international goals for the Republic of Ireland soccer team. The Football Final that year saw 4 players sent off in the Dublin v Galway battle.

The series will include the 1984 Ulster Football Final - Frank McGuigan was on fire for Tyrone that day and scored 11 points from play - each one better than the last as Tyrone claimed their first provincial title since 1973 in Clones.

This was also the GAA’s centenary year with the All-Ireland Hurling Final held in Semple Stadium between Cork and Offaly. We hwill see the first ever International Rules tests between Ireland and Australia from that year with plenty of action on and off the ball.

In 1986 we have some action from the first ever Ladies Football Final to be played at Croke Park. The Kerry’s Ladies team went one better than the men as they claimed a ‘five in-a-row’ with victory over Wexford.

There are other more quirkier events in the GAA season too. In 1987 a National Football League Quarter-final between Dublin and Cork ended in a draw. Cork failed to reappear for extra-time so Dublin ran the ball down unopposed and shot into an empty Cork net to claim a very unusual victory.

All of these great memories can be seen in this new ‘GAA GOLD’ series with the soundtrack of the era - a mix of both international and Irish acts such as U2, Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Mamas Boys, The Undertones, Cry Before Dawn, Sinéad O’Connor, The Dubliners, The Hothouse Flowers, The Stunning and many more.

TG4 schedule for Sunday 14 June

2.35pm All Ireland Gold - Antrim v Offaly in the 1989 All Ireland Hurling Semi Final

4.00pm Dublin v Mayo in the 2017 All Ireland Senior Football Final

5.40pm GAA GOLD - 1980 (GAA GOLD looks back on the main events on the 1980 GAA Calendar).

GAA GOLD Television Series on TG4


Programme 1 - 1980 Sunday 14 June 5.40

Programme 2 - 1981 Sunday 21 June 5.40

Programme 3 - 1982 Sunday 28 June 5.40

Programme 4 - 1983 Sunday 5 July 5.40

Programme 5 - 1984 Sunday 12 July 5.40

Programme 6 - 1985 Sunday 19 July 5.40

Programme 7 - 1986 Sunday 26 July 5.40

Programme 8 - 1987 Sunday 2 August 5.40

Programme 9 - 1988 Sunday 9 August 5.40

Programme 10 - 1989 Sunday 16 August 5.40

Na campaí ‘GAA Cúl Camps’ le craoladh ar TG4

June 23 2020 | Posted in: TVEducationSport
Na campaí ‘GAA Cúl Camps’ le craoladh ar TG4

Cúis áthais do Chumann Lúthchleas Gael, i gcomhar le Kellogg’s agus TG4, a gcuid pleananna maidir le Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps 2020 a fhógairt. Cuirfear tús leis na campaí féin ar 20 Iúil, ach idir an dá linn agus leis na himreoirí óga a réiteach do na campaí, craolfar an sraith teilifíse ‘GAA Cúl Camps’ ar TG4 ón 29 Meitheamh ar aghaidh.

Craolfar an clár ó Luan go hAoine ag 10.25 ar feadh trí seachtaine ón 29 Meitheamh go dtí 17 Iúil. Craolfar an clár arís tráthnóna ar 5.15 agus beidh fáil air ar sheinnteoir TG4 ag agus ar Is í Gráinne Bleasdale a chuirfidh an clár i láthair. Bhí Gráinne páirteach san fheachtas mór aclaíochta do Operation Transformation – 10@10, bíonn sí ag aisteoireacht i bpáirt Michelle ar Ros na Rún agus bhí sí páirteach sna sraitheanna ‘An Saol Faoi Sháid’ agus go leor eile.

Beidh roinnt míreanna sa chlár le réalta spóirt, leithéidí Rena Buckley (Corcaigh), Liam Rushe (Áth Cliath) agus Caoimhín Ó Casaide (Dún na nGall)

Is iad an chomhlacht teilifíse Nemeton a léireoidh an tsraith.

De réir threoirlínte CLG maidir leis na cluichí Gaelacha a chur ar siúl arís go sábháilte, is féidir a fhógairt go mbeidh na Kellogg’s Cúl Camps á gcur ar siúl i gclubanna fud fad na tíre tar éis 20 Iúil. Foilseofar liosta de na clubanna ina mbeidh siad ar siúl ar shuíomh idirlín an Chumainn ar 22 Meitheamh agus beidh an mórphobal in ann spásanna a chur in áirithe ón dáta sin ar aghaidh. Tá gach eolas faoi na Cúl Camps ar fáil ag an nasc sin, freisin.

De bharr na paindéime d’fhéadfadh sé tarlú go laghdófar ar an líon daoine atá in ann páirt a ghlacadh sna campaí i gcontaetha áirithe. Dá bhrí sin, socraíodh go mbeadh feisteas na Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps ar fáil le ceannach ar líne ag an nasc seo a leanas

Rinneadh teagmháil leis an 4,000 duine a bhí tar éis clárú do na campaí i mbliana sular tháinig an phaindéim agus tugadh trí rogha dóibh; 1.) Aisíoc iomlán 2.) Feisteas na Cúl Camps a fháil sa phost chomh maith le haisíoc ar an méid a bhí ag seasamh amach ina dhiaidh sin 3.) Spás a fháil ar cheann de na campaí a athschocraíodh.

De bharr na mbeartas sláinte agus sábháilteachta atá i bhfeidhm faoi láthair, d’fhéadfadh sé tarlú nach mbeidh clubanna áirithe in ann an líon céanna páistí a thógáil ar a gcuid campaí i mbliana. Dá bhrí sin moltar do dhaoine spásanna a chur in áirithe chomh luath agus is féidir.

Dúirt Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael, Sean Ó hÓráin, go raibh ríméad air go raibh sé in ann pleananna an Chumainn do na Cúl Camps a fhógairt.

Thug Ruth Hughes, Ceannasaí Margaíochta Kellogg’s in Éirinn, le fios go raibh sí an-sásta go mbeadh na Cúl Camps ag gabháil ar aghaidh i mbliana agus go mbeadh gné de na campaí le feiceáil ar an teilifís i mbliana.

Dúirt Rónán Ó Coisdealbha, Ceannasaí Spóirt TG4, “Tá TG4 ar bís go mbeadh na Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps á chraoladh ar TG4 agus go mbeidh deis ag gasúir óga a scileanna a fheabhsú agus iad sa bhaile. Gach maidin, ar feadh uair a chloig ar Cúla4, beidh Campa Cúla4, agus díreach in a dhiaidh, craolfar na GAA Cúl Camps. Beidh neart siamsaíochta agus spraoi ann do na gasúir an Samhradh seo ar TG4.”

Podchraoladh Físe ag Nemeton TV

June 09 2020 | Posted in: Sport
Podchraoladh Físe ag Nemeton TV

Pléifear cuid de na heachtraí is cáiliúla a tharla i gcluichí CLG le linn na 1980idí i sraith nua ar TG4. Déanfaidh GAA Gold - Na Scéalta cur síos ar na cluichí is tábhachtaí a imríodh le linn na 1980idí agus pléifear na buaicphointí agus na hísealphointí leis na himreoirí a bhí ag imirt ag an am. Tabharfar léargas nua ar chuid de na cluichí is cáiliúla i stair Chumann Lúthchleas Gael mar chuid de shraith nua atá le seoladh ag TG4.

