International and domestic battles on BBC ALBA

October 16 2018 | Posted in: TVSport

We look at both international and domestic competitions in another busy week of sport for the Nemeton office in Scotland.

We kick-off the week on Wednesday with Glasgow City travelling to Spain to face Barcelona in the first leg of the UEFA Women’s Champions League Round of 16 tie.

On Saturday, the international theme continues with the Shinty-Hurling match. In this one, Scotland take on Ireland in the hope of retaining the title for a third year in a row. At half-time during our coverage, we take a look at mental health within the sporting community and how steps are being taken to grow awareness. We speak with James Perlich the coach of Kyles Athletic, Mark Fleming from Positive Mental Health Scotland and Graham Cormack from the Camanachd Association about the important issue. You can watch a preview clip above and the feature will be available to view in full on the BBC ALBA twitter feed after the match coverage.

Also, on Saturday, we return to our domestic coverage of the Scottish Premiership, with Aberdeen hoping to steal something from league leaders Heart of Midlothian.

Then on Sunday, as we round off our weekend of sport, Glasgow City play against Hibernian Ladies. In the penultimate game of the Scottish Premier League, both teams are fighting to dominate at the top of the league.

17/10/2018 | UEFA Women’s Champions League | Barcelona v Glasgow City | BBC ALBA | 17:20

20/10/2018 | Shinty-Hurling International | Alba v Éire | BBC ALBA | 16:00

20/10/2018 | SPFL Premiership | Heart of Midlothian v Aberdeen | BBC ALBA | 18:00

21/10/2018 | Scottish Premier League | Glasgow City v Hibernian Ladies | BBC ALBA | 16:00

Tune in for all the action on BBC ALBA. Remember to follow BBC ALBA on twitter to catch our full half-time piece from the Shinty-Hurling after the match.