Déanfaidh GAA Gold – Na Scéalta cur síos ar na cluichí is tábhachtaí a imríodh le linn na 1980idí agus pléifear na buaicphointí agus na hísealphointí leis na himreoirí a bhí ag imirt ag an am.

Craolfar an tsraith nua, léirithe ag Nemeton Teo, gach Céadaoin ar chainéal Youtube Spórt TG4 ag 7.00pm. Is é Micheál Ó Domhnaill, láithreoir GAA BEO, a chuirfidh an tsraith i láthair agus aíonna speisialta faoi agallamh aige gach seachtain. Inseofar scéalta faoi na laochra a bhí ag imirt ina dteannta agus ina gcoinne agus nochtfar cúpla seoid nua ó na cluichí sin nach raibh cur amach ag daoine orthu go dtí seo.

Chomh maith leis sin beidh míreanna gearra ó na cluichí féin le feiceáil, ach is podchraoladh físe é seo le comhrá bríomhar.

Sa chéad chlár, GAA GOLD – Na Scéalta 1980, cuirfear faoi agallamh Ger Power agus Joe Connolly, captaein fhoirne Chiarraí agus na Gaillimhe a bhuaigh craobhacha peile agus iomána na hÉireann an bhliain sin, agus beidh an craoltóir aitheanta Seán Bán Breathnach in éineacht leo.

Tá sé fógartha chomh maith ag TG4 go mbeidh sraith nua GAA Gold ag tosú Dé Domhnaigh, an 14 Meitheamh. Sa chéad chlár, tabharfar spléachadh ar na heachtraí móra a tharla i 1980 ó Chluiche Ceannais na Sraithe Peile Náisiúnta i mí Aibreáin go Cluiche Ceannais Peile na hÉireann i mí Mheán Fómhair.

New Series of Laochra Gael 2020

February 18 2020 | Posted in: TV

Filleann an tsraith shuntasach CLG seo ar TG4 don ochtú bliain déag. Cuirfear sé chlár úr-nua i láthair, sa sraith is údarásaí CLG ar an scáileáin. Beidh seisear laochra a rinne gaisce ar an bpáirc agus a bhfuil scéalta agus saolta ar leith acu ar fad. Is fíor-laochra iad uilig agus a gcáil imithe rompu. Sa tsraith seo, gheobhfar léargas iomlán pearsanta orthu agus ar an ngaol lena spórt agus leis an saol mórthimpeall orthu. Insíonn an scéal spóirt na bun-fíricí a bhí i gconaí i gceist i gcláracha Laochra Gael síos tríd na blianta, ach téann an tsraith nua seo amach píosa maith thar na línte bána. Meallfaidh na scéalta pearsanta an lucht féachana ar thuras nua agus teilifíse CLG.

Dúirt Uachtarán CLG John Horan “ Is iomaí gaiscíoch a d’imir ár gcluichí thar na blianta agus tá TG4 le moladh go hard as ucht an aitheantais a thugann siad do na gaiscígh agus do na laochra sin tríd an tsraith teilifíse Laochra Gael. Tá na himreoirí seo i measc na n-imreoirí is fearr a d’imir ár gcluichí riamh. Is iomaí uair a chuir na himreoirí seo gliondar ar lucht a gclubanna agus ar lucht a gcontaetha féin, agus ar mhórphobail Chumann Lúthchleas Gael chomh maith dar ndóigh, lena gcuid gaiscí ar an bpáirc imeartha. Tá sé iontach go bhfuil deis ag na himreoirí seo a scéalta a inisnt tríd an tsraith teilifíse, Laochra Gael, agus go bhfuil deis ag glúnta nua daoine óga aithne a chur ar na laochra seo agus foghlaim faoina gcuid éachtaí. Cinntíonn an tsraith seo go bhfanfaidh oidhreacht na n-imreoirí móra seo i gcuimhne na ndaoine go ceann i bhfad.”

Dúirt Ceann Spóirt TG4, Rónán Ó Coisdealbha “go bhfuil an cainéal thar a bheith mórtasach as an gclúdach beo a dhéanann sé ar chluichí ach gur cuid thábhachtach chomh maith í an tsraith Laochra Gael i gclúdach cluichí Gaelacha TG4. Dúirt sé: “Tugann an tsraith Laochra Gael léargas ar an méid atá bainte amach ag na pearsana breátha spóirt seo agus ar an obair mhór atá curtha isteach acu. Is cuid lárnach den chlúdach a dhéanaimid ar Chluichí Gaelacha í an tsraith faisnéise seo ó cuireadh Laochra Gael ar aer den chéad uair sa bhliain 2001.”

Kieran Donaghy – Ar an Imeall

Filleann Laochra Gael leis an 18ú sraith, ag tosú le scéal pheileadóra Chiarraí, Kieran Donaghy. Bhuaigh Kieran 4 bhonn uile Éireann, 3 Ghradam All Star agus Peileadóir na Bliana le linn a shaothair. Agus is scéal faoi leith é seo faoin bhfear ar a dtugtar an ‘Star’. Ag briseadh tríd leis na Underdogs, an triail ina rinne lán tosaithe de, lámha na cispheile, an meath agus an athbheochan agus dar ndóigh, Joe Brolly. Agus sa chúlra, bhí caidreamh casta agus crua idir é féin agus a athair gaol go raibh tionchar aige ar gach rud a rinne sé ar an bpáirc. Seo Kieran Donaghy, a thosaigh amach mar Underdog, ach a chríochnaigh mar Star.

Stiúrthóir: Ronan O’Donoghue. Rannpháirtithe: Deirdre Donaghy, Paul Galvin, Micheál Quirke, Éamonn Fitzmaurice, Joe McMahon, Vincent Hogan, Michael Moynihan.

Diarmuid Lyng – An Crosbhóthar

Sa dara chlár den tsraith, insítear scéal Diarmuid “Gizzy” Lyng. Bhí sé mar chaptaen agus mar cheannaire ar fhoireann Loch Garman tráth a raibh gaisce á dhéanamh acu ag iarraidh an bua a fháil ar an fhoireann is fearr riamh, Chill Chainnigh, Ansin, agus é i mbarr a réime, bhain galar aisteach dó. Bhí ar éirí as an iomáint agus ba chosúil go raibh a shaol ag titim as a chéile. Thug Diarmuid faoi thuras domhanda sa tóir ar bhiseach don chorp agus don intinn. Agus ba in Iarthar Chiarraí, áit atá ghar dá chroí, a fuair sé faoiseamh sa deireadh.

Stiúrthóir: Cormac Morel. Rannpháirtithe: Eoin Quigley, George O’Connor, Ciaran Lyng, Tommy Walsh, Siobhán de Paor, Michael Moynihan

Alan Brogan – Saibhreas Clainne

Leanann an sraith le clár faoin pheileadóir, Alan Brogan. Bhí a athair agus a uncail mar laochra ag muintir Chnoc 16. Ach má bhí brú ar Alan dá bharr seo, ba bheag a chuaigh sé i bhfeidhm air. Réchúiseach mar dhuine, ach fíochmhar mar iomaitheoir, b’é Alan croílár foirne Átha Cliath ó bhí sé ina dhéagóir. Ach in ainneoin sár-thaispeántais Alan, bhí an cuma air ar feadh i bhfad nach dtabharfadh sé Sam ar ais go dtí an príomhchathair choíche. Ansin, leis na deartháireacha Brogan chun cinn, chas an taoide. Cuireadh tús leis an “Tonn Gorm”, agus tógadh an fhoireann peile is fearr a chonacathas riamh.

Stiúrthóir: Paul Jenkins. Rannpháirtithe: Bernard Brogan Snr, Bernard Brogan Jnr, Colm Parkinson, Paul Caffrey, Michael Moynihan, Éamonn Fitzmaurice, Lydia Brogan

Iggy Clarke – Corp agus Anam

Mheall Iggy Clarke (nó Fr. Iggy mar a bhíodh cáil air) lucht leanúna na hiomána ar fud na tíre, ach nuair a tháinig tost an tslua, chaill sé a chreideamh agus thosaigh saol nua ar fad do. Ba chrann taca é sa líne leathchúil, agus bhí sé ina cheannródaí in athbheochan iománaithe na Gaillimhe sna seachtóidí. Ach séanadh an sméar mullaigh air nuair a gortaíodh go dona é i gCluiche Leathcheannais na hÉireann i 1980. Ach le linn an bronnadh chorn is cáiliúla riamh, chualathas i ngártha molta an tslua an méid ghrá is a bhí ag lucht leanúna na Gaillimhe do Iggy. Tar éis éirí as an iomáint, dhein sé cinneadh i bhfad Éireann níos mó ná riamh agus thosaigh Iggy amach ar shaol nua, ar thóir sásaimh mar thuata.

Stiúrthóir: Jimmy Duggan. Rannpháirtithe: Mariel Forde-Clarke, Fr. Joe Clarke, Tom Clarke, John Connolly, Seán Bán Breathnach, Pat Fleury, Vincent Hogan

David Brady – In Aghaidh an Easa

Chaill David Brady Cluiche Ceannais na hÉireann ceithre huaire le Maigh Eo agus chruthaigh an pian agus an fearg a thagann leis sin duine de na tráchtairí is conspóidí i saol spóirt na hÉireann. Chaith sé a óige ar Ché Bhéal an Átha áit gur beag meas a bhí ann do dhlíthe na hiascearachta. Ní fear é David a d’imeodh le treo na gaoithe. Bhí sé trodach i gcónaí i lár na páirce, agus bhraith sé briseadh chroí Mhaigh Eo níos mó ná mar a bhraith éinne. Ach níor lig sé don síor-dhíomá cur isteach air agus níor lig sé do chlú na gcailliúntí dul lena ainm. Ina ionad sin, tá cáil anois air mar dhuine a dhéarfaidh, cibé scéal é, glan amach.

Stiúrthóir: Jimmy Duggan. Rannpháirtithe: Ger Brady, Alan Dillon, Seán Óg de Paor, Seán Bán Breathnach, Vincent Hogan.

Brenda McAnepsie – Thar Teorainn Amach

Rinne Brenda McAnepsie éacht do pheileadóirí Mhuineacháin, d’imir sí fiú i gCluiche Ceannais na hÉireann agus í ag iompar clainne, ach lasmuigh den pháirc is mó dúshlán agus tragóid pearsanta atá ina saol. Ba cheannródaí i bPeil na mBan í Brenda ón tús agus bhí sí chun tosaigh nuair a rug Muineachán greim daingean ar an spórt sna nóchaidí. Níor éirigh Brenda as aon rud riamh, agus d’imir sí fada go leor chun Craobh Chlub na hÉireann a bhuachaint lena hiníne. Ach bíonn an saol ar an teorainn cruaidh uaireanta agus níorbh fhada riamh trioblóid agus tragóid ó Brenda agus a clann.

Stiúrthóir: Hugh Walsh. Rannpháirtithe: Vincent McAnespie, Ciara McAnespie, Aoife McAnespie, Gráinne McElwain, Michael Morgan, Michael Ryan.

Léiriúcháin de cuid NemetonTV, comhlacht neamhspleách ón Rinn, i nGaeltacht na nDéise a léiríonn formhór cláir spóirt TG4.

Laochra Gael TG4 9.30 i.n. gach Deardaoin ó 5ú Márta. Tuilleadh eolais ag: Sarah McCoy, Nemeton –, 058 46499

Sraith Laochra Gael

Clár 1: Kieran Donaghy, 9.30i.n, Deardaoin 5ú Márta

Clár 2: Diarmuid Lyng, 9.30i.n, Deardaoin 12ú Márta

Clár 3: Alan Brogan, 9.30i.n, Deardaoin 19ú Márta

Clár 4: Iggy Clarke, 9.30i.n, Deardaoin 26ú Márta

Clár 5: David Brady, 9.30i.n, Deardaoin 2ú Aibrean

Clár 6: Brenda McAnespie, 9.30i.n, Deardaoin 9ú Aibrean


The definitive GAA sports series returns to TG4 this spring for a 18th series. The series hour-long format has proved a huge success, bringing each player’s personal stories to screen. The series features six Laochra with genuine star quality and reveals deeper, fresh and sometimes unexpected insights into the lives of these icons. While their sporting careers continue to provide the backdrop to the story, the series travels well beyond the four white lines. Gripping personal storylines will compel viewers to travel towards territory unique to the GAA television landscape. and “Laochra Gael” returns to the screen for an 18th series on TG4 on the 5th March 2020. Six brand new programmes, featuring six legends who performed heroics on the field and who each have a unique and extraordinary story to tell.

Speaking at today’s launch, Uachtarán CLG John Horan said: “Many great warriors have played our games down through the years and TG4 are to be praised for the tributes they pay to these great heroes through their series Laochra Gael. These players are among the finest to have played our games. They have given so much happiness and memories, not only to people of their own clubs and counties but to the GAA community as a whole with their exploits on the field of play. It is great that these players get to tell their stories through this television series and that new generations of young people can get to know them and to get to learn about their achievements. This series ensures that the legacy of these great players will live long in the memory.”

Welcoming the new series, TG4’s Head of Sport, Rónán Ó Coisdealbha says “the channel takes great pride in its live match coverage but the Laochra Gael series also plays an important part in TG4’s Gaelic games coverage.” He said: “The Laochra Gael series illustrates the achievements and the sacrifices of these wonderful sports people. This documentary series has become a key component of our Gaelic Games coverage since Laochra Gael began in 2001.”

Kieran Donaghy – On the Edge – 9.30pm, Thursday 5th March

Kieran Donaghy, The man called Star has an extraordinary story: breaking through with the Underdogs, the experiment that made a full forward out of him, the basketball hands, the decline and the revival, and of course, Joe Brolly. In his career, Kieran won 4 All Ireland medals, 3 All Stars and Footballer of the Year. And in the background, the complex and difficult relationship with his father that was tied up in everything he did on the field of play. Kieran Donaghy, who started out as an Underdog and became a Star. Participants: Deirdre Donaghy, Paul Galvin, Micheál Quirke, Éamonn Fitzmaurice, Joe McMahon, Vincent Hogan, Michael Moynihan.

DiarmuidLyng – The Crossroads – 9.30pm, Thursday 12th March

Diarmuid “Gizzy”Lyng was captain and leader of a Wexford team that performed heroics in their efforts to overcome Kilkenny, the greatest team of all time. Then, at the height of his powers, he was struck down by a mysterious illness. He was forced to give up hurling and it seemed that life was falling apart. Diarmuid travelled the world in search of physical and mental recovery. And it was in West Kerry, a place close to his heart that he finally found release. Participants: Eoin Quigley, George O’Connor, Ciaran Lyng, Tommy Walsh, Siobhán de Paor, Michael Moynihan

Alan Brogan – The Family Silver – 9.30pm, Thursday 19th March

Alan Brogan’s father and uncle were heroes of Hill 16. But if there was pressure on Alan because of this, he barely felt it. Laid-back as a person, but fierce as a competitor, Alan was the beating heart of Dublin teams from his teens. Despite Alan’s consistent excellence, it seemed that he would never bring Sam back to the capital. Then with the Brogan brothers to the fore, the tide turned. The “Blue Wave” had begun, and the greatest football team in history was built. Participants: Bernard Brogan Snr, Bernard Brogan Jnr, Colm Parkinson, Paul Caffrey, Michael Moynihan, Éamonn Fitzmaurice, Lydia Brogan

Iggy Clarke – Body and Soul – 9.30pm, Thursday 26th March

Iggy Clarke, or Fr Iggy as he was known, enticed hurling lovers across the country, but when the cheering stopped, he had a crisis of faith and embarked on a brand new life. A rock in the half back line, Iggy spearheaded the Galway hurling revival of the 70s. His greatest moment was cruelly denied with a horrific injury in the 1980 All Ireland Semi Final. But an unforgettable demand from the crowd during the most famous cup presentation of them all spoke volumes about the love of the Galway people for Iggy. His hurling retirement was followed by an even bigger life decision, as Iggy Clarke embarked on, and embraced life as a layman. Participants: Mariel Forde-Clarke, Fr. Joe Clarke, Tom Clarke, John Connolly, Seán Bán Breathnach, Pat Fleury, Vincent Hogan

David Brady – Against the Tide – 9.30pm, Thursday 2nd April

David Brady lost four All Ireland Finals with Mayo, and it is the pain and the anger that comes with this that informs one of the most controversial pundits in Irish sport. A childhood on the quay in Ballina, where attitudes to the fishing laws were liberal, indicated that David Brady was not interested in going with the flow. Always a combative presence in midfield, David knows more than most about Mayo’s well-documented heartbreak. But he remains unbowed by the many disappointments, and refuses to be defined by them. Instead, he has carved out a reputation for saying exactly what is on his mind, whatever that may be. Participants: Ger Brady, Alan Dillon, Seán Óg dePaor, Seán Bán Breathnach, Vincent Hogan.

Brenda McAnepsie – Beyond Borders – 9.30pm, Thursday 9th April

Brenda McAnespie was the rock of the Monaghan Ladies footballers, even playing in an All-Ireland Final when she was pregnant, but away from the field she has had plenty of experience with personal challenges and tragedy. A pioneer of the woman’s game from its infancy, Brenda became a bedrock of a Monaghan team that conquered the sport in the 90s. As a footballer, she truly did not know the meaning of giving up, and played long enough to win an All-Ireland club title with her daughters. But life on the border meant that trouble and tragedy were never far away for Brenda and her family. Participants: Vincent McAnespie, Ciara McAnespie, Aoife McAnespie, Gráinne McElwain, Michael Morgan, Michael Ryan.

Six outstanding Gaels. Six remarkable personal stories. Laochra Gael is back on TG4 at 9:30pm on Thursday 5th March 2020. The series is produced by NemetonTV, the independent production company from Ring in the Waterford Gaeltacht which has produced much of TG4’s acclaimed sports coverage.

Programme 1: Kieran Donaghy, 9.30pm, Thursday 5th March

Programme 2: Diarmuid Lyng, 9.30pm, Thursday 12th March

Programme 3: Alan Brogan, 9.30pm, Thursday 19th March

Programme 4: Iggy Clarke, 9.30pm, Thursday 26th March

Programme 5: David Brady, 9.30pm, Thursday 2th April

Programme 6: Brenda McAnespie, 9.30pm, Thursday 9th April

Magic Moments between Cork & Waterford

January 29 2020 | Posted in: TV

​Chuaigh na sean-naimhde Corcaigh & Port Láirge i gcoimhlint arís sa chéad bhabhta don sraith iomána Allianz. Féach siar ar na cuimnhí draíochtúil a bhí acu thar na blianta.

Old rivals Cork and Waterford met once again in the opening round of the Allianz Hurling League. Here’s a look back on some magic moments down through the years.

Here Comes the 2020 Allianz League

January 29 2020 | Posted in: TVSport

​Chuireadh tús lena Sraitheanna Allianz an deireadh seachtaine seo caite agus bhí GAA BEO ann chun an t-aicsean ar fad a chraoladh.

Last weekend, the Allianz Hurling & Football Leagues got off to a thrilling start and GAA BEO were there to cover the action!

Hurling is Everything in Borris-Ileigh

January 17 2020 | Posted in: Sport

Tá Conor agus Niall Kenny anois mar an 3ú ghlúin de na Kenny’s le craobh Tiobraid Árann buaite acu le Buiríos Ó Luigheach. Tá siad ar aistear draíochtúil ó Cill Droichid go Tiobraid Árann agus anois, Páirc an Chrócaigh.

In 2019 Conor and Niall Kenny became the 3rd generation of County Champions with Borris-Ileigh. Their remarkable journey took them from Cellbridge to Tipperary and now a date with destiny awaits in Croke Park.

Branagans Eager for Glory

January 17 2020 | Posted in: Sport

“You’re just destined to play football”

Na deartháireacha Branagan ag caint faoi Kilcoo GAC & a n-aistear speisialta go Craobh na hÉireann.

The 5 Branagan siblings are looking to create history in Croke Park when they take on reigning champions Corofin in the All-Ireland Senior football final this Sunday.

Tullaroan’s Memorable Moment

December 06 2019 | Posted in: TV

Tomás Ó Flatharta has named his favourite moment from the club championship 2019! If you’ve a memory you’d like to share let us know on Twitter @GAA_BEO!​

Favourite Club Moments 2019

December 06 2019 | Posted in: TV

​Coman Goggins has chosen his favourite club moment of 2019 ahead of the last GAA BEO live broadcast of the year on Sunday!

Check it out here!

Naomh Conaill’s Last Ulster Appearance 2010

November 29 2019 | Posted in: TV

Naomh Conaill will face Kilcoo in the 2019 Ulster football final on Sunday. The last time they got this far was in 2010, where they were beaten by Crossmaglen Rangers of Armagh. Here is look back on what happened that day.

Kilcoo’s Last Ulster Appearance 2016

November 29 2019 | Posted in: TV

Kilcoo will face Naomh Conaill in the 2019 Ulster football final on Sunday. The last time they got this far was in 2016, where they were beaten by Slaughtneil of Derry. Here is look back on what happened that day.

Brendan Maher: Unbelievable for the Club

November 22 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

Bhuaigh Buiríos Ó Luigheach an Craobh Iomána Thiobraid Árann i mbliana don chéad uair ó 1986. Anois, tá siad insan cluiche ceannais iomána na Mumhan agus s’iad Baile Mhic Gonair an foireann a mbeidh ag seasamh ina mbealach Dé Domhnaigh.

This year Borris-Ileigh won the Tipperary SHC for the first time since 1986. They are now into the Munster hurling final, where they face Ballygunner on Sunday.

All-Ireland Ladies Club Football Final Previews

November 22 2019 | Posted in: TV
All-Ireland Ladies Club Football Final Previews

THE 2019 All-Ireland Ladies Club Football Champions will be crowned at the weekend.

The Intermediate and Senior Finals are down for decision on Saturday, while the Junior decider is pencilled in for Sunday. On Saturday, at Kingspan Breffni, Cavan (2.30pm), Naomh Pól from Antrim and Offaly opponents Naomh Ciarán get the weekend underway when they contest the Intermediate Final, a game that can be viewed live on the LGFA Facebook Page:

Later in the evening, at 5pm at the LIT Gaelic Grounds in Limerick, it’s the turn of Senior Finalists Mourneabbey from Cork, the holders, and Galway’s Kilkerrin-Clonberne, who will grace this stage for the very first time. TG4 will provide live coverage of the Senior decider

On Sunday, attention switches to Duggan Park in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, where Cork club Donoughmore take on Mayo’s MacHale Rovers at 2pm, a game that can be watched live on the LGFA Facebook Page:

Saturday November 23:

All-Ireland Ladies Senior Club Final – Kilkerrin-Clonberne (Galway) v Mourneabbey (Cork); Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, 5pm. LIVE TG4

For the third season in a row, reigning All-Ireland champions Mourneabbey will contest the Senior Club Final.

Mourneabbey, currently managed by Tipperary’s 2019 TG4 All-Ireland winning boss, Shane Ronayne, had lost Finals in 2014, 2015 and 2017 but they finally got over the line last year when seeing off Dublin outfit Foxrock-Cabinteely in the showpiece decider. Their opponents this time are first-time Finalists Kilkerrin-Clonberne, who have newly-crowned TG4 All Stars Nicola and Louise Ward, who are twin sisters, in their ranks. Kilkerrin-Clonberne can also call upon the talents of the Divilly sisters, Siobhán and Olivia, while they’ll also have the three Noone sisters, Hannah, Eva and Lynsey, who have been winning regularly at underage level with Galway, spearheading the Western charge.Between the sticks for Kilkerrin-Clonberne, Lisa Murphy is the Galway goalkeeper who earned a TG4 All Star nomination in 2019, while evergreen midfielder Annette Clarke was the county’s All-Ireland winning captain in 2004. And at full-back, Aisling Costello is sister of current Galway senior footballer, Shane Walsh. Mourneabbey are a battle-hardened outfit, however, with established Cork stars Eimear Meaney, Maire O’Callaghan, and the O’Sullivan sisters, Ciara and Doireann, in their ranks. There are four O’Sullivan sisters in the Mourneabbey team, with Róisín and goalkeeper Meabh joining Ciara and Doireann in the starting line-up. Niamh and Aisling O’Sullivan are also sisters, as are Maire and Síle O’Callaghan. Mourneabbey can also call upon the services of 2017 TG4 Senior Players’ Player of the Year Noelle Healy, a key member of the Dublin teams that have won the last three TG4 All-Ireland Senior titles. Both teams came through tough semi-finals to make it to the Gaelic Grounds, with Mourneabbey accounting for old foes Donaghmoyne, while Kilkerrin-Clonberne defeated Foxrock-Cabinteely. In 2015 and 2018, Mourneabbey and Kilkerrin-Clonberne met at the All-Ireland semi-final stage, with Mourneabbey winning on both occasions. For the first time since 1990, Galway will have a team contesting the All-Ireland Ladies Senior Club Football Championship Final. St Grellan’s lost on that occasion to Ballymacarbry from Waterford, while Galway Gaels contested successive Finals in 1981 and 1982, winning in 1981 before losing out a year later. In contrast, Cork clubs Mourneabbey, Inch Rovers, Donoughmore, St Enda’s, Watergrasshill and Newtownshandrum have won All-Ireland titles in various years.

Kilkerrin-Clonberne: L Murphy; S Gormally, A Costello, S Fahy; C Dunleavey, N Ward, H Noone; A Clarke, L Ward; L Noone, S Divilly, C Miskell; E Noone, A Morrissey, O Divilly.

Mourneabbey: M O’Sullivan; A O’Sullivan, E Meaney, S Conroy; K Coakley, R O’Sullivan, E Harrington; M O’Callaghan, N O’Sullivan; C O’Sullivan, B O’Sullivan, N Healy; L Fitzgerald, D O’Sullivan, S O’Callaghan.


All-Ireland Ladies Intermediate Club Final – Naomh Pól (Antrim) v Naomh Ciaran (Offaly); Kingspan Breffni, Cavan, 2.30pm. LIVE on LGFA Facebook Page.

Both Intermediate Finalists are gracing this stage for the first time, and it’s also the very first time that clubs from each county have reached an adult national club final. Naomh Ciarán will hope to keep the Intermediate cup in Leinster for the third year in a row, following wins for Clontarf (Dublin) in 2018, and Dunboyne (Meath) a year previously. The last team from Ulster to lift the All-Ireland Junior crown was Lisnaskea from Fermanagh back in 2011, and a win for St Paul’s would bridge an eight-year gap for the province. In their respective semi-finals, Naomh Ciaran produced a stunning display to oust former All-Ireland Senior champions Inch Rovers after extra-time, while St Paul’s edged out St Nathy’s by just a single point. Dual star Kate Kenny has been in sensational form for Naomh Ciaran, earning the Player of the Match award in the Leinster Final before shooting 1-10 against Inch Rovers. Naomh Pól, meanwhile, will look to the attacking class of Kirsty McGuinness and Mairead Cooper as they aim to clinch the silverware on offer. Lara Dahunsi is a former Ulster Young Player of the Year but the absence of another Antrim county star, Saoirse Tennyson, is a blow. Tennyson underwent surgery on a cruciate knee ligament injury on Thursday, and faces a spell on the sidelines as her rehabilitation begins.

Naomh Pól: A Healy; C Stewart, E Kelly, L O’Neill; M Hanna, C Brown, L Wallace; S McCann, Á Tubridy; N Enright, C McGuinness, L Dahunsi; F Rocks, K McGuinness, M Cooper.

Naomh Ciarán: A Keena; A Spain, E Nally, A Grehan; R Ennis, E Flynn, F Boland; K Kenny, A Gavin Mangan; E Cahill, L Keena, K Rigney; A Corbett, R Cockram, E McEvoy.


Sunday November 24:

All-Ireland Ladies Junior Club Final – Donoughmore (Cork) v MacHale Rovers (Mayo); Duggan Park, Ballinasloe, H52K274, 2pm. LIVE on LGFA Facebook Page.

Two-time All-Ireland Senior Champions Donoughmore are looking to follow in the footsteps of Aghada in 2017 and Glanmire last year by bringing the Junior silverware back to Cork. This is the fifth successive year that a Cork club has contested the All-Ireland Junior Club Final, as Glanmire (2018), Aghada (2017), Kinsale (2016) and Bantry Blues (2015) all appeared on the big day in previous seasons. For Mayo Ladies Football, this is also a big day as it marks the first time since 2017, when Carnacon claimed Senior honours, that a team from the county has contested an All-Ireland Club decider. The CL MacHale Rovers team is graced by Rachel Kearns, who claimed a TG4 All Star award at the Citywest Hotel last Saturday night, while current Offaly manager John Maughan has four nieces in the starting team. No Mayo team has ever won the All-Ireland Junior Club Championship, although Knockmore did contest the 2008 Final. Donoughmore, in contrast, were Senior Champions in 2001 and 2003, while they also contested the 2009 Senior decider. A ten-year gap is bridged back to that last national outing for the Cork club, who have legendary dual star Rena Buckley pulling the strings at midfield. Another former Cork star, Aisling Barrett, is another survivor from those All-Ireland winning teams who’s still going strong at club level. Donoughmore defeated Navan O’Mahonys at the semi-final stage, while MacHale Rovers overcame the challenge of Edendork, with Kearns contributing 1-9 on the day.

Donoughmore: C O’Connell; Aoife Barrett, Aisling Barrett, L McCarthy; A Quigley, M Dilworth, D Dineen; R Buckley, C Keane; E O’Reilly, N Lohan, A Greene; J Brew Dinan, E Lyons, A Buckley.

MacHale Rovers: N Larkin; L Maughan, D Kelly, C Kelly; C Walsh, A Deane, G Murray; M Larkin, E Keane; K Maughan, S Maughan, E Murray; S Walsh, R Kearns, R Maughan.

Compiled by Jackie Cahill

Super Sunday coming up on TG4

November 22 2019 | Posted in: TVSport
Super Sunday coming up on TG4

Super Sunday coming up on TG4, with THREE games in full!

TG4 have today announced a Super Sunday of AIB Club Championship action on December the 1st, with no less than THREE provincial finals to be shown in full on the channel. This is on top of the two provincial finals they will be showing this Sunday.

The triple header begins in Omagh, live on air at 1.30pm, where the Ulster Football Championship will have a new name on the trophy by the end of the day. Donegal’s Naomh Conaill have taken out big hitters Gaoth Dobhair and Clontibret on the way to the final and will hope to take one last step for a historic first provincial title. They will face Kilcoo side led by Conor Laverty, who are looking to make it third time lucky after narrow defeats in the 2016 & 2012 finals.

The festival of action continues with the Munster Football Final, a repeat of the 2015 final where Clonmel Commercials stunned Nemo Rangers with a last minute goal to take the title. Clonmel will fancy their chances again with the likes of Michael Quinlivan and hurling star Séamus Kennedy in their ranks. Nemo looked impressive dismissing Austin Stacks the last day and they will be looking to the likes of Luke Connolly and Paul Kerrigan to exact revenge in Dungarvan.

Rounding off the day is the Leinster Hurling Final, in full from Portlaoise. Henry Shefflin’s All Ireland champions Ballyhale Shamrocks were ruthless in putting St. Martin’s to the sword in the semi final, and will already be looking to defend the national crown in Croke Park. They will face huge underdogs St Mullins in the provincial final, fresh from a dramatic last gasp victory in their semi final against Rathdowney Errill. Having already slayed Cuala, can the Carlow champions provide one more big upset?

As always, GAA Beo will be presented by Micheál Ó Domhnaill, with commentary from Brian Tyers, Marcus Ó Buachalla & Conall Ó Cíobháin. Analysis will be provided by Kevin Cassidy, Mark Harte, Paddy Kelly & Michael Rice

This Sunday November 24th sees a double bill of finals on TG4. There will be a live broadcast of the Munster Hurling Final between Munster champions Ballygunner, fresh from their impressive win over Patrickswell, and Brendan Maher’s Borrisoleigh. In the deferred game, All Ireland champions Corofin face Roscommon’s Pádraig Pearses, who are appearing in their first Connacht Final. Commentary from Brian Tyers and Garry Mac Donncha, with analysis from Donal O’Grady, Cathal Moore and Se án Óg de Paor.

Sunday - November 24th On air from 1.30pm

LIVE - Munster Hurling Final - Ballygunner v Borrisoleigh

DEFERRED - Connacht Football Final - Corofin v Pearse Brothers

Sunday - December 1st On air from 1.30pm

LIVE - Ulster Football Final - Kilcoo v Naomh Conaill

DEFERRED - Munster Football Final - Clonmel Commercials v Nemo Rangers

DEFERRED - Leinster Hurling Final - Ballyhale Shamrocks v St. Mullins

SWF ANNUAL AWARDS 2019 - voting is now open!

November 19 2019 | Posted in: TVCompany NewsSport
SWF ANNUAL AWARDS 2019 - voting is now open!

Nemeton TV proudly supports Scottish Women’s Football and has sponsored the category “Save of the Season” at this year’s SWF Annual Awards, which will take place on Saturday 30th November at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel.

The Nemeton TV Save of the Season nominees are:

Aaliyah-Jay Meach


Erin Clachers


Fiona McNicoll


Jade Baillie

RANGERS v Glasgow City

Jordyn Elliot

Dryburgh Athletic v MORTON

Jenna Fife

Glasgow City v HIBERNIAN

Upon the launch, SWF had over 1,400 votes cast online with around 3,500 views across YouTube and Facebook.

Click on the link below and cast your vote today!

Upcoming Ladies Football coverage on TG4

November 13 2019 | Posted in: TV

TG4 have announced details of their upcoming Ladies Football coverage, including ‘Red Carpet Live’ at TG4 All Stars!

Saturday 16th November

6:30pm Red Carpet Live on SPÓRT TG4 Facebook at the TG4 Ladies All Stars Banquet at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin.

Gráinne McElwain will be live on the red carpet and will be interviewing special guests ahead of the TG4 Ladies All Stars Banquet.

Watch live on the Spórt TG4 Facebook page

Saturday 23rd November

2:45pm Live coverage begins of the All Ireland Ladies Club Football Finals from Parnell Park, Dublin:

3:00pm All Ireland Intermediate Club Championship Final - Naomh Ciaran (Offaly) v Naomh Pól (Antrim)

5:00pm All Ireland Senior Club Championship Final - Kilkerrin/Clonberne (Galway) v Mourneabbey (Cork)

Presented by Gráinne McElwain with commentary and analysis by Michelle Ryan, Máire Ní Bhraonáin, Brian Tyers and Mac Dara Mac Donncha.

Sunday 24th November

5:10pm Réaltaí Pheil na mBan

Special programme looking back at the highlights of the TG4 Ladies Football All-Stars Awards banquet from the Citywest Hotel in Dublin. The Ladies Gaelic footballers were presented with their TG4 All-Star awards while the programme also captures the atmosphere from the big night and includes a review of this year’s Championships as well as interviews and features. Introduced by Gráinne McElwain.

Dublin Star Ciarán Kilkenny back with GAA BEO

November 01 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

​Beidh an foireann GAA BEO i bPáirc Parnell ag an deireadh seachtaine i gcomhair an Cluiche Ceannais Peile Átha Cliath idir Baile Buadáin Naomh Éanna agus CLG Tomás Dáibhís. Beidh réalt Átha Cliath Ciarán Kilkenny leo ar an dtaobhlíne, fear a bhuaigh cúig Chraobh na hÉireann as a chéile le Áth Cliath. Féach air in aicsean anseo!

This weekend, the GAA BEO team will be in Parnell Park for the Dublin Senior Football Championship final between Ballyboden St. Enda’s and Thomas Davis. They will be joined on the sideline by Dublin five in a row star Ciarán Kilkenny. Check him out here!

More County Finals on Show

October 18 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

Tá dhá chraobh chondae eile le socrú againn Dé Domhnaigh, peil i nDún na nGall, agus an iomáint sa phríomhchathair. Bhí na chúil ag teastáil ó Ghaoth Dobhair in aghaidh Chill Chartha sa chluiche leathcheannais chun a theideal a choimeád lá amháin eile. Don dara bhliain as a chéile tá Naomh Conaill ina naghaidh sa chluiche ceannais, tar éis Naomh Ádhamhnáin a bhualadh. Sa chluiche iarbheo bheidh Cuala ag iarraidh an chraobh a fháil ar ais in aghaidh Naomh Bríd foireann nár bhuaigh an craobh riamh!

This Sunday we have two more county finals on show, Donegal football and Dublin hurling. Gaoth Dobhair needed those goals in the semi-final against Kilcar to hang on to their title for at least one more day. For the second year in a row, Naomh Conaill stand in their way after they overcame St. Eunan’s in the semi-final. In the deferred game, Cuala will be hoping to take back their crown when they take on St. Brigid’s, a side who are in search of their first county hurling title!

Action Packed Weekend

October 15 2019 | Posted in: Sport

Rinne foireann baile Davy Fitzgerald, Droichead Abhann Ó gCearnaigh, damáiste sa chluiche ceannais iomána an Chláir in aghaidh na hiomaitheoirí áitiúla Creatlach in Inis. Droichead Abhann Ó gCearnaigh 0-21 Creatlach 0-15. Beidh siad ag tabhairt aghaidh le Bhaile Mhic Gonair, Rí na Mumhan, sa Craobh na Mumhan. Bhí an bua ag Baile Mhic Gonair in aghaidh De La Salle ag an deireadh seachtaine. Sa chraobh Ros Comáin, bhí an bua ag Na Piarsaigh in aghaidh Gaeil Ros Comáin. Tá siad seampíní don chéad uair riamh!

Fitzgerald’s home club, Sixmilebridge, inflicted a 0-21 to 0-15 defeat on local rivals Cratloe in Ennis. They will next meet reigning Munster champions Ballygunner in the Munster championship after they defended their Waterford crown against De La Salle at the weekend.

In the Roscommon championship, Pádraig Pearses defeated Roscommon Gaels. They are champions for the first time in their history!

Sixmile Niall

October 11 2019 | Posted in: Sport

Roimh an chluiche ceannais iomána an Chláir idir Creatlach agus Droichead Abhann Ó gCearnaigh ar an Domhnach beag seo, téann GAA BEO tríd an stannstoc atá acu chun féachaint siar ar Niall Gilligan, iar-imreoir an Chláir agus iománaí leis a chlub Droichead Abhann Ó gCearnaigh.

Ahead of Sunday’s Clare county final between Cratloe and Sixmilebridge, GAA BEO dips into it’s archives to root out old match footage of Sixmilebridge and former Clare hurler Niall Gilligan. It is Niall Gilligan’s 23rd season playing with Sixmilebridge. Gilligan first played Senior Hurling for the club in 1995, and is now the holder of 6 County Championship Medals, 2 Munster Club, and 1 All Ireland Club Medal. 6 members of the panel weren’t born, when Niall started in 95. He has All-Ireland Club (1996) and All-Ireland Senior (1997) titles. Gilligan’s career tally of 20 goals and 197 points marks him out as Clare’s top championship scorer of all-time. Throughout his career Gilligan made 56 championship appearances, marking him out as Clare’s most “capped” player of all-time. He announced his retirement from inter-county hurling on 5 January 2010. He has been a selector with the Sixmilebridge senior, under-21 and under-15 teams, while he was manager of the Sixmilebridge under-21 team that claimed championship honours in 2013. He also he was also Selector and Coach to the Intermediate Team this year.

Patrickswell Take the Crown

October 07 2019 | Posted in: Sport

Some of the best bits from the GAA BEO action over the weekend!

Patrickswell defeated Na Piarsaigh in the Limerick SHC final and Gaoth Dobhair are through to the Donegal SFC final.

Looking Back to 2015

October 04 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

Súil siar ar an gcluiche ceannais iomána Luimní 2015. A look back at the Limerick Hurling final 2015.

Na Piarsaigh 1-22 Tobair Phádraig 4-12

TG4 announce big match coverage in the next fortnight

October 01 2019 | Posted in: TV

TG4 have announced their pick of GAA club action for the next two weeks, with some huge games available in the football and hurling championships.

This Sunday the cameras will be in Limerick for the hurling final that sees the All Ireland champions of 2016, Na Piarsaigh, try and win a third county title in a row. Standing in their way are 2016 county champions Patrickswell. In the deferred game, Donegal and Ulster Champions Gaoth Dobhair will have a battle on their hands against the McHugh brothers and Kilcar, if they are to continue their defence of the title and book a place in the county final.

On Sunday the 13th, TG4 will be live in Ennis for the Clare Hurling Final. Podge Collins & Cratloe are back in the county final after defeat last year. Up against them are Sixmilebridge, managed by Davy Fitzgerald, who last won the title in 2017.

In the deferred game, history will be made one way or another in the Roscommon Football Final. Roscommon Gaels have not won the title since 2004, but Pearse Brothers have never won a senior title in their 57 year history.

GAA Beo will be presented as always by Micheál Ó Domhnaill with analysis from Mark Foley, Pat Fleury, Charlie McGeever, Paul Flanagan, Cathal Moore & Paul Conroy.

Sunday - October 6

LIVE - Limerick Hurling Final - Na Piarsaigh v Patrickswell - On air @ 3.00pm

DEFERRED - Donegal Football Semi-Final - Kilcar v Gaoth Dobhair

Sunday - October 13

LIVE - Clare Hurling Final - Cratloe v Sixmilebridge

DEFERRED - Roscommon Football Final - Padraig Pearses v Roscommon Gaels

Dunloy rule Antrim & Cratloe through to Clare final

September 30 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

Le cabhair óna chúil déanach, bhí Dún Lathaí in ann Ruairí Óg a dhíchorónú insa cluiche ceannais iomána Aontroma i mBaile an Chaisleán. Lena linn sin, beidh cluiche ceannais stáiriúil le teacht i gContae an Chláir tar éis an bua a fuair Creatlach 3-24 thar Croisín in Inis insan cluiche leath-cheannais. Beidh Droichead Abhann Ó gCearnaigh ag fanacht orthu insan cluiche cinniúnach.

Late goals help Dunloy to dethrone Cushendall in Antrim hurling decider in Ballycastle, while Cratloe set up a historic Clare decider with their neighbours after hitting 3-24 in semi-final win. Sixmilebridge await in the decider.

Back in Time: All-Ireland 1989

September 27 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

Flashback Friday! Here’s a look back at the 1989 All-Ireland hurling final between Antrim and Tipperary. The game finished Tipperary 4-24 Antrim 3-9. The 1989 Antrim team will be honoured at the Antrim Senior Hurling Final this Sunday in Ballycastle!

Súil siar ar Chluiche Ceannais Iomána na hÉireann 1989 idir Aontroim & Tiobraid Árann. Chríochnaigh an cluiche Tiobraid Árann 4-24 Aontroim 3-9. Beidh daoine ag cuimhneamh orthu ag an gcluiche ceannais iomána Aontroma an Domhnach beag seo i bPáirc Mac Uílín, Baile an Chaisleáin!

The Best Club Action on TG4

September 20 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

Táimid ar ais leis an gCraobh Club! Táimid ag dul go Fear Manach chun an chluiche ceannais peile a chlúdach beo. Tá na ríotha Doire Ó gConaíle ar thóir a gcúigiú craobh chontae as a chéile a bhuacaint. Ach tá Seamróga Ros Liath, tánaistí 2015, ag seasamh ina mbealach. Ina dhiaidh sin, beidh an t-aicsean óna cluichí leathcheannais iomána Luimnigh le feiscint iarbheo ar TG4.

Díreach cosúil lena cluichí leathcheannais anuraidh, beidh Dún Bleisce ag buaileadh le Tobair Phádraig agus beidh Cill Mocheallóg ag tabhair aghaidh ar Na Piarsaigh.

Beidh an t-aicsean is fearr le feiscint ar TG4 go dtí Mí Eanair. Bígí linn!

We’re back with action from the Club Championship, starting with the Fermanagh football county final and the Limerick hurling semi-finals.

Reigning champs Derrygonnelly Harps are going for their fifth title in a row, but standing in their way are the runners up from 2015, Roslea Shamrocks.

Exactly like the semi-finals in Limerick last year, Doon will take on Patrickskwell, while Kilmallock meet Na Piarsaigh again!

All the best club action will be found on TG4 from now until January! Don’t miss anything!


September 20 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

It’s another sports packed week for us at the Nemeton office in Scotland as we bring you live coverage of women’s football and the latest action from the Scottish Premiership.

We start off with live coverage of the Scottish Women’s Premier League as Forfar Farmington go up against Motherwell. Forfar are battling away for points as they aim to avoid relegation this season but they will need to be at their best to beat Donald Jennow’s side.

We bring you full match coverage of the Scottish Premiership as Livingston host Aberdeen. The Lions are always a difficult side to beat on their home turf but the Dons will want to make up for the draw against St Johnstone last week by taking all 3 points in this encounter.

Next week we then bring you live coverage of the Champions League as Glasgow City take on Chertanovo. City are winning on aggregate 1-0 after the first leg away win in Russia. Scott Booth’s side will still need to be on their toes to ensure they make it to the next round of the competition.

Join us at the following times:

20/09/2019 SWPL Forfar Farmington v Motherwell– BBC ALBA, 19:30

21/09/2019 SPFL Premiership Livingston v Aberdeen– BBC ALBA, 18:00

26/09/2019 UEFA Women’s Champions League Glasgow City v Chertanovo BBC ALBA, 19:20

Watch Nemeton TV’s full coverage of the matches on BBC ALBA or on the BBC iPlayer.

Record Breaking Figures

September 20 2019 | Posted in: TVSport

There was a record 56,114 spectators in attendance at Croke Park for the TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Football Finals last weekend – almost 6,000 more than last year’s previous biggest crowd – despite the wet and windy conditions, which meant less than ideal playing conditions for both sides.

The first score of the game didn’t arrive for 22 minutes, but it was a crucial goal for Sinéad Goldrick while Hannah O’Neill’s palmed effort nine minutes after the break kept Galway’s comeback at arm’s length.

This was Dublin’s sixth straight final appearance, and after three losses to start that run, they completed their hat-trick of wins in style. The experience of Goldrick, Lyndsey Davey and Siobhan McGrath was instrumental in the win, which pleased Bohan.

“Isn’t it some testament to the older group of our players. That was an absolute war out there today. And all the scraps, but if you look at the key scraps in that game they were won by the older players,” said Bohan.

“When you talk about developing people for the world, for so many different skillsets. I look around our camp at the moment and see those leaders. That is what they do. They do that in so many ways night after night.

“That is what we saw out there today. It wasn’t pretty but (they showed) character. Their character stood up a little bit higher than what Galway’s was. That is no disrespect to them at all. They need to learn their trade and you can only do it by getting here.

“That little bit of experience that comes year after year. You can imagine how proud we are going back into that dressing room.”

While this was far from the most entertaining All-Ireland final in memory, the conditions had a huge effect on the action. It was the lowest scoring final since 2003 and both sides struggled in front of goals, while retaining possession in contact was almost impossible with the slippy ball.

But the shooting was poor too. Róisín Leonard and Sinéad Aherne uncharacteristically missed frees early on, and it wasn’t until Goldrick’s deflected goal that the scoreboard was impacted eight minutes from the break.

It was certainly a day for defenders and Dublin were well represented by theirs. Olwen Carey was outstanding alongside Goldrick, while Éabha Rutledge negated the influence of Galway captain Tracey Leonard. Galway too performed admirably at the back, but the goals they conceded were vital.

It was a remarkable half-time scoreline of 1-0 to 0-1, but straight after the restart Dublin added to their tally when Davey found the target, while she also played a huge role in her side’s second goal when O’Neill flicked her accurate pass to the net.

Just before that score Galway were reduced to 14 players when Mairéad Seoighe was sin-binned for a late charge on Ciara Trant, but despite that Tracey Leonard and Róisín Leonard cut the deficit to three points with seven minutes remaining.

But there was no dream comeback for Galway, and a brilliant Aherne point was added to by substitute Noelle Healy four minutes from time, the fourth time in their history that Dublin finished the year as champions.

“There was no nerves today. It wasn’t that we didn’t perform,” said Galway manager Tim Rabbitt. “This is a developing team. We were very calm, we were well in the game for long periods. We just made too many turnovers at crucial periods and Dublin, being the team that they are, punished us.

“To only concede six scores in a match and especially against Dublin you’d expect to win a game but they are worthy All-Ireland champions and congrats to them on the three in-a-row.

“We’re on a bit of a journey at the moment but this is only a stopping point on it. The girls have been absolutely brilliant all year and put in a super effort. We want to build on that now.”

Scorers – Dublin: S Goldrick 1-0, H O’Neill 1-0, L Davey 0-1, S Aherne 0-1, N Healy 0-1.

Galway: T Leonard 0-2 (2f), S Conneally 0-1, R Leonard 0-1.

Dublin: C Trant; É Rutledge, N Collins, M Byrne; A Kane, O Carey, S Goldrick; L Magee, S McGrath; L Davey, N McEvoy, C Rowe; H O’Neill, J Dunne, S Aherne (c).

Subs: N Healy for Dunne (h-t), C O’Connor for McEvoy (43), O Whyte for O’Neill (51), R Ruddy for Kane (55), N Heatherton for Rowe (60).

Galway: L Murphy; S Burke, S Lynch, O Murphy; N Ward, L Ward, S Molloy; B Hannon, Á McDonagh; O Divilly, M Glynn, M Seoighe; R Leonard, S Conneally, T Leonard (c).

Subs: F Cooney for Conneally (43), C Cooney for Murphy (46), L Coen for Seoighe (48), A Trill for R Leonard (57), M Coyne for Hannon (58).

Referee: Brendan Rice (Down).

Remembering Rachel

September 19 2019 | Posted in: TV

One of the LGFA trophies at the 2019 GAA World Games was named after Tipperary’s Rachel Kenneally. Rachel passed away in March 2018 following a battle with breast cancer. Rachel was a member of the Tipperary side that lined out in the 2013 All-Ireland Intermediate Final.

Denis Kenneally and Samantha Lambert talk about their daughter and friend.

The Ballymacarbry Journey

September 19 2019 | Posted in: TV

25 years ago Waterford beat Monaghan in the All-Ireland Senior Final. On that day, Michael Ryan was trainer of the Waterford team. His daughter, Michelle, has just completed her 19th season playing with Waterford.

Three in a Rowe

September 19 2019 | Posted in: TV

Fuair Carla Rowe dhá chúl sa chluiche ceannais anuraidh do na Dubs agus beidh sí ag iarraidh an rud chéanna arís i mbliana. Agus mar a mhínigh sí i rith na seachtaine, is ó na páistí áitiúla a fhaigheann sí a cuid inspioráid.

Carla Rowe scored two goals for the Dubs in last year’s All-Ireland Final and she will hoping to do the same again on Sunday. Here she explains how the kids she works with every day provide her real inspiration.

See what we can do. Labhair Linn